Top Ten Favorite Keyblades (Top Ten #19)

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#1. Oathkeeper AND Oblivion (Roxas’ final keyblades)

#2. Kingdom Key (classic staple)

#3. Ulitma Weapon (Final, unlockable, powerful weapon in most KH games)

#4. Decisive Pumpkin (Nightmare Before Christmas: KH2)

#5. Rainfell (Aqua’s starting keyblade) OR Brightcrest (Aqua’s final keyblade)

#6. Divine Rose (Beauty and the Beast) OR Stroke of Midnight (Cinderella)

#7. Destiny’s Embrace (Kiari’s Keyblade) OR Bond of Flame (from Axel: KH2)

#8. Lost Memory (Ven’s final keyblade)

#9. Counterpoint (Fantastia)

#10. Three Wishes (Kingdom Hearts one) OR Wishing Lamp (Kingdom Hearts two) (Aladdin)


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