June is slipping away like a balloon

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words32Weather: Hot, but not overly bad yet

Working on: Uploading Youtube videos and preparing for my summer school classes

Websites up: Youtube

Eating/Drinking: Brown Sugar and Cinnamon oatmeal and milk

Wearing: Tan capris and my white Mickey Mouse shirt with rainbow stars

Currently playing: Kingdom Hearts 3Ds (23 hours baby!)

Currently Watching: I finished the anime, I, My, Me Strawberry Eggs, a few days ago

Currently Reading: JUST finished the Paranormalcy trilogy.  Now starting “Jessica Rules the Dark side”, book #2 in the “Jessica” series

Thoughts: All the errands I have to do

Feeling: Good

Hey there!  Hi there!  Ho there! 🙂  Where has June gone.  I blink and poof!  No more, it slipping through my fingers like a balloon on a windy day. It’s been about 2 weeks guys!  Good golly, Miss Molly, I’m sorry about that but I have been working nonstop cleaning house and finishing up all my summer school plans and set up, which starts Monday.  My program is called College for Kids or CFK (and YES, I know it is KFC flipped, but we do not teach four weeks about chickens!  >.<) and it is a lot of fun for the kiddos, but a TON of work.  I have 3 new classes this year, which is a lot, so root for me please.  PLUS, Natsu is in the middle of all of this because they had to move their con date a month from last year…-_-;;  Not.  Cool! But, I will do my best and still have fun.  ^_^  I have also been editing.  Chapters 7-9 are looking fine, but 10 I am worried about for it is long and detailed, but, I will be working on that today and tomorrow.  Getting close to halfway done with first edits.  Not sure if that makes me happy or not for I still have half of it to go…:(  I DID get past that Sora boss I was stuck on and now I am on the final boss with Riku on the second to last world (finished Sora’s).  MAN!  This plot is think and confusing!  I hope it will be explained more clearly at the end of the game.  I also had to help my brother clean his room for two days.  It looks SO much better and we had so much fun finding all our original Power Rangers, Pokémon, He-Man/She-ra, and other nerdy awesome toys!  I icon is inspired on that and the Youtube information below. My hubby and I also celebrated our 2 year anniversary.  We dressed up, ate good food (we were the ONLY ones in the place), had bad pie, watched our WHOLE wedding video and commented on everything, laughing, exchanged gifts (I got all practical stuff: a heating pad, a new door coat rack, and a pink Sailor Moon tote bag.  I got him a Minecraft foam Axe, a Crusade helmet mug, and the new Halo 4 DVD, all FUN stuff…something is off here…0.0).  But, we had a great time and I love him more and more each day.  OH!  I also wrote him two poems, hehehe!

I updated my “To be a nerdy Otaku” section a little and of coarse, added a new top ten.  For the next month, they will be themed based on what I am teaching at College for Kids.  My first week will be Around the World type classes.  Please check out the top ten and to my anime fans out there, I hope the icons make you smile. ^___^  Please also check out my Youtube channel.  I will be adding either today or tomorrow the videos of my friends and I doing Smosh’s Pokémon video challenge.  We had a blast and yes, I am wearing my Smosh shirt.  🙂  You will have to turn your audio up to hear us, but once you do, I hope you have some enjoyment out of it. There are 4 parts.  PLEASE subscribe or add all my social medias.  It would help a lot!  😀


Well kids, I have tons of errands to do.  Stay safe, smile with your eyes closed, and help a turtle cross the street.  Peace!

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