Top Ten Favorite Classic T.V. Shows (Top Ten 24)

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I grew up on T.V. Land and most likely know more than I should on these classic shows.  My guideline was it had to start BEFORE my birth year, 1988.  There are several late 1990’s and early 2000 shows I also love, but I will save those for another top ten one day! 🙂 Enjoy the list!

#1. The Jeffersons

#2.  I Love Lucy (or any of Lucille Ball’s shows)

#3. Green Acres (Fun fact! My grandpa made the bed Lisa and Oliver sleep in in the show! ^_^)

#4. Gilligan’s Island

#5. Three’s Company

#6. Golden Girls

#7. The Cosby Show

#8. Happy Days

#9. The Monsters

#10. Bewitched OR The Brady Bunch

Honorable Mentions: Beverly Hillbillies, Cheers, I Dream of Jeannie, Different Strokes, Little House on the Prairie, The Monkees Show, Facts of Life, and Good Times.

I also LOVE Hot in Cleveland, which is a T.V. Land Original series. BETTY WHITE RULES!  🙂


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