A New School Year (2013-2014)!

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use20Weather: Nice

Working on: Final reading for the first day of school tomorrow before new “Whose Line is it Anyway” comes on

Websites up: Mine, my Hotmail, and Youtube

Eating/Drinking: Had Arby’s with Derrick earlier

Wearing: My white knight polo shirt and tan capris.  One of my co-workers put my hair in a braid. ^.^

Currently Listening to: My new song obsession: Fantastic Baby by Big Bang! ^_^

Currently Watching: Just watched “Here Comes the Boom” with Derrick…AWESOME!

Currently Playing: STILL on Kingdom Hearts: Dew Drops Distance, same spot, but am in 27.5 hours (leveling up)

Currently Reading: Finished “Fated”, the first book in the Soul Seekers series and started “I stay near you”

Desktop Wallpaper- Cardcaptor Sakura girls in their cute cheerleading uniforms, smiling.

Thoughts: I hope school will go well tomorrow!

Feeling: A tad nervous…

Icon: Sakura and Li from the final manga chapter.  I love this scene from my first and favorite anime and manga, but they had school uniforms, which is perfect for what I am talking about! ^.^ S+S FOREVER!!! <3

Yoyoyo! I hope everyone is enjoying their last days of summer.  Soon, the leaves will change colors, light jackets and boots will be the norm, and all the clothing stores will change their displays…*dreamy sigh*  Closer to my birthday too! I have been trying to have some fun since summer school ended.  I watched a lot of Fine Brothers React videos on Youtube; it is now I am getting my update each week on what is viral now! HA!  Been trying to spend some time with friends, my family, and Derrick.  Went shopping at Rainbow again with a friend and got a FANTASTIC green army camo jacket that she said made ME, young, innocent faced Morgan, look tough! 0.o Well, I HAD To buy it, plus it was comfy.  ^^ I also got a matching green camo shirt, both were on sale so I got both of them for $10!  It’s sad that I have been sleeping in until 8:30 or 9:00.  Going to work, waking up at 6:20 will be hard.  Although, last year, I had to wake up at 5:00 AM to go to school to ride the Special Education bus at 6:00 am! x(  I have the afternoon shift this year, which means I will not be back at school until 4:30, but at LEAST I can sleep a little more! The lack of it last year was really affecting me.

I have been trying to read a little more, but it has been hard to get back on track since summer school took so much time.  Here is where I am at on book count (not counting all the new books I got Saturday on my trip to the city with my hubby…):

Vampire: 2 (have 3 I may read and I also got 2 new ones, so any where from 4-7 total here)= 4-7

Fantasy: 2 ( plus one new one, so 3 total)=3

Fairy Tale: 1 (plus one more, so 2 total)= 2

Realistic Fiction: 4 (plus 2 new ones, so 6 total)= 6

Historical Fiction: 15 (sadly have not had time for those)= 15

Reference: 1= 1

Children’s: 5 (all new) =5

Manga: 4 (plus 6 new, although I read 2 already, making this four, so 8 I still have to read…ah, math!)= 8

So, for my summer goal, I still have 25 I did not get to, BUT considering I had 40 something at the start, I think that is not too bad! 😀 To those 25, adding my new books, I have 51 items to read!  And I WANT a lot more on my wish list! Geez! -_-;;  But, they are doing this thing now at school where we have to post what we are currently reading outside our door.  I want to see how many I can get! 🙂

Well, my brother and I got CLOSE to completing a childhood goal we never finished! If anyone has EVER heard or played Freddie Fish, PLEASE comment! Miles (my bro-bro) and I grew up with Freddie, Putt-Putt, Pajama Sam, and those HE characters! I would love to cosplay Freddie one day! Anyway, we never beat Freddie Fish 5.  By the time it came out, I was in middle school, but we still tried and it was TOO HARD! We never beat it! Well, the other day, we got it out, played for about 2 hours and were on the last section of the mystery, so proud of ourselves.  Then what happens! We get stuck, for 27 minutes, on this one part!  NO LIE! >.<  We got so flustered that we vowed to beat it next time.  I DID, oddly enough, find an HD Youtube walkthrough for the game.  I only looked at that part and we made such a simple mistake…I’m really using my college degree, huh?! But, we WILL beat Freddie 5 and now we are joking to mom about her getting us the other games we do not have to see if we can beat them too! 😉

Big news on my non-author life: I officially start my new position tomorrow as a Special Education paraprofessional! I still work for my amazing local middle school and am still hoping one day, I will get my own classroom in my degree (Early Childhood), but I work with great people.  I will be a shadow basically, helping and watching 3 kids in main stream classrooms and work with their teachers to accommodate for them so they can learn what is needed.  It will be MUCH different then trying to get 40-70 kids an hour to be quiet and do homework! -_-;;  AND…*drum roll* I HAVE A DESK! 😀  I share a room with a friend and we are having such a great time already, but I have a desk! No more cart to push around the building! >.<  I will post pictures of it on here soon.  One of my bosses kept apologizing for it being small…I hugged it and told her she had NO IDEA how amazing it was to have my own space that DOES NOT MOVE!  Another one of my wonderful co-workers/friends is doing study hall now and he seems relieved by this.  I wish him luck.  I hope everyone at my school will have a fantastic school year!  I promise to still tell everyone what weird holiday it REALLY is each day (BTW: Today is National Radio day)!  I also want to thank my friend and our library goddess, Mrs. Hensley, for making our staff photo, yet again, SO MUCH fun! We were Greeks, with the leaf crowns, fake grapes, an Emperor and Empress, gold décor, pillars and everything.  It was inspired by our Pillars for Characters Education this year…very clever! ^^  I even got a handful of white and gold flower petals from her and on the last photo, on the count of three, I had to throw them up in the air.  The camera flashed when I had my arms spread in front of me and a huge grin from laughing on my face…I’m nervous on how THAT looks!

On the book front, I have 3 more chapters to finish editing and then first drafts are FINISHED BABY!!! 😀  I made a deadline for me and my publisher for by the end of Sunday night.  Second edits will start then, where we do a lot of discussion…I’m more of a listener, so this will be interesting, but I will do my best! OH! Sheenah (my publisher) and I got to see a rough sketch of my cover idea by my artist, Suzy and it is BEAUTIFUL! Words cannot describe it! I cannot wait to share it with you guys although I hate to say it will be a while still. I will keep everyone posted on what is to come!

The top ten can be found on the blog page.  It will be my top ten favorite things about school. Also, make sure you check out the Natsu Con review on the blog section from a few weeks back.

Well, I am going to watch Whose Line, yell at myself for not working out like I REALLY need to, get my last minute stuff for my first day, and maybe relax if I have time.  Adios and stay fantastic baby!


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