Book Edits are FINISHED!!! :D

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361479jkvl32gvx7Weather: Chilly

Working on: Updating my website, doing laundry, and book stuff

Websites up: Mine and Youtube

Eating/Drinking: Noodles and now having iced tea

Wearing: Black workout pants and a white long sleeve shirt

Currently Listening to: Run, Joey Run by the Glee cast (I love you Cory!)

Currently Watching: Storage Wars

Currently Playing: “Pokémon Platinum” and am almost 26 hours into it! 6 badges so far! ^^

Currently Reading: The Indigo Spell (Bloodlines series book #3) by Richelle Mead

Desktop Wallpaper- Chii from Chobits looking mysterious, leaning on a Victorian velvet couch.  The whole image is dark purple and black which gives it a spooky feel for Halloween.

Thoughts: I hate feeling so yucky and tired…

Feeling: Warm and achy. 🙁 I really hope I’m not getting sick (it’s going around at school bad…)

Holiday(s): Babbling Day, Buttons Day, and National Pumpkin Cheesecake day

Icon: Since the title explains the topic of this blog, I wanted to do something spirit themed and what’s better than combing my book, Ghostbusters, and Tsubasa?  0.o NOTHING!!!

Hello my rock star fans, supporters, loved ones, and just rad people who randomly found my site! Welcome! 😀

This is a short update, but a super, duper, amazingly amazing and important one!  I AM OFFICALLY DONE WITH EDITS!!! ^o^ *throws confetti, conducts a marching band, dances around like a loon while holding a penguin, blows kisses to the crowd, and finishes it up with me jumping on a trampoline* So, yes, I am very happy.  🙂

I want to thank my publisher and friend Sheenah for her tough love and belief in me no matter what stage I was in.  I also want to thank every person who supported me!  You made all this possible.  But, Paper Crane Books and I are excited that we can to announce this.  The book was sent to the proofreader’s today and we should have it back sometime after Thanksgiving. If there are no issues, we will have it released on our planned release date.  I cannot tell you the exact day, but if all goes according to plan, then you may want to check out Amazon a little before the “Most Wonderful Day of the Year” to give your loved ones a last minute gift from me. 😉  Again, I honestly do not know the release date now, but we will keep you posted.  A book cover reveal and an author introduction video are planned for soon as well. Stay tuned for lots of updates as we are getting down the wire.  Spirit Vision has been such an amazing experience and I cannot wait to share it with the world soon.

Currently in the book department, I will start some plans for advertising such as newspapers, magazines,  radio, TV, online, and more (we do have online tours ideas for a little bit after the release date due to the busy holiday season) and I am working on something else for the company…Something I cannot say yet and it’ll be a while still before it’s finished, but I promise I am working on writing. ^_-

Work has been busy with first grading quarter ending and this week is conference week, which equals insanity!  >.<  At least I get Friday off after having 12 hour work days Wednesday and Thursday.  Get to see my pals Saturday too for some much needed fun time and an early birthday celebration!  ^_^  My birthday is 10 days away by the way!  Again, I’m open for gifts and love! 😉  I also went to a Halloween costume party with some high school friends.  Derrick went as Kirito from Sword Art Online and I went in my Sailor V cosplay.  I did better with it this time (the wig is still sliding off and the bangs need to be cut badly).  Only 2 people recognized us, but we got a lot of praise for out outfits (won no prizes though). We had a great time.  My friend went ALL out on the décor and themed food; EVERYWHERE you went was Halloween madness and coolness! My friends DID get a tad too wild at the end, but I was glad I went and we got pumpkin buckets filled with goodies! 🙂

That’s all to report!  I will update when I hear new news. Check here, Paper Cranes Books’ site, and my social medias often too.  I also did another Top Ten in my blog section.  Look it up!  Take the bull by the horns and shine you guys! <3

Morgan Straughan Comnick

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