Summer school ate my July! 0.o

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sy36Weather: Wet, but nice

Working on: Updating the site (finally) and uploading Natsu Con videos

Websites up: Youtube and Word Press

Eating/Drinking: Had Taco Bell with my hubby earlier

Wearing: My black Twilight shirt with Edward and Bella dancing.  The back says “I dream of being with you…Forever.” and denim capris

Currently playing: Kingdom Hearts: Dew Drop Distance (23 hours into it. On the second to last world! >.<)

Currently Listening to: Love yourself, the theme song for “The Wallflower” live-action

Currently Watching: One of my Natsu con panels

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Thoughts: It’s SO weird not being in school right now!

Feeling: Asi/Asi…

Konnichiwa Minna-san! 😀  I has been AGES! Here, I was complaining how June slipped away and I breathe and July is gone. 0.o  I suppose teaching summer school all month will do that to a person.  I haven’t had time for anything fun after Natsu Con; I’d work then come home, do lesson plans for the next day, and fall asleep.  No time to take my daily walks, touch my game or even READ! I didn’t touch a book for TWO WEEKS! >.<  I even had to wait 2 weeks to do edits for I HAD NO TIME! x(- *passes out* But, I always enjoy working at College for Kids and I will tell you guys all about it, but first, let me tell you what I updated: I added THREE new Top Tens to my blog section, one for each of the three weeks I missed.  Top Ten #6 is about Japanese culture since I taught my Japanese class that week and went to the con too.  Top Ten #7 is for my Percy Jackson class and Top Ten #8, although Japanese based, also goes with my cooking class for that last week.  I am updating on my main page here about what I, MORGAN, have been up to, and after this or sometime today, I will add a DETAILED with photos blog all about NatsuCon 2013.  ^_^  So, get prepared!

On the book front, last time I was starting chapter 10 edits.  Well, I finished chapters 10-12 before I left for Natsu on the 12th of July and I finished chapters 13-14 yesterday.  We are getting CLOSER! 😀 Yeay!  I also started talking to my cover artist, Suzy, about character design, so that is starting to take affect.  Nothing else now to report, but things are moving, right?  Now that I have time, I really am looking forward to more editing and I have until the 14th until I start my new paraprofessional (teacher’s aide) job for my middle school in the special education department!  I even got a small pay raise! WOOT! 🙂

College for Kids:

Week One: I taught two four hour classes: Around the World in a Week and The History of Ruling the World (the Egyptian section.  My friend, Alesha, taught the Roman part).  The Around the World class is a new one and it was okay.  It had a lot of cooking in it and although the recipes were good, we hardly had time for all the crafts and information I wanted to get through. The students were great, but cooking classes still stress me out and I found out, the hard way of TRYING this, that I do NOT have a gift for languages!  >.<  I was so messed up and tongue tied. Although I spent a lot of time on this class, I did not feel good about it so I think I will take a break from it for now and if I want to try again in a few years, we got it.  I did enjoy listening to all the foreign music, making our around the world globe with all the 12 flags we discussed, the final products of cooking, and the kids reactions yelling at my in Australian or British accents or when they got to use paint all over their projects!  I then had a two hour break, but if you have ever cleaned up after cooking…It. Is. A. MESS!  It took me over an hour to clean up and wash dishes, which I had to do in the girl’s restroom tiny sink for the only room with a sink was being used for testing college students the whole time. -_-;;  It was strange.  Alesha and I were co-teachers for the afternoon class. She taught the Roman part first and then I would compare and contrast her lessons with the ancient Egyptian way.  I had material for four days instead of three, but with Fourth of July being on a Thursday, we only got 3 days.  Alesha and I had a lot of fun with this class so I want to do it for four hours again, but four days next year.  I know the kids liked wrapping each other up like mummies, making fun of each other’s Gods, stretching out like the sky goddess Nut has to, and laughing at the god of hills, Bun-Bun (no lie; that’s his name…).  They told me they really liked my part of the class, but wished we had more time. We will work on that young ones! ;D

Week Two: I taught a Basics in Babysitting class in the morning and House of the Rising Sun, a Japanese class, in the afternoon.  My Babysitting class is one I normally teach on Saturdays for my boss, once in the Fall and once in the spring, but I thought it would work in the summer too and it made.  I had 10 very good young ladies. Each day, we take a topic and have volunteers come in to help us.  Monday we cover basics from how to start the business, interviews, attire, manners, punishments, questions to ask, siblings, compromise, and more.  I make them act like the kids or I will do it so they can see what it is like to get a child’s head.  Tuesday we made business cards and I taught them what to put on them and their flyers.  I had a very kind young lady show me a easier site to use than Microsoft word and you could save them on a free account and buy them later if desired.  Wednesday, one of my high school friends brought her 2 year old in. He was super shy and liked to say “no” to everything, which was a GREAT thing for the girls to learn.  He did enjoy telling them what areas of the room to clean up.  🙂  We discussed toddlers, bed time, potty time, and school age kids as well. Thursday, my friend brought her 5 month old daughter in, who is so adorable and well behaved! One of my students asked her teacher to come in and she brought her 18 month old daughter that day too.  It was so much fun to play games with them and watch the mom’s change them and their clothes.  We also talked about SIDS here and sleeping rituals along with how to prepare a bottle or baby food.  My Japanese class is one of my favorites!  ^_^ Day one, we learn basic words, suffixes, culture, numbers, about sakuras, schools, Fiji-san, how to play Fruits Basket, and more.  Tuesday was art day where they learned about kimono and saw mine (some tried mine on), created manga in teams (some were sad when they did not have time to read them and they got SO into making their mangas! My only requirement was there was one chibi and an expression mark.  I had several resources for them to use), haiku, heard a Japanese folktale, and colored a kimono pattern. We ran out of time for origami.  🙁  Wednesday was food day where I wore one of my Chinese dresses (which I can not wear again; it was WAY too tight and I hurt my arm getting it on…), they learned how to use chopsticks by eating rice and ramen, sat proper style on the floor, learned to serve tea the right way, did a Samurai chopstick focus test, saw all the different types of bentos I had along with their accessories, learned about different types of fish dishes in Japan, and made candy sushi, which they LOVED! 😀 Thursday was Entertainment day.  They watched a subtitled and dubbed anime, saw my cosplays as I explained what it was, and got to play in a crazy Japanese show game we created, making team headbands, mascots, colors, and poses.  They also learned the “Sayonara” song from “I survived a Japanese Game Show” (THEY LOVED IT AND SOOOOO NEED TO BRING THAT BACK!).  We had a guest speaker too; one of my students’ great-grandfather was stationed in Japan in World War II and her grandfather brought in pictures and a real yukata.  Lastly, we had a graduation ceremony where I gave them a certificate, a hug or high five, and a piece of Pokey and a Japanese Carmel. Friday was the start of Natsucon of this week, so I had a CPR trainer come in and train my girls in Babysitting in first aide and CPR and Alesha subbed for my Japanese class, doing holidays. I called my Japanese students from the con while Samurai Jillian was setting up and they were all excited to hear from me! HA!  The con will be on its own separate blog later. ^_^

Week Three: I taught Percy Jackson’s Mythology: The Sequel in the morning (I normally also teach a Percy Jackson Mythology 101, where I cover the Big 12 and Hades, Persephone, and Pan along with well known Greek monsters, but it didn’t make.  Also this year, I decided to offer Percy Jackson’s…in 3D, a third Percy class with even MORE minor gods, along with a few Roman this time, Greek heroes, and cursed mortals, but it also didn’t make.  Here’s to next year!). In the afternoon, I taught Magnificent Medieval. Percy had tons of craziness!  Each student gets to pick one Greek figure from my Family Tree to be their Godly parent for the week and get their parents from then they made a sky cape (for Uranus) telling about themselves and their/parent’s powers.  Monday we did Titans.  Tuesday and Wednesday we did minor Goddesses and Gods along with some deities.  Thursday we finished deities and did forgotten ones, such as Helios and Selene.  There are TONS of Greek figures I missed, but I tried to pick ones in the Percy series or ones I found really unique, like Dike, the goddess of mortal justice or Hygienia, the goddess of hygiene. Friday, we get in teams of three (lucky number for quests in Greek culture), make weapons with recyclables, supply list, do battle poses, and have epic quest outside, pretending these GIANT trees are monsters.  We also, of coarse, have s’mores; we ARE at Camp!  😉  I also make them pretend that all the college students are monsters and if they are seen, they could lose their lives (if you read Percy, EVERYONE is a suspect on hurting a demigod!)  Some kids got SO into their quests, they rolled down the hill or broke their weapons, but they always have a blast.  I had SO much more to do with them, but with 12 kids, mostly goofy boys, it’s hard to get everything done.  At least they became warriors and I hope this will get them excited to take the other classes next year.  Magnificent Medieval is about the Middle Ages.  I only had four this year, but I liked it for we bonded quickly.  We learned fun facts about the era, how to speak (yes, huzzahs and thees were apart of this), how to write, journal entries, created a coat of arms, jobs at the castle (which they drew from a bag; I was the scribe and our boss got to be Queen again), and they wrote their own skit to perform for their parents that Friday.  Tuesday we talked about knights.  We learned about weapons, inventing a new one, armor, made shields, swore the Knights oath and learned how to sword fight like a Knight, and practiced our skit. Wednesday was castle day. Learned the part of the castles, what they were used for, and created our own with recyclables, but it sadly fell apart on them.  >.<  They later made a quick well with a grave yard around it.  Thursday we talked about windows and stain glass, making our own mosaic, practiced our skit with props several times, made and danced around a May pole, learned and played Kay-lees (Medieval bowling), and had a mini performance for a set of parents for one of my students had to go to church camp that Friday.  Friday we practiced A LOT on our skit, sword training, May Pole, and Kay-lees to show their parents.  I only had 2 students that day because one was at camp and another got sick! So, my boss’ daughter came in and played BOTH their parts! BLESS HER HEART! My kids did AWESOME and we had a great time with the parents, who actively played with us.  We even sword fought out to the Harlem shake.  Yes, I WENT THERE!  I liked these kids and had fun geeking out with them.  One of them, who will be too old for the program next year, him and his parents asked if he could back next year and be my helper, something we are thinking about doing next year.  I was so happy to hear this and hope we can get helpers! 😀

Week Four: This was my INSANE WEEK! x0x I had no break in between so lunch was either none or I had to sneak it. In the morning, I taught my first little kid class of the year: Dazzled by Disney.  I had them for five days, for four hours at a time.  That’s a lot.  But, my friend made an AWESOME poster of all the Disney movies we were going to talk about and a Pixar one for Friday.  I will add the photos below.  😀  I pointed to each one with my magic one, said some fun facts and how old they were (like Mickey and Minnie are 85 years old this year and were both originally voiced by Walt himself!), and we did a game or craft with most of them.  The little kids were ages 6-8 so we had fighting, hugging, crying, flower picking, and that sort of stuff, but I really liked them and love teaching something I adore, Disney, to little ones.  It was A TON of prep though and I am not sure I will have time to do it next year with all my book stuff, but I would like to do this class again.  I had enough stuff for another 4 hour day (I had to skip crown making and SPEED through Pixar), but this is something I can fine tune.  In the afternoon, I went back to the 9-14 year olds and taught first Level Up Gamer!  We had a famous game series for each day and did a few crafts and games with them after learning their history and then watched an episode of their cartoon series at the end.  We did, in order: Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Mario, and Sonic. Friday, I brought in even MORE recyclables and they spilt in to 4 teams and made their own video games and levels. At the end, they got to use their characters and play thought their own levels and then everyone else’s.  I had a lot of creative students and talented artists, so it was awesome.  Plus, I was biting my tongue so hard to see these 12 to 13 year old boys get so excited and into playing with stick people through cardboard levels and having a blast! YEAY! xD  I always have fun in this class. The class literally RIGHT after this was my American Girls and Guys cooking class, based on the American Girls book series.  This is the fourth year in a row I have done this class for it has made every year.  I really like it, but it is a lot of work for it, again, is a cooking class.  First, they learn fun facts from each time period in American history (Colonial, Pioneer, Victorian, and World War II).  They then learn to write proper invitations and do one a day. I have a doll for the Colonial era and Victorian that I show off and books for each one.  We then cook a main dish, a drink, and a dessert along with playing at least one time period game and a craft.  They also get a cookbook with all the recipes in them so they can make them at home.  On Friday, I teach them how to curtsy or bow, how to be a good host and server, and we invite their parents and have a café’ where we cook for them and entertain them. Normally, I have like 8 parents; this year I had 20!  0.o  I am so glad Alesha was my aide in this class and watched the front while I watched the cooks.  But, the parents seemed to have fun as well.  I hated that I had a terrible migraine that whole day so being upbeat was hard.  🙁   This class had its ups and downs, like the boys fighting over bread crust and then being reckless and BREAKING my glass Pampered Chef Lemon juicer that cost $19! >.<  The school feels bad about it, but it’s not THEIR fault.  My measuring cup cracked too (but it was only a $1, so I was not worried about that).  Again, I really like this class, but this is the class I have never had a break from so I think I will retire it for a year or two and then, like Michael Jordon, bring it out retirement and make it awesome again.  The clean-up for this class took over an hour each day so I rarely got home before 6:00 pm after being there at 7:00 am each day!  On that last day, we had EXTREME clean-up and putting up all the supplies to do so Alesha and I shut the door after the last parent left and did, literally, a MAJOR happy dance! 😀 She got SO happy that she spun under me and picked me up, twirling me a few times! 0.o  I was so surprised by this that I grabbed my knees and started laughing until I cried.  She fell to the floor and joined me soon later.  🙂  We had a good time and look forward to next year, but we were so happy we survived.

The next day, that Saturday, we, Alesha and I,  went to a spa and treated each other to half hour massages by a professional.  It was such a nice place, very cozy and only cost $30 for 30 minutes, which is reasonable. The guy was fantastic and he was SO funny! ^_^  We had so much fun talking about my name (he wanted to name a little girl Morgan), grammar, writing, and more.  They even had a cute little coffee shop I want to try next time.  I am FOR SURE going back! 🙂  We then went to get some local food, which was also very good and reasonable, where we talked and laughed a lot.  After we said our good-byes, I got gas and was by this newish clothing store in my town, Rainbow.  I have been DYING to go in there and decided to.  I spent 90 minutes in there! 😀  It, literally, IS A RAINBOW OF COLOR! I tried on 13 different things and ended up getting 3 amazing dresses, all affordable and two on sale.  There were 3 black dresses I liked so much, I could not pick one so I left them all there and hope one will go on sale in a few weeks when I go with one of my girlfriends.  The cuteness is that of Wet Seal, Rue 21, and Forever 21, but the sizes are for normal women, like JCPenny’s; I was between a Medium or Large depending on the company where as in Rue 21 for example, I am a Extra Large, no matter what and that makes me sad! 🙁  Their prices are like JCPenny’s sales too, but MOST of the time!  I also got a little white hat and a chocolate and Carmel colored scarf.  I have so many scarfs that I hardly wear, so I am going to make myself wear 1 scarf a week and 1 dress or skirt to school each week so I will use them.

Finished my College for Kids items today and all I need to do is attend the meeting Thursday and then I say good-bye until next year.  I have another few weeks of summer left (like 2.5); I plan to work on my book, relax, and do a few final fun things with family and friends! 😀  BE PREPARED WORLD!  All my 60ish Natsu Con videos are now on my Youtube channel (, so please check them out and my Natsu Con blog, later this evening or tomorrow morning.  My husband and I are going to watch the new Whose Line is it Anyway at 8:00/9:00 pm tonight on the CW!  OH HOW I LOVE THESE FUNNY MEN!!! 😀

You guys take care and thanks for still checking my site; it was so nice to have comments saying “Where are you?”  LOL! *huggles* <3

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Top Ten Snacks (Japanese) (Top Ten #8)

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* This list is in no real order; these are just my favorite Japanese snacks I have tried over the years at cons or on-line.

#1. Chocolate Chip Melon Bread

#2. Coffee Bread

#3. Chocolate bread

#4. Steam Cake

#5. Strawberry mocha

#6. Coffee Milk

#7. Yogurt drink

#8. Chocolate Koalas AND Hello Pandas (Chocolate)

#9. Fish Crackers (strawberry and/or chocolate)

#10. Hi-Chews (strawberry)

#11. Chocolate Almond Crunch Pokey

#12. Japanese Carmel candies

words8 s_e88e0b6a044cf0a3e3d58cc8a74835c8 me21 item50749_jpg 407292_304060539632740_871427917_n

June is slipping away like a balloon

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words32Weather: Hot, but not overly bad yet

Working on: Uploading Youtube videos and preparing for my summer school classes

Websites up: Youtube

Eating/Drinking: Brown Sugar and Cinnamon oatmeal and milk

Wearing: Tan capris and my white Mickey Mouse shirt with rainbow stars

Currently playing: Kingdom Hearts 3Ds (23 hours baby!)

Currently Watching: I finished the anime, I, My, Me Strawberry Eggs, a few days ago

Currently Reading: JUST finished the Paranormalcy trilogy.  Now starting “Jessica Rules the Dark side”, book #2 in the “Jessica” series

Thoughts: All the errands I have to do

Feeling: Good

Hey there!  Hi there!  Ho there! 🙂  Where has June gone.  I blink and poof!  No more, it slipping through my fingers like a balloon on a windy day. It’s been about 2 weeks guys!  Good golly, Miss Molly, I’m sorry about that but I have been working nonstop cleaning house and finishing up all my summer school plans and set up, which starts Monday.  My program is called College for Kids or CFK (and YES, I know it is KFC flipped, but we do not teach four weeks about chickens!  >.<) and it is a lot of fun for the kiddos, but a TON of work.  I have 3 new classes this year, which is a lot, so root for me please.  PLUS, Natsu is in the middle of all of this because they had to move their con date a month from last year…-_-;;  Not.  Cool! But, I will do my best and still have fun.  ^_^  I have also been editing.  Chapters 7-9 are looking fine, but 10 I am worried about for it is long and detailed, but, I will be working on that today and tomorrow.  Getting close to halfway done with first edits.  Not sure if that makes me happy or not for I still have half of it to go…:(  I DID get past that Sora boss I was stuck on and now I am on the final boss with Riku on the second to last world (finished Sora’s).  MAN!  This plot is think and confusing!  I hope it will be explained more clearly at the end of the game.  I also had to help my brother clean his room for two days.  It looks SO much better and we had so much fun finding all our original Power Rangers, Pokémon, He-Man/She-ra, and other nerdy awesome toys!  I icon is inspired on that and the Youtube information below. My hubby and I also celebrated our 2 year anniversary.  We dressed up, ate good food (we were the ONLY ones in the place), had bad pie, watched our WHOLE wedding video and commented on everything, laughing, exchanged gifts (I got all practical stuff: a heating pad, a new door coat rack, and a pink Sailor Moon tote bag.  I got him a Minecraft foam Axe, a Crusade helmet mug, and the new Halo 4 DVD, all FUN stuff…something is off here…0.0).  But, we had a great time and I love him more and more each day.  OH!  I also wrote him two poems, hehehe!

I updated my “To be a nerdy Otaku” section a little and of coarse, added a new top ten.  For the next month, they will be themed based on what I am teaching at College for Kids.  My first week will be Around the World type classes.  Please check out the top ten and to my anime fans out there, I hope the icons make you smile. ^___^  Please also check out my Youtube channel.  I will be adding either today or tomorrow the videos of my friends and I doing Smosh’s Pokémon video challenge.  We had a blast and yes, I am wearing my Smosh shirt.  🙂  You will have to turn your audio up to hear us, but once you do, I hope you have some enjoyment out of it. There are 4 parts.  PLEASE subscribe or add all my social medias.  It would help a lot!  😀

Well kids, I have tons of errands to do.  Stay safe, smile with your eyes closed, and help a turtle cross the street.  Peace!

Top Ten Hayao Miyazaki Movies (Top Ten #4)

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#1. Castle in the Sky

#2. Howl’s Moving Castle

#3. Kiki’s Delivery Service

#4. The Cat Returns AND/OR Whisper of the Heart

#5. Ponyo

#6. Porco Rosso AND/OR From Up on Poppy Hill

#7. The Secret World of Arritery

#8. Totoro

#9. Spirited Away

#10. Princess Mononoko AND/OR Naussica  & the valley of the winds

* I have also seen “Tales of the Earthsea”, which is by his son.

more45 more44 more42 more40 more8 more6 more5 more4 more3 more2


Inside Cover Art revealed

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763008pdc23ujbl2Weather: It seems nice…Haven’t been out yet. 0.o

Working on: College for Kids lesson plans…a long way to go…

Eating/Drinking: Had a turkey sandwich and carrots a little while ago

Wearing: Blue polka-dot classic Minnie Mouse shirt and gym shorts

Currently playing: Kingdom Hearts: Dew Drop Distance (12 hours so far!)

Currently Watching: Last thing I watched was Hot in Cleveland, but I enjoyed watching ‘Summer Wars’ yesterday! ^_^

Currently Reading: Everlasting

Thoughts: I am so sleepy…-_-;;

Happy Saturday everyone!  😀  I hope you weekend is going well.  I have been working nonstop all week on book edits and my summer school lessons plans (along with my house organization).  I have been doing great energy wise until…now.  I am so sleepy!  🙁  So, I added my dear Roxas *dreamy sigh* avatar to perk me up.  It says “Weekend Warrior”, which is fitting for both of us.  I am also playing the newest Kingdom Hearts game.  It took me forever to get used to the switching of characters randomly, but I like the combat style and the worlds are as fun, colorful, and challenging as ever!  ^_^

But, I do have some book news!  *drum roll* Here is a sneak peek of what the inside cover for my book will look like!  It was done by one of my seventh graders and Paper Crane Books and myself are thrilled to have this talented young lady be apart of our project!  This will be the cover for the next reveal: in the back of the book, there will be a Q & A section!  I will answer common or unique questions about my work, my inspiration, the writing process for me, and other random topics in Spirit Vision.  If you have a question for me, then please send it to me in an e-mail, a site comment, or through one of my social medias.  Who knows!  It may be answered and printed!  Thanks to my students who have already submitted!

jenna picture in black and white

So, to recap: reveal of the inside cover and a Questions and Answers section in Spirit Vision! WOOT!  😀

I also am honored to now own several prints of art from my main cover artist, Cherriuki!  A small bio and links to her samples and social medias are under a drop link in the “Book” section of the site.  Please check it out!  She is truly a talent.

I also completed chapters 5 and 6 first edits! Chapter 5 was SUPER difficult.  I had to rewrite 7 pages and it was a 30 page chapter on top of that.  We got it done and I am so grateful for all the work my publisher is doing for me.  Luckily, chapter 6 was not nearly as bad.

My cosplay for Natsu Con FINALLY came in this week! I ordered it January 10th and I had to send tons of e-mails for them to work on it (I already missed wearing at to Anime St. Louis, hence Mai, who is still awesome).  I am going as Sailor V!  The outfit is nice and well made, but I have a few little things to fit, such as the wig’s bangs are not right and are just short enough that it is hard to tuck them behind my ear without whacking my face.  The top is also too big, which makes me happy, but I feel odd.  I just need to tighten up the back somehow.  The gloves also are sliding off so I will need to attach them to my top sleeves without it being noticeable.  Have to string and put hole sin the mask too; I can only hold it now…-_-.  But, the rest does look great and I really look forward to bringing Sailor V to life!  I am making her crescent moon compact now (it has to sun for a few weeks before I can paint it).  I hope it turns out okay.  Hard to imagine Natsu Con is only 5 weeks away!  0.o  Scary, but still awesome!  I promise to do a full blog and take tons of pictures like I did for Anime St. Louis.  On a side note, my mom’s surgery went well and she is resting.  🙂  She will go to the doctor on the 12th to see what we need to do for there.

I added the weekly top ten to the Blog page.  Have a look! It has something to do with my icon and of coarse, my childhood.

I hope you guys have a super awesome week.  I need to finish washing clothes and take a quick nap before I work out, do a little anniversary shopping (our 2 year wedding anniversary is in 10 days and I need to get a card still and wrapping paper.  Gifts are all here, haha!), and get pumped to help my messy brother clean his room…again!  Oh well!  “I don’t think life’s that simple or simple and clean…” If you got the reference, you rock! 😀

I will talk to you soon! JA! ^_^


June 16th, 2013

Quick Fun Update:

525647yy1bsln3vpWeather: Warm

Working on: Supply lists for my summer classes

Websites up: Youtube

Wallpaper: Red with Yuko and Wataki from” xxxHolic” dressed as butterfly/Egyptian rulers

Wearing: Black jean shorts and my gray graffiti “High School Musical” shirt

Currently Listening to: “Disney After Ever After”  It’s for ages 16 plus guys!  >.<

Currently playing: Kingdom Hearts: Dew Drop Distance (14 hours so far!)

Currently Watching: Last thing I watched was Fairy Oddparents, I think…

Currently Reading: JUST finished “Devoted” by Hilary Duff (Elixar book 2) (HENCE the icon!) and about to start “Supernaturally” by Kiersten White (Paranormalcy book 2)

Thoughts: What do I have to do next…? 0.o

Hola mi amigos!  I hope everyone is well this Father’s Day Sunday!  To all the dads out there, thank you for all you do, especially, for me, my father and my father-in-law; these amazing men have helped me so much and I am blessed.  ^.^  I am THRILLED to say I am done with all the typing of my full summer school lesson plans.  I had 9 of them and most of them were 18-30 pages so…that is a lot of typing and ink! 0.o  But, I hope the kids will like the classes.  Now, time to get supplies tomorrow, get recyclables organized, and make posters, print-outs, and samples of all the new projects (which is over half of them).  So, still much to do!  At least I have until the 1st.  🙂  I am just happy I have most of my HUGE chores done (car checked, top to bottom house cleaning, and lesson plans).  I am mad at my Kingdom Hearts game (3Ds, ALTHOUGH, I AM PUMPED FOR KH3 for PS4!!! Who’s with me?  :D)!  I am playing as Sora and in Travers Town (part 2), where you have to battle all your old bosses and I assume the new guy.  The fire guy from The Hutchback of Norte Dome world is kicking my butt because he can shot fire everywhere and I am in a small space.  I leveled up 2 extra levels than required, but I will see what I can do.  Why can’t Riku take out the meanie pants Nightmares?!  *pouts and stomps foot* 😉

I am getting some summer reading done, but with all my book work (which I am happy about) and my summer school work along with adult chores, things have been insane this month!  >.< Still, I only have this many books that are on my shelves now that I need to read.  Others I want to purchase?  Don’t ask how many is on THAT list! *blushes*:

Vampire genre: 4 for sure and 3 maybes, so 7 at the most.

Fantasy: 7

Fairy Tale: 1

Realistic Fiction: 6

Historical Fiction: 15

Reference book: 1

Manga: 6

Total: 40-43

I am hoping to get half of these done…20 books by the middle of August!  Wish me luck guys!  🙂 I’ll keep you posted.  Just finished one today! And yes, these are real books (I do not have a Nook or Kindle).

Just wanted to post my weekly Top Ten. It’s in the blog section as usually.  Check out the others too. This theme is for a legendary Japanese director…I will let you look to see who it is.  ;0  But, I did this in honor of my mom, who I will see tomorrow.  She is back at work so her doctor’s appointment must have gone decent.  My brother and I are making her watch Kiki’s Delivery Service!  Okay, if you STILL have no clue who the director is, I feel sorry for you! *hugs*  I also have my last church class tomorrow night along with all afternoon getting my summer supply box ready at the college.  Busy!  But, Tuesday is my 2 year wedding anniversary and I am going to spend it with my darling! ^_^

Have a fantastic week and I will chat you guys up next week.  Stay beautiful! *waves*

Top 10 Pokemon Side Games (Top Ten #2)

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Top 10 Pokemon Side Games:

#1. Pokemon Puzzle League

#2. Pokemon Stadium 1 and Pokemon Stadium 2 (tied to me)

#3. Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire and Pokemon Trading Card Game (Pokemon Play it) for the PC (tied)

#4. Pokemon Channel

#5. Pokepark 1

#6. Pokemon Ranger: Guardian of Sign

#7. Hey you Pikachu and Pokemon Trozei (original) (tied)

#8. Pokemon Snap

#9. Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

#10. Pokémon Shuffle AND Pokémon 3DS Rumble (2015) (tied)

Other Pokemon side games I have, but that did not make the list:

  • Pokemon Trading Card game
  • Pokemon Pinball (with rumble)
  • Pokemon Ranger
  • Pokemon Ranger 2: Shadows of Almia
  • Pokemon Coliseum
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red and Blue
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explores of Time
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explores of Sky
  • PokePark 2
  • Pokémon Conquest
  • Pokémon 3DS Trozei


My dream Pokemon teams in real life, not game play (I am not choosing legendaries for if we did exist in a Pokemon world, how many people would REALLY have legendaries?):

Generation I: Alakazam, Ponyta, Starmie, Eevee, Butterfree, and Vulpix or Ninetails

Generation II: Typhlosion, Espeon, Skarmory, Teddiursa, Scizor, and Corsola

Generation III: Gardevoir, Mawile, Altaria, Absol, Swampert, and Blaziken

Generation IV: Bastiodon, Cherrium, Lopunny, Dusknoir, Lucario, and Mime Jr.

Generation V: Samurott, Herider, Unfezant, Emolga, Swanna, and Zoroark.

Generation VI: …Only time will tell! 😉