Ahoy Matties!

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227195xp2hzv84ofWeather: Warm and humid

Working on: Updating my website (been FOREVER) and trying to get better. 🙁

Websites up: Mine and Youtube

Eating/Drinking: Subway earlier

Wearing: My comfy black night gown with pink hearts and lace.

Currently Listening to: “Wings” by Macklemore

Currently Watching: I watched Disney Channel while I ate.

Currently Playing: FINALLY Beat Kingdom Hearts: DDD and then I played and beat the main story of “Pokémon Conquest”  I now have “Pokémon Platinum” in my DS, but have not played it yet.

Currently Reading: Wow! I’ve read four books since I updated this! >.<  I am currently reading “Notes from an Accidental Band Geek.”

Desktop Wallpaper- Ouran High School Host club members all smiling at me, looking mature and handsome! ^_^

Thoughts: Thank GOSH tomorrow is Friday!

Feeling: Sickly

Holiday(s): National Talk like a Pirate day (hence the title) and Butterscotch pudding day

Icon: Kagome from InuYasha for two reasons: #1, my otaku bus student and I both like InuYasha and #2, when I am with my students, I am over the top and goofy like Kagome is in this picture. HEY! It makes life so much more fun and interesting! ;D

Greetings fellow Earthlings and aliens who can read English! 😀  Sorry I have been gone for a while! Although I LOVE my new position and I LOVE my students, I have been very busy and tired after work, too tired to update. And on the weekends, I edit my book, do chores, and school work.  Plus, it is starting the busy season for church from now until probably Easter.  But, I will make it!  Still, I apologize to my friends and I hope fans for being absent from my site.

Life wise, things are fairly good.  Like I started in caps above, I LOVE my students and working with them.  I run around a lot, but they always make me smile, inspire me at how they work despite their handicaps, and I love watching them grow little-by-little.  They make me a better person, even if just a tad, every day.  I also get to actually work in classrooms this year with amazing co-workers who also care for my kids and we have fun.  Sure, I am tired and there are always rough patches, but I love walking in, wondering what today will bring.  🙂  My bus kids are fantastic too, but they are keeping me on my toes.  It is nice to see and talk to kindergarteners again!  One of my bus boys LOVES anime and we talk about anime, manga, and voice actors all the time!  I will form a small student army of Otakus yet! Hehehe! <(‘.'<)

OH! Miles and I beat the end to Freddie Fish 5! It took us like 10 minutes…-_-;; But, one childhood item off our list! ;)- I am also trying to find free time for ME, which is what I was lacking last year.  I am able to read and play games a little bit more each night, which is a great stress relief and lets me connect to me.  I am so happy I finally beat Kingdom Hearts: Dew Drop Distance and I cannot wait for KH3!  ^.^  I got a fun idea for my friends involving ten dollar and Pokémon cards.  If or WHEN it happens, I will keep you posted! 🙂 OH! Here are my book updates:

Vampire: 4 (have 3 more I may read)= 4-7

Fantasy: 1

Fairy Tale: 2

Realistic Fiction: 3

Historical Fiction: 15 (sadly have not had time for those)= 15

Reference: 1

Children’s: 5

Manga: 4

Total: 35-38 left

My goal is to finish…Let’s say 15 books before the book fair at school in early November.  I hope I will make it this time.  Check out my goodreads page to see what books I have read since school started.  I am on book 5 for my school count! WOOT! 😀

There is always a few unlucky things though.  Money has been super tight this month, like trying to cram into a shoe that is 3 sizes too small for you tight.  I won’t bore you guys with details, but it has been a rough month and I am so lucky I have kind people and a supportive husband to help me.  I am happy I get paid Monday! I am going to budget like MAD! xD  My mom was also real sick a few weeks ago.  She couldn’t keep anything in her stomach for two weeks, not even water.  Her veins were popping out so bad.  It scared me! She is off the medicine she thought was causing it and being careful.  I sadly have to see the doctor next week for my medicine messing with my system too.  Hope it goes well.  I think I am getting a cold or a major sinus infection too.  I have been fighting it for at least 3 days. My throat is sore to the point that if I change my tone even a pinch, it cracks and dies for a minute , I feel hot (to my husband, which is saying something), my nose is stuffed up or I am sneezing madly, and my headaches have been killer.  But, I always get headaches before it rains and it has been a rainy week.  I know things could be worse and I am so grateful for the blessings I have, but I still want to be more financially secure and better health wise.

All right! On the Spirit Vision end of things.  I finished first edits a few weeks ago! 😀  The next week, I started second edits.  These are very different because we get into the deeper meaning of my scenes, characters, relationships, and so on.  Sheenah is a strict, but fair and loving publisher.  It is a lot of work, but she always makes me think.  🙂  So, I want to thank her for her patience.  I still cannot tell you a for sure release date, but we have one in mind.  That is all I can say for now.  ^_-  My artist, Suzy, is working hard on her manga and drawings.  Please check them out on her drop link under “My Books” page.  I ordered several pieces of her art a while back and I should get them soon.  I cannot wait to place them all over my apartment and classroom.  I have several at home! 🙂  I am currently 26% done with second edits (chapters 1 through 6 are done) and I will do chapters 7 through 9 second edits this weekend.  Wish me luck!

I added the tenth top ten!  YEAY! 😀  Check it out on my blog page to see what the topic is please. I also updated my Otaku page a little bit.  I hope everyone enjoys talking like a pirate for a few more hours.  Speaking of pirates! My husband is making me watch all the Mumpets movies.  I have only seen the newest one before this.  Now, I think I am caught up except for “Wizard of Oz” and “The Great Mumpet Caper”, which he has.  I was amazed at how there are only 4-6 voice actors for the main puppets!  I also bought some cheap movies from Family Video, ones I wanted.  I really liked watching Zac Efron in “The Lucky One”…;D

Well my minions, it is time for me leave for now.  Peace out soul brothers and sisters! *power fist in the air*

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