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Hello everyone!  School is almost out, summer plans are beginning, and I hit a milestone in my author career today. I completed my first EVER edits for the first two chapters!  🙂  It was a lot of work, about 5 hours worth, but it felt so good to be writing again.  I honestly had a moment of warmth and joy radiating through me as I typed, even when flustered when changing one word or rewriting a whole page.  It may sound odd, but I got to bond with my characters, the ones I started so long again, and mold them into something more than words on a page; I felt like I made their personalities show in the beginning, which is needed.  It was a wonderful experience and I want to thank my wonderful publisher and website host/website designer, Sheenah, for all her hard work already.  Girl, you rock! 😀 We got a lot of work ahead of us… -_-;;

Since summer is coming, I want to try to add a new blog every week called “My top ten.”  It will be about different things I like or dislike.  If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me or comment on here.  Check out my blog to look at the first one. We’ll see what happens.  Don’t forget to follow or subscribe to me on my social medias in the cherry blossoms above.  Check the website often for more book updates or fun blogs! ^_^

<3 Morgan

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