Happy ‘Becoming a Quarter of a Century old” Day to me! :D

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am31Weather: Nice

Working on: Updating my website, doing laundry, getting mad at Youtube

Websites up: Mine and I-tunes

Eating/Drinking: Had pizza earlier

Wearing: Navy blue star PJ pants and a sky blue shirt with a forest spirit on it from Princess Mononoko

Currently Listening to: Nutcracker by Straight No Chasers (I love these guys and YES, I am listening to Christmas music! Deal with it please!)

Currently Watching: I watched the newest episode of Big Bang Theory earlier. BILL NYE! And going to watch “Up on Poppy Hill” soon with my brother.

Currently Playing: “Pokémon Platinum” and am 33 hours into it.  JUST got my last badge!

Currently Reading: Rebel Spirit by Lois Ruby

Desktop Wallpaper- Rayearth in his final Megazord like form with his sword, surrounded in flames, looking cool.  It’s from the Magic Knights Rayearth series by CLAMP

Thoughts: Being sick stinks!

Feeling: Super sore and sick

Holiday(s): Chaos Never Dies day…How true!

Icon: Teen Titans because they are awesome and the quote is SO fitting with how I feel this week…-_-;;

Yo home skillet biscuits *fist bump*!  I hope everyone is doing well in this sick season.  I have been sick three different times in about three weeks with different things.  I work mostly one-on-one with a student and we keep giving it back and forth to each other.  I joke to her that we are close, but this is insane! >.<  Currently, on my third go around, I have a sore throat, losing my voice from time to time, runny nose, and coughing randomly until my sides hurt.  I had massive headaches, aches, and so much junk in my head that I felt it behind my eyeballs the last two times.  Sorry to be gross!  So, let’s go on to happier things! 😀

On the book news front, the cover is officially finished, including text! 😀  I am also making plans for my author reveal video to the world, coming super soon.  Not much to update other than that, but we are getting there!  I hope the proofreader is enjoying my work!

Did everyone have a nice Halloween?  I dressed up as a Pokémon trainer for dress up day at school.  I had my Ash hat, all 8 original gym badges, four of my Pokémon plushs (including a Pikachu and my hubby’s Osawott backpack that I wore all day), different types of Pokeballs on me, and 2 Pokémon necklaces.  The kids really seemed to like it.  Not sure what my co-workers were thinking! o.o  I went out to eat with my mom and brother for my birthday at a nice restaurant.  My mom told our SUPER peppy waitress that it was my birthday.  She grinned widely and asked how old I was.  I told her to guess.  OH! Forgot to mention: I was still in my Pokémon outfit, which she complimented and knew what it was.  She looked at me for a while and guessed 16!  My brother died laughing and I told her I was 25.  She did the valley girl “Shut up!” and gave me a free dessert.  I knew I was young looking, but gosh!  Well, now I know I could still get away with trick-or-treating next year even though I was excited about getting a discount on my car insurance, not GETTING my license! >.<

My mom set up an awesome birthday party for me! She made me my favorite type of cake: yellow with chocolate icing and I got all my candles out in one blow! ^.^  She had balloons, butterfly plates and napkins, and a princess candy tote on the table. She knows me so well!  I got a good haul.  My grandma gave my some DVDs, my favorite snacks, and money.  My brother Miles amazed me! He ate ALL his food, showered right before for me, signed his name on my wrapping paper, AND put my gifts in order! o.0  He actually cared! ^_^  He got me “From Up on Poppy Hill” (which we just watched; it was cute), Glee Graduation CD, and Amazing Agent Luna manga volume 8.  Momma got me Mao-Chan DVD 4 (the last one), Amazing Agent Luna volume 9 (I read both of them already, Alex Flinn’s- A Kiss in time, Jessica Day George’s Princess of Glass, POP in Wonderland-Thumbelina manga picture book (I am sensing a Princess theme here…), When the Sun Goes Down CD- Selena Gomez, Lion King Toddler book, $50 Amazon gift card, $50 I-Tunes card (I used this almost already and I LOVE it), 4 tote bags, 2 bamboo wooden holders, A pink card, a HUGE 1000 piece cupcake puzzle glued like a poster, AND a pink cupcake apron. And, drum roll please….I GOT POKMEON X!!! FINALLY! NO MORE POKEMON JELLY!!! 😀 <3 <3 I have not played it yet for I am not done with Platinum, but once I am, I will be playing it like mad and share my friend code with my pals! I am so grateful for having such a great family and so much love in my life.

The next day, November 1st (All Saints day, my church’s namesake) was my actual birthday.  We had to take our students to a send off to veterans who were going to Washington D.C.  It was moving and my students were wonderful, but the day was long and hectic.  I rode the wheelchair bus with my kiddos and my awesome bus driver.  Around 12:00, my throat was real tickly and that was when I got my second round of sickness that night.  I came home and had a quiet celebration with my Derrick.  We grabbed some Rally’s, popped in some Big Bang Theory, and cuddled after I had presents.  He got me a card (which he NEVER does) and he even signed it! MAN! My boys were on there A game this year! 🙂  He also got me Yui Horie’s first CD (the last one I needed unless she makes a new one), a purple Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles shirt from sharkrobot.com, colorful flowers (he said it was because I was colorful…AWWW), pink and green mini cupcakes, and 2 boxes of chocolate pocky.  Saturday I had the day to myself and Sunday was my church’s birthday so I got blessed and we had a pot luck.  We have an infant who turned 1 that day and her amazing mother/my friend got a birthday cake made for us.  She left early so I had to take the almost whole cake home and it was the FOURTH cake I had had in 4 days and my stomach and fridge was full so I let my co-workers feast on it the next day.

OH! Two of my wonderfully kind co-workers got me cards and chocolate! The newly engaged band director also played happy birthday for me on his trumpet! Hehehe!  I love my workplace! ^^ Derrick’s grandparents also sent me $10 and a cute card.  We are going over to my in-laws tomorrow to celebrate his grandpa’s birthday tomorrow.

Thursday, I went out with dad, Miles, and Derrick (dad was super sick the week of my birthday).  We went out to eat and had a great time.  My dad likes to get me practical stuff, which now that I am an adult, I appreciate immensely.  🙂  He got me a Cardinals baseball Champion shirt, a new 10 slot, double sided home office surge bar for my computer (I needed this SO bad!), Farmington Knights shirt, AA batteries (really need these too), and Wood song perfume

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for being so sweet to me on my birthday.  25 baby!

My kids have been a little wacky this week, I suppose from left over Halloween candy.  But, we did have out semester book fair and, once again, our wonderful Library Goddess turned it into an amazing event! The theme was “Walk like an Egyptian” and she decked the place out along with herself in a fantastic outfit.  I always LOVE the free popcorn teachers get during book fair time too! I have a popcorn obsession that’s unhealthy, literally and figuratively. I went overboard, AGAIN, and got too many books.  So…here is my NEW count for books I need to read:

Vampire: 3 for sure (and 3 more maybes): 3-6 total

Fantasy: 4

Fairy Tale: 4

Realistic Fiction: 4

History: 15 (with 3 maybe): 15-18

Resource: 1

Children: 6

Total: 37-43

It’ll take a while, but ONE DAY, I will read all these books…and get more in the process! The lovely curse of being a book worm!

Lastly, I mentioned earlier I have been sick, correct?  Well, Thursday evening I was feeling my throat tighten again and sure enough, by the next morning, round three!  🙁  I went to work since it was a half day and I needed to help my co-teachers.  We welcomed veterans, giving them a free breakfast, and mini music concert.  I, first off, want to personally thank all our veterans for their love, devotion, and courage.  Without you, I would not get to live in such a blessed land.  Thank you! 🙂

After the concert, it was close to 9:00 am, we split the school in half.  Teachers had buddy teachers and we had training in groups.  I was in group 1 for training.  Now, I cannot talk about the details of the training, but it was ‘active’ and involved intruder drill protocols. It was intense because when I was in 11th grade, my school had a student bring in a loaded gun.  Thank the Lord that no one was injured, but when they were making their loud air horn noises, I shook on instinct I think.  I am glad we had this training though.

So, the ‘fun’ part for me?  We were in the lunch room for one of practices.  I saw I had a clear shot to run to one of the doors to outside to safety.  I was also by our school resource officer so I went the opposite direction of her.  I ran past her and I sprinted.  Now, I have never been a runner (even though I have the legs for it; I can never get enough breath).  So, I sprinted, proud of myself and then, out of nowhere, my dress shoes caught on nothing and I fell flat and HARD on the hall tile.  I hate those two seconds when you KNOW you’re falling!  I had two thoughts: “Oh crap! I’m falling!” and “Really?!  I’m having a clumsy moment NOW? SERIOUSLY?!”  I was blinded for a few seconds and then started clawing my nails into the ground and using my left arm to prop myself up although it was super shaky.  One of my co-workers was running by and pulled me up without slowing down and we sprinted outside together, yelling the code word and rushing outside.  There were two poor students sitting on the bench and they were staring at us.  o.0

I didn’t feel any pain at first because of the rush of fear and all (we had to pretend we were in danger and they made it pretty real).  My co-worker asked if I was okay and checked me.  I didn’t realize, in all that mess, that I scrapped both my elbows fairly badly (on my right one, the skin peeled off and I have a nice hole, no blood though) and both of my knees bruised through my pants.  I do know I felt a pain rip through my stomach and went straight into my upper back because I think by impulse, I tightened my body when I fell.  It’s super hard to move now.   So, yep, I feel it now.  The nurse gave me a band aid and an ice pack.  Everyone was apologizing and freaking out.  I told them that I was a trooper and kept fighting until the end.  ^^  Both my bosses are still asking if I am okay.  I did ask my instructor for the training if he saw me fall and he did not.  I showed him my marks and he was so sorry.  I found that deliciously ironic because he was the one who had caused the dangerous situation that made me fall (although it was part of the training)!  😀  OH! The cherry to top this disaster sundae?  I had gym duty before I had to leave on the bus for the early out with my wheelchair student and I got whacked in the head super hard with a dodge ball.  It even flung my head back towards the wall.  My co-teacher for advisory was trying not to laugh and told me, “This is not your day, is it?”  I yelled that if I got hurt ONE MORE TIME, I was walking out the door! ;)-

We had meetings after the kids left and I went to the gym to do an easy workout although I was sore.  It helped ease my mind though.  Came home to Derrick and we ate dinner, snuggling, and watching “Once Upon a Time” episodes we needed to get caught up on.  A great way to make me feel better! 🙂 OH! He’s currently obsessed with a show called Eureka. Has anyone else ever watched it?

A new top ten for you on the blog page! Please check it out and keep checking back here or at my other social medias for updates! Wear an ugly sweater, do a Polka, and sing the Lone Ranger opening!  Ta Ta for Now!


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