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10852Weather: A bit nippy

Working on: Updating my website and talking to friends

Currently Listening to: For once…nothing! 0.o

Currently Watching: An episode of the first season of Pokémon last night

Currently Playing: Finished with Pokémon X (will do a blog shortly) and now 7ish hours in to Pokémon Recuse Ranger: Gates to Infinity.

Currently Reading: Spookygirl

Thoughts and feelings: Pumped! My stomach hurts a tad, but pumped! 😀

Holiday(s)- Hot Pastrami Sandwich day and Dress up your pet day!

Icon- Was thinking about Kingdom Hearts this morning and wanted to do a blog on it randomly. 0.o  Also, made me think about all the craziness the people in my life are going through right now and I think this quote helps, weather the crazy is good or bad.

Favorite quote today: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”- George R.R. Martin, author of the Game of Throne, shown to me by my friend since kindergarten, Brady.

Hello my loyal subjects…Que pasa? What’s up?!  😉  It’s been a blizzard and a half since I’ve last been here.  Oh wait…if you live in the US of A, you know what I mean! We got 10-11 inches of snow and I missed 4 more days! We are up to 10 snow days now! >.< Our calendar looks a little wack-a-doodlish, but ‘we will work it out’ to quote the Fab Four!  Only been in school two days and I’m exhausted! x(-  I didn’t do much during break.  Watched a lot of Pokémon anime, discovered some awesome Pokémon youtubers, played Pokémon games…I think I have a problem! A GREAT problem!

I did do as much writing as I could for the press.  I can officially reveal that in Fall of 2014…there will be a Spirit Vision 2! 😀  It’s on the schedule! Let’s get out the chips and dip and spin in circles until we fall and laugh ourselves to slumber land! 😀  The title of this one is called: The Power of Mortals.  You can see the pre-release skin on our home page.

I also did work on another project for the press, but can’t reveal anything as of now. Very hush-hush. Stay tuned!

A few interviews to reveal!  I was on FireStarBooks last week with their amazing hostess Ashley! She is so kind and adorable.  I wrote a guest post about my favorite winter reads.  Please take a look.

I also interviewed on the famed author, Mr. Dan O’Bryan’s, website, along with my fellow Paper Crane author, Holly.  Check mine out and Holly’s should be right by mine.

Tomorrow, I also have a guest post appearance on Emily Wenstrom’s Creative Juicier.  She does some amazing, in-depth on literature blogs.  Mine will be about book heroes and how they affect children, pre-teens, and young teens.  She will also be MY guest this Friday. Come back to my blog to look at her guest post.

All these interviews and guest posts will be under the drop down links in my Blog section.  Hover over “Blog” at the top to view the different pages.

I also need your help.  If you have read my anime conventions reviews, you have seen these names. This amazing couple who we otakus (Japanese culture nerds) LOVE, Samurai Dan and Jillian, need our help.  Dan has wanted to be a writer for so long and his dream was about to come true…but it was a sham and their whole lives will be turned upside down.  They need some help.  🙁  Please read their story, clicking on the hyperlink above. They are offering gifts for your help. As an author, I know what it is like to put so much work and love into something, a dream.  To have it so close and then taken away when you thought you were safe just burns me up! -_-;;  Dan is a wonderful guy.  I also added his blog to my “Links” page (a drop link if you hover over the “Contacts” section.  He’s under “Other Authors”).  Spread the word, show some love, read his story, and remember how brave he is because despite all of this, he still wants to write! 🙂

Also! New blog segment announcement!  On the last Friday of each month, I will feature an interview/guest post called “Aspiring Author Spotlight!” If you want to be an author of any kind or of any genre and have at least a synopsis, please e-mail me at with the subject being “Aspiring Author Spotlight.”  I would love to interview you and give you a guest spot on my blog.  Again, I will do this on the final Friday of each month.  ^_^  The next time I update, you’ll see my first aspiring author.  I want everyone who dreams of writing to know it all starts with the first word.

I have a question for you guys too: If you could have ANY sort of spirit power, what would it be?  Comment on here, my facebook, twitter, or e-mail me some ideas! I can’t tell you what they are for yet, but your power or idea may get put into one of my newest books! ^^ Need some opinions too: How many people would watch me do a weekly video over anime, manga, video games, or Japanese culture?  Have some ideas for you all, but I want to know if you guys would even be interested.

On some awesome, personal news: Two of my dearest friends are now engaged and I am so happy for them! Congrats to Tabby and Nathan! Hope to embarrass you in front of the world on my site…I mean, best of luck and I love you both! 😉 <3

New top ten on my blog to celebrate the completion of Pokémon X. Looking forward to Pokémon Z…?  0.o Again, I will do a Pokémon X Review blog and my first ever Aspiring Author Spotlight interview on the last Friday of the month.  On the 17th, come back here to read Emily Wenstorm’s guest post!

Smile because you got French’s, get stuck on Band-Aid brand, and laugh like the Jolly Green Giant! 😀  Toodles of noodles!


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