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Well you guys! Here is the update you have been waiting for!  Spirit Vision will be released to on-line retailers on Tuesday, December 17th, 2013! This also happens to be my Mom’s and Aunt Kelly’s birthday! =D  I want to thank everyone for their support, my beautiful artist Suzy for outdoing herself to make my work come to life, and, of coarse, my hard working, adorable publisher, Sheenah, for all her time and patience with me along with the other fabulous authors of Paper Crane books!  I am so thrilled to be sharing this update with everyone! ^^

Here is the official reveal blog post on the press website:

Below is the cover for the book along with the back cover! They are both gorgeous!

OFFICAIL SpiritVision Cover(3)






























Final Spirit Vision back cover art





























You can pre-order the book now and it will be shipped to you on December 17th.  Just in time for Christmas to give to someone special, or to get yourself a little something! ;D You can only do this through the Paper Crane Books store, but if you pre-order, you get it for $10 and get a FREE e-book version sent to you on the 17th with it! What beats free and discounts, huh? I believe you have to have a PayPal to pre-order.  If you do not have one, then the book will be sold at places such as,, and on December 17th for $11.99 for a paperback copy.  I think the ebooks for Nooks or Kindles are $2.99, but don’t quote me on that! >.<  Below is the link to pre-order the book:

I will be making my Author Introduction video this Sunday and I hope to have it edited and up on all my social medias, here, and on Paper Crane Books’ website by Thanksgiving day!  Please be on the look out for that.  I have an idea or two to make it more interesting.  I will also be reading the first five pages of my book on Tuesday this upcoming week.  Again, I have a surprise, but you’ll have to watch it around Thanksgiving day on my social medias!  I have been busy making advertisement plans too. Already, I have a small local pre-release tour and a local radio and TV interview in about 2 weeks. Check my twitter and facebook for update with those, along with more I hope to get! 🙂

Finally, on the press’ website is the first chapter of my book (which was a shock for me to see on there, but a pleasant one).  I copy and pasted it and the blurb to my Book page with all the other new information so please check that out as well and let me know what you think!

Other than work, testing students all week, preparing for all the book events and updates, kickboxing class, TRYING to get sleep, doing some Christmas planning, and preparing for Thanksgiving, my life has been uneventful, to quote my husband.  😉 I’ll give you guys more of an update on my life more later along with a new top ten next time.  In the meantime, please check all the links, enjoy the cover, and grab a copy of Spirit Vision today!  I love you all! <3



Morgan S. Comnick


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