Top Ten “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” Characters (Top Ten #58)

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Christmas is one of my favorite times of year.  I love buying the right gift for those I love and seeing their eyes light up, taking the time to think of only them (I like UNWRAPPING gifts as well too).  I sing Christmas songs at concerts and church, celebrate my parents’ birthdays, watch tons of Christmas specials, have family get-togethers.  Decorating, making activities for my students, wishing for light snow, baking a little, and, apparently, getting sick with a cold has become an unwanted tradition of mine these past two years.  -_-;;

Regardless, I got my love of Christmas from my mom and grandma and their awe was inspired by the 1964 Claymation masterpiece “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”  She owes so much that is of this icon and tears up at the same spot each year. Miles and I have to watch with her every year, being bribed with cheese and sausage, but deep down, I really like this story and treasure this tradition that makes my mom who she is more.  Yes, we gest about it and roll our eyes now that we are adults and we have it all memorized, quoting it throughout the year, but I would not give this up for anything.  Besides, Miles and I now have our Christmas Eve Eve celebration on the 23rd where we watch OUR favorite Christmas specials, mostly VHS, so I suppose we are setting up for our future kids to make fun of us. 😉

In honor of this special’s impact on my life and my lovely momma, here are my Top Ten Favorite “Rudolph: The Red Nosed Reindeer” characters:

  1. Yukon Cornelius 
  2. Hermey
  3.  King Moonracer
  4. Momma/Mrs. Clause
  5. Spotted Elephant
  6. Clarice/Rudolph
  7. Head Elf
  8. Sam the Snowman
  9. The Bumble
  10. Santa Claus

I know I haven’t done any personal updates since school started, and I still plan to.  Adjusting to a new district and teaching as taken a lot of rewarding time. ^_^ Thank you all for the support this year, especially with “Spirit Vision 3.”  I hope you guys have a Christmas as bright as Rudolph’s nose; bring shades! See you next year with more! Tr La La, bye-bye!

Past Christmas Top Ten’s of Mine to check-out:

Top Twelve Favorite New Sun and Moon Pokemon (by design) (Top Ten #57):

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Last week, the highly anticipated Pokémon Sun and Moon dropped around the world.  I was so hyped for the graphics, the new landscape, and all the features that I went to the midnight event with Derrick (my husband), eager to get my copy of Moon.  As of this post, I have only played the game for eight and a half hours, but because of my busy schedule, Thanksgiving plans this week, and the fact I want to take my time to enjoy the experience, is why this is so.

I haven’t encountered or got to battle against over 75% of these pocket monsters yet, but I will and I plan to do a FULL, detailed review of my experience with Moon just like I did with Alpha Sapphire and Pokémon X.  Plan for that in early 2017! ^_^

I know I have not been updating everyone about my life lately and rest assured, I will.  I figured, on this Black Friday, I owe you a post! So, here are my Top 12 Favorite Pokémon Moon Pokémon (by design).  I look forward to using all these guys in the future on my team or to bond with.  Enjoy and I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! =D

  1. Popplio/Brionne/Primarina
  2. Rockruff
  3. Togedemaru
  4. Cutiefly/Ribombee
  5. Stufful
  6. Cosmog
  7. Mimikyu
  8. Bounsweet/Steenee
  9. Komala
  10. Pikipek
  11. Oricorio (psychic type)
  12. Tapu Fini


“Persephone’s Orchard” Enchanted Promotions Book Tour- Exclusive Excerpt!

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Anyone who knows me personally or through my posts or Goodreads most likely has picked up that I am a massive fan of Greek Mythology! When the chance to be a tour spot for this incredible title about Persephone popped up on the Enchanted Promotions website, I knew I had to support this work and author! 😀

Please welcome an exclusive excerpt from “Persephone’s Orchard” by Molly Ringle.


Excerpt from Persephone’s Orchard:

Adrian introduces Sophie to the way modern-day immortals travel…


Adrian rounded a stand of trees, and stopped.

A team of four ghost horses waited there—or at least Sophie assumed they were ghosts, as they were glowing green and translucent. The horses were harnessed to a small rusty bus, which looked as if it had been recently borrowed from a junkyard. All its window glass was gone, and nothing was left of its paint except a few flakes of green and what seemed to be the remains of a letter X in blue. The three tires she could see from this side were completely flat. The horses’ harnesses were entwined in vines of some kind, with a few dried leaves still hanging on in spots. Where the harnesses met the bus, thick metal cables took over, so heavily welded that they had melted into the bus’s exterior and become a part of it.

After taking in this strange contraption, Sophie looked at Adrian.

“So your first big decision is,” he said, “are you willing to climb into this bus with me and fly across the world at incredibly high speeds?”

She gave a laugh of half-panic, half-disbelief. She walked around the back of the bus, touching its dented exterior. It felt solid enough. “What is this thing?”

“Something I built, to attach the horses to.”

“Is it safe?”

“Well, it’s held together so far.”

She circled to the other side, finding those tires flat too. “Is there any other way to get to the afterlife place?”

“Not realistically. This realm isn’t set up for living humans. We’d have to walk across the continent, then build a boat to cross the ocean, all of which would take months and be far more dangerous, so—yeah, this is it. This or ride directly on one of the horses.”

Circling around to the front, Sophie examined the horses. She approached one and reached out slowly. Her hand slipped straight through its glowing neck, but stopped upon the solid harness that secured it to its team. She tried it again, watching her hand glide through the animal as if it were made of mist. Fascination was starting to push out uneasiness, at least for the moment…

“How long is the trip?” She tried stroking the animal’s nose, but her fingers went straight through that too. The horse twitched its ears and whickered patiently.

“About three hours each way,” he said. “So, if you want to sleep on it, you can go back to bed tonight, and we’d take off tomorrow morning. Or—”

“Let’s go,” she interrupted. She moved to the open door of the bus and peered up into it.

“Now?” Adrian’s pitch rose in surprise. “You’d be up all night.”

“I’m not tired. You wanted me to come. Let’s do it.”

About the Book: 

persophoneorhcardcoverTitle: Persephone’s Orchard

Author: Molly Ringle

Genre: Paranormal Romance / NA Fantasy

The Greek gods never actually existed. Did they? Sophie Darrow finds she was wrong about that assumption when she’s pulled into the spirit realm, complete with an Underworld, on her first day at college. Adrian, the mysterious young man who brought her there, simply wants her to taste a pomegranate. Soon, though she returns to her regular life, her mind begins exploding with dreams and memories of ancient times; of a love between two Greeks named Persephone and Hades. But lethal danger has always surrounded the immortals, and now that she’s tainted with the Underworld’s magic, that danger is drawing closer to Sophie.



A signed paperback copy of Persephone’s Orchard,

A paperback copy of D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths,

A “pomegranate seed” necklace and bracelet set

About the Author:

persophoneorhcardauthorMolly Ringle has been writing fiction for over 20 years, and her stories always include love and humor, as well as the occasional touch of the paranormal. Molly lives in Seattle with her husband and kids, and worships fragrances and chocolate.







Amazon Author Page

Available here:

Aspiring Author Spotlight- A.J. Blanton (October 2016) (A.A.S. #29) AND “Spirit Vision 3” Release!

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Happy Almost Halloween/my Birthday, minna-san! 😀 Once again, I apologize for my lack of massive updates since school started up, but it is just that: my first official teaching job (and all the paperwork, meetings, and prep it takes on top of being in the classroom) on top of running an after school anime club at the high school, on TOP of writing and promoting “Spirit Vision 3,” I get tired so easily and get lazy on my rare moments off. Plus, it’s a half hour drive there then another back.  But, I enjoy what I am doing and I AM working on the update as promised.  Slowly chugging along like a rusted train, but I still have my tracks to guide me. ^_^ Thank you for your patience!


If you are unaware, on October 21st, 2016, the third book in the “Spirit Vision” series, “The Power of Mortals” was RELEASED in Kindle format and Amazon paperback on! I am ready to break dance with giant lobsters I am so tickled pink by this! It has been a long and different ride to get this fifth book published, but I am so glad I stuck with it for Stary, Umbra, you guys, and myself.  I want to thank Sheenah for the formatting and being my mentor, Suzy for her once again incredible covers AND the new chibi bookmarks, and my Beta Readers: Morgan W,. Dan W., Danny B., Casey, and Kate!

Get your OWN copy here!

Please check out the new “Spirit Vision 3” book page for the cover, links for purchase (more coming soon), excerpts, and more!


To also celebrate, “Spirit Vision 3” has a book blog tour through Enchanted Book Promotions.  It started on October 21st and ends on November 4th.  Thank you for setting it up! Please check out all the stops by clicking their banner above!

Now, onto my star of this post!  She is my kindred spirit, my spirit animal, my idol.  Her warm heart, charming wit, and bright smile made me relax at the drop of her adorable hats.  I can talk to her about everything and anything and she is my closest con friend.  I know if we lived closer to each other, we would be at each other’s houses constantly, with books, craft nights, and oh so fun, sparkly, and wild “Harry Potter” parties! She is so talented with her shop, decorations, and her photography, has a good head on her shoulders, but a kindness as welcoming as the lapping waves on a summer shore at midnight.  I am so glad she has taken me under her wing, dubbed me as friend, and allowed me to showcase her amazing writing.  As her little Totoro, I will do anything to support her and I know you guys will love this honeybee as much as we all do in Missouri! Please welcome my dear friend and sensei in the ways of the Totoro: Mrs. A.J. Blanton! ^_^ <3



Aspiring Authors Spotlight Questions:

1. When you wake up in the morning, how do you see life?
It depends. I would love to say that I wake up everyday full of love and zest for the new day. But in truth, everyday is different. Some days I wake up seeing my life as a uncharted path that could lead to beautiful experiences. Some days I awake with a sense of longing and no understanding of how to fulfill my sense of purpose. Some days I wake up seeing the mundane existence that is the ebb of life. And some days I awake seeing my life in all its lovely moments and wondrous relationships. All days become yesterday soon enough so I figure I just allow each day to be its own maker.

2. How did writing find its way into your life?
Through reading I suppose. I cant really recall when the written word was not important to who I was. I began reading at 4 and have never stopped. I love to be transported into worlds and thrown into events. Books are my escape and my reality all at the same time. I have written for almost as long. Nothing grand or impressive by any means, just me jotting down thoughts and characters.

3. What does writing do for you?
Writing gives me another outlet. It allows me to express myself in a way that tends to be more personal than my art, props, and sculpting does.

4. What sort of genre or type of writing do you do?
Young Adult Fiction that slants toward Fantasy or Supernatural. I also write poetry and have written a few children stories. But I have never been published.

5. Do events in your life or people you know affect your writing?
Yes, how could they not? It isn’t a write what you know thing but more a write what you feel. When I am feeling discouraged, my characters feel it. When I am hopeful so are they. I also draw from them a lot as well. When one of my characters dies, I mourn. When one falls in love, I smile.
I try not to base characters on just one person though. Most of the time they are compilations of several personality traits from several people I know. I do draw from situations that I have dealt with when writing. It helps me to organize my thoughts if I can feel or have felt what the character needs to feel.

6. What are you currently work on or what was the last thing you wrote?
I am currently just doing writing prompts getting ready to participate in NANOWRIMO with one of friends.
The last thing I wrote that I actually had someone read is still unfinished. It is called Ghostly Solace.

7. Can you tell us a little about it and its inspiration?
The NANOWRIMO story will be a young adult dramatic piece that may have some fantasy elements thrown into the mix. As I have only written a few paragraphs to try to get into the mind space of what my main character is going through, I haven’t quite figured everything out about the tale I want to weave.
Ghostly Solace is a young adult novel about a girl in high school. She is murdered, comes back as a ghost to help solve her murder and to help the people she left behind deal with her passing. I actually had a dream about a young girl who was murdered and it inspired this story.
A lot of my stories stem from my dreams.

8. What are your goals for the future?
A goal? I don’t really do goals, at least not currently. I am taking this year to just live and see where I land. I am lucky to have a wonderful husband and son who support me in this haphazard journey of self reflection. Dang it! That in itself is a goal isn’t it? So much for the philosophical nomadic expression of my soul. In reality my goals tend to be more goals for the ones I love and less for me. Although, I am trying very hard to work on changing that constant frame of thought. I have dreams more than goals. I dream that my creativity and my businesses can be financially sustaining for my family.

9. What are your interests or hobbies?
I am a geeky girl who likes lots of random nerdy stuff. I like to cosplay and have nerdy gatherings with friends. I love comics, video games, costumes, prop making, wands, sculpting, painting, reading. See lots of random geekery fill my life.

10. If you could be a superhero, what are your powers and how would you use them to help the world?
Is it bad that I actually don’t have an answer for this? I never want to be a hero. But, if I were a character in a comic I think I would probably be the sarcastic best friend who helps the hero to find their way. I have always related more to that type of character.

11. What advice would you give people who want to write?
Just write. It doesn’t have to make sense. There doesn’t need to be a clear path when you begin. All you have to do is sit and express what is in your mind with words. Writing, like all art forms, can be done by anyone at any skill set. All they need to do is write. Write gibberish. Write a sentence. Write random ideas. Write often! And soon you can become a craftsman of words.

12. If you could be remembered for one thing or thought, what would it be?
I want people to remember me as a caring person who always tried her best. I would rather be remembered for a million little everyday things than any one particular thing. when I am gone I want those that knew me to recall something I did or said and smile.

Example of Work:

This interview.
In actuality, here is a sample of the story building I am working on for my NANOWRIMO story.:

I sat there letting the words sink into the depths of my soul. Simple words with no extraordinary meaning broke me. How? How could just words bring my world crumbling around me. My whole life was nothing but a lie. I had been lied to by not just a few people but by everyone who had every known me. Those who promised to love me, those who I thought I could trust with my life and in one swell swoop destroyed me. I hadn’t even began to process that they were gone. They were gone, I let this sink into my mind and felt a sharp pain in my chest. Tears fell from my hazel eyes in an uncontrollable shower. I felt anger build up and I screamed at the air around me. “I don’t know what to do. Why?” I placed my face in my hands. “Who am I? Why didn’t you tell me! Oh God, please why?” I looked around the dark bedroom which seemed so much smaller than it had been just yesterday. “I am no one.”

As I stood up from the chair my legs began to give out on me. Slowly, I made my way to the bed. I curled into a ball, covered myself under the warm patchwork quilt and just let the fear, the anger, the pain overwhelm me. I sobbed for what seemed like hours maybe even days and then nothing.

I awoke and pulled my phone from the table next to the bed. I had slept for 18 hours. Yet my body and mind were still completely worn down. Exhaustion hung around me like a low fog on a brisk fall morning. I wanted to close my eyes again and just hide. Hide from the world, Hide from myself. Hide from the pain. But no matter where I went or what I did I couldn’t find a way from this. It was now my life. Without answers from the only people who actually knew what happened, I must try to grasp the truth. However, right at this moment I couldn’t.

It was numbing, looking around the dark house realizing that I was alone. That mom and dad were no longer there. Tears began to fall once more. Why did they leave me? Why did they have to die? Why did they have to keep secrets?
I was so mad at them and I couldn’t figure out if it was because they left me here without anyone, or if it was because my whole life they had kept the truth from me.

“UGHHHH!” sounds of frustration escaped my body with a slight release of the pain.
I’ve got to get dressed. I have to take a shower and prepare for the onslaught of friends and family coming to offer their condolences. How can I look at these people knowing that most of them knew about me and never said a word? I don’t want to deal with them. I want to just crawl back into my private quilted world and let them have the funeral without me. I don’t want to sit there and listen to them drone on and on about how wonderful our family was. LIES! Why not say the truth? Your parents were wonderful at keeping secrets.

I peeled off my pungent clothes and stepped into the shower. The water from the adjustable shower head  poured over me, mixing with tears. I couldn’t stop crying. Please let me stop crying. I can’t! I don’t want to. I felt my body shaking. I can’t breath. “Please help me. Somebody help me.” The water had turned cold as I sank into in the corner of the tub.



Adoena (AJ) Blanton was born in Missouri in December 1976. She lives in Branson Missouri with her 21 year old son, Dakota, and her husband. Tom. She works part time at a movie theater and runs two home based businesses, aBeesCreations and partnership in AazuBee Artifacts. She also works as a photo shoot Creative Director sometimes for Friendly Fire Fotography. She loves to create props, work with other creative people and make art. She is currently working on a calendar project for 2017-2018 with over 18 models, photographers and artists. She writes for her own sanity.

You can find my art and items on my face book page

Top Ten Favorite Name-brand Candy Bars/Candies (Top Ten #56):

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Just in time for Halloween! 😀 Here are my top ten favorite candy bars and candies.  As you can tell, most of them are chocolate; it’s something I really adore. Halloween is also very special to me because my birthday is the day after (November 1st), so I got to celebrate two holidays epically in a row! ^_^

Enjoy this top ten and I hope everyone has a sweet Halloween! ;)-

Top Ten Favorite Name-brand Candy Bars/Candies:

  1. Hershey’s Cookies and Creams
  2. Dove chocolate (dark or milk)
  3. Peanut Butter M & M’s AND Peanut M & M’s
  4. Reese’s Cups OR Pieces
  5. Carmel Milky Way
  6. Mounds
  7. Twix
  8. Pay Day
  9. York Peppermint Patty
  10. Take 5


“Rex” by Rita Stradling blog tour spot interview and excerpt (for A.U.)

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Please welcome on my next Author’s Gold (A.U.) segment, Ms. Rita Stradling.  I am honored to be one of the stops on her blog tour for her latest book, “Rex.”  Please welcome her and this amazing interview and an exclusive excerpt!

Author to Author Interview:

Hi! Thank you so much for interviewing me on your blog! It’s great to be here!

1. Where did you grow up? Did your childhood have any impact on your writing?

I grew up in Palo Alto, one of the big hubs of the information age. I’d have to say that my childhood had a very big impact on my writing; growing up amongst artists and scientists in a society that highly valued both has inspired many aspects of my books.

2. Tell us about the first story you ever wrote, published or not?

The first book I ever wrote was titled ‘Colorless’ in 2008. Colorless was a middle grade fantasy novel about a girl whose color dripped off her body, making her invisible but also gifting her the ability to travel through paintings. Unfortunately, I never published Colorless and probably will not.

3. What are you currently working on, writing wise?

I’m actually working on four projects! I’m working on the next installment in my three ongoing series, as well as I just finished Ensnared, a sci-fi romance Beauty and the Beast retelling. Oh my goodness, that sounds so scary. But, each project is in different stages of development and some are in their editing stages. 

4. What is your favorite character you have ever created and why?

Oh, goodness, that’s a really hard one. Can I pick my favorite character in the Dakota Kekoa world, instead? My favorite character in Dakota’s world might be her uncle Bobby. He’s light-hearted and crass, and unquestionably loyal to Dakota and her sisters. He goes through a very hard time in Rex and I found myself not wanting to continue writing at times.

5. Do you have to write in order or do your ideas just come to you and you put them in order later?

My technique is definitely just to write and let my brain sort out the connections later. Sometimes, if I run into a big obstacle, I’ll take a break and distract myself, letting my brain figure it out on its own.

6. What was your path like until you found writing?

Before writing, I studied art and art history at Humboldt State. After graduating, I worked for a short time in fine art sales in Hawaii before I became pregnant and took time off to be a stay at home mama. In the first six months after having my son, I spent a lot of time stuck with him sleeping on me. As a new mother, having a restful baby was precious, and so I would stay put for the duration of his naps. I began writing in these times, starting with Colorless, and eight years later, I’m still writing. 

7. Tell us about your covers.

The covers for the Dakota Kekoa series were created by Yvonne Nikolova at Ammonia Book Covers. 

8. What inspires you to write?

I’m often inspired by my dreams or nightmares. I’ll take a central concept and just start living their lives, the details work themselves out on the way.

9. How do you get book reviews?

Several ways: I run giveaways, have the book featured on NetGalley, send out ARCs to the subscribers of my website, and once in a while, I’ll query bloggers who I think might be interested. 

10. What is harder: writing, editing, or marketing?

Marketing, definitely, marketing. Writing and editing are relatively easy, I have an awesome editor and fantastic beta readers, so while time consuming, both are fun and not intimidating. There’s a reason that marketing a book is not just a job, it’s a huge industry, it’s because a single person could do it all day, every day and it still might not cut it. 

11. If you could publish every book idea you’ve ever had, how many books would you have out right now?

I would likely have hundreds of fully thought out books, but most will never be typed onto a keyboard.

12. Have you ever considered co-writing a book or series with another author?

Definitely! I would love to co-author a book in any fiction genre.

13. What do you do to relax?

Does reading count? I guess it really depends on the book but I’m a huge book and audio book addict. 

14. If you could tell your 14 year old self one thing, what would it be?

Start marketing now ;). Kidding, kidding. I’d probably tell myself to write and read every day, and not only what the teachers had told me to.

15. What advice would you have for this upcoming generation?

I’d probably tell them advice others gave me, but I didn’t do the best job of following: start building a following early and find like minded authors to build a network of support. Also, I’d say that they should just write; it’s easy to be your own worst critic, but remember that you’ll have plenty of time to fix the writing when the story is complete. 

16. Have you ever read a book that changed your outlook on life?

Definitely, I’d go so far as to say that hundreds of books changed my outlook on life. Some books that inspired me earlier in life were The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel and still one of my favorite re-read books, The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende.

17. Do you have a classic piece of literature or a classic author you are fond of?  How about one that is overrated?

Jane Austen might be my favorite classic author, she definitely was when I was growing up. The books I read now have a much darker bent, but I still love sweet, innocent romantic stories. 

18. Any type of music that gets your writing juices flowing?

Max Richter is a particular favorite of mine right now; I like dark, intense modern classical music. I also enjoy soulful pop singers like Sia, Florence (and the Machine), and Skylar Grey.

19. Dog or cat person?

I love my dog, Stewie, but I’d love a cat too and maybe a big lop bunny. 

20. What do you want to eat right now?

A salad, I’m actually really hungry and probably will eat a blue cheese and apple salad the moment I’m finished with this interview … yum.

21. If you could be in any movie that has already been made, which one would it be?

Kill Bill, I’d love to die dramatically as an extra in a kung-fu movie. Or maybe a slasher film where all I had to do is run around and then die. 

22. What is your favorite holiday or time of year?

I love the fall! Fall is the time of hot tea and apple cider, rainy days and warm showers. Also, of course, I love Halloween, dressing up and stealing candy from my kid’s basket (I call it the mom tax). Happy Halloween!


Excerpt of “Rex:”

The look Wyvern turned on me was full of heat and interest, as if I’d shut the door hoping for a make-out session. I needed to squash that right now.

“Wyvern,” I snapped. “No more kissing, hand holding, or holding me for more than like a minute, okay? This is getting out of hand. We’re friends.”

“But a minute is okay?” he asked, with a mischievous smile. In an instant he had his arms wrapped tightly around me and I was pressed to his chest. “Because a minute is a pretty long time to hold you, let me show you: one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand…” His arms moved up and down my back as he spoke.

“Ugh, ten seconds, you can hold me for no longer than ten seconds,” I said.

He leaned back, looking down at me, “What if it was ten second kisses instead.”

I swallowed hard. “No kissing.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, leaning in so close I could smell his sweet, spicy breath.

I nodded, glancing between his eyes and his lips.

“Not even for this long?” he asked as his lips came down and brushed gently against mine for one second.

When he pulled back, I nodded again, then remembering what he asked, and I shook my head instead.

“How about for this long?” His lips met mine with a sudden hungry intensity that I wasn’t expecting. His hands buried in my hair while his lips pushed against mine, sucking on my lower lip before his tongue entered my mouth.

I lifted to my toes, unable to stop myself from kissing back. I grabbed onto his jacket and opened my mouth to his kiss. My lips were as hungry on his as his were on mine.

My breaths were coming hard and fast when he broke away. “You play so dirty,” I whispered.

“I always will.” He grabbed me, holding me tightly against him. “I’ve missed you so much, Dakota,” he whispered into my hair.

It was like I could literally feel him reeling me back in. And it wasn’t with one of those cheap plastic fishing lines either, he was reeling me in with a giant net. It didn’t matter how much I struggled, the net would always win.

The Blurb for “Rex:”

rexv2-ebook-192x300Title: Rex

Author: Rita Stradling

Genre: YA Fantasy

In seventeen year old Dakota Kekoa’s line of work, a job can go bad in a split second.

And when a job goes bad, people die.

Suspended from working as a tax collector in her draconic family’s protection racket, Dakota is assigned a secret mission from her grandfather. A foreign queen has offered a grave insult to Dakota’s grandfather by running a vampire dinner cruise off the coast of the Mabiian Islands, and his retribution must be swift.

Yet, when Dakota infiltrates the ship ‘Crimson Sunset’, nothing is at it seems. In a split second, not only is Dakota in deathly peril, all of New Anglo is on the road to war.

About the Author:

Rita Stradling is the author of The Deception Dance series, the Dakota Kekoa series and The Fourteen Day Soul Detox Serial. She has a BA in Art History and a particular love for modern and medieval art.

Rita lives with her husband and son in Northern California.

She has an insatiable novel addiction and mostly reads young adult and adult: romance, paranormal, urban fantasy and high fantasy.




Author Website:

“Spirit Vision 3: The Power of Mortals” Reveal!

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Konnichiwa minna-san! I apologize for my lack of updates on here! A lot of things have been going on in my life, keeping me away.  I will explain all of this in my next massive blog update, which I will do every soon, but for now, I am so happy to announce the LONG awaited cover, release date, and blurb reveal for my newest book and my latest in the “Spirit Vision” series: “The Power of Mortals!”

The art is once again done by my fabulous artist, Suzy Zhang AKA Cherriyuki!


Release date:

October 21st, 2016!

Just in time for Halloween! 😀


WARNING: This IS the third book in the series, so there may be some slight spoilers. Also, book #2 DID end in a cliff hanger!

“You are the beacon of the Lord’s two worlds, but how can you protect them when you have lost your shining light?

When Stary Moon, the Spirit Warrior, awakes on the lunchroom floor of her school, battered and bloodied, she cannot recollect how she came to such a state.

Stary ignores the concerns of her best friends, Chloe, Rin, and Lauren, and continues to go on with her life, but no matter how normal her days and Spirit Warrior duties are, she feels a lingering sorrow like someone is missing from her life.   Her friends discover some shocking truths about Stary and realize they’re the only ones who remembers Umbra—Stary’s boyfriend who has mysteriously gone missing. Stary’s universe crashes around her and the fate of the world rests on her shoulders. Her objective is clear, but when she leaves on this mission, there is no turning back, and she will lose one of her worlds—the mortal world of her family and friends, or the spiritual world of her duty and missing someone, for good.  Still, Stary has a point to prove to this dark presence that is threatening to consume the planet: there is power from those one least expects, and Stary is prepared to risk everything on this claim.”

Comes with a bonus short story that can ONLY be read in “Spirit Vision 3!”


Sneak-Peek of “Spirit Vision 3:”


A word from a Mortal who is Immortal

“Have you ever considered giving up your life for another? A stranger or loved one?  I know we all say ‘Of course,’ but when that final second ticks and the fires are blazing, do we honestly know how we will act?  Saying and doing are entirely different.

“I know it hurts to die with all the confusion, the regret, the pain.  I also know it’s just as agonizing to be left behind, the movie playing the same horrific second over and over.  You can’t rewind; you can never go back.  And your fast forward button is broken until you find the will to fix it.

“You love with all of you.  It’s buried deep, like treasure.  That’s why when your love is gone, the knife wound fits too nicely in the space.  But, I would never give up my life.  It’s a sacred gift I only receive once.  I would struggle for my love’s life, but never lose it, because, if I died instead of him, the shock would destroy him body and soul.  He would be stuck with that guilt and broken remote.  I could never do that to him.

“All those classic couples who assume killing themselves would cure the pain when they lose their loves, like Romeo and Juliet or Pyramus and Thisbe. What a waste!  What terrible role models for unselfish love!   Heaven is always open; I should know.  Your love will wait for you, as painful as it is. Life is a gift to handle with care.  Yet, I understand it’s hard to be a ghost in a living body.

“There is no real winner, but regardless, I will never give up my life.  At least, that’s what I thought.”

Chapter 1

 The One who Watches from Above

If I have to wait for Lauren for another second, I’ll go bald!”

Sophomore Chloe Dew grunted this loudly in her skull, examining the spilt ends of her blond, wavy locks.  What disgusted her most was that her constant tugging on her strands were the cause of her new split ends. She balled a length of her hair in her fist, tangling it and squeezing it for dear life, damaging it, but it was better than chewing on it like a toddler like she was yearning to do.

The young maiden’s nerves were shot, a rocket with no fuel.  Her mind began to wander, spin in a cycle of unease as she recalled the events that led to this crashing position.  The previous day, she had found her best friend of two years, Stary Moon, sprawled face down on the floor, her body having tiny prickle holes like she was a pincushion, blood lazily springing out of each mark.  Stary’s sock was dyed in crimson, stained with her own blood.  Chloe shuttered at this section of the flashback, rubbing her hands over her bare arms to control the chilling goosebumps. The sight of blood had always made Chloe ill and now, allowing more captured moments to be glued.

She swallowed, allowing more pictures, captured moments, to be glued to the scrapbook of her mind.  Chloe was lucky her friends, Rin Fortune and Lauren Flower, had found Stary. Rin had a unique sensitivity to the vibrations around her and in nature. At times, this included people and beings from the other world, although her abilities were not nearly as sharp.  A pull from the air had called to Rin, one with such a driving force that she grabbed their strong and dependable, always sensible friend Lauren with her, clawing her wrist in the process.

Chloe whimpered in her hair, stirring the faint scent of her Strawberries and Cream shampoo, “Rin is so rough and gruff.  If she was going that mad, if she was that concerned about Stary’s well-being…Then what choice do Lauren and I have other than to believe her now?” In the past, it was Stary who believed Rin about her powers; Chloe and Lauren were not for it or against it, just…cautious to believe anything.  But now, things have changed.


Sneak-Peek of the bonus story:

“Ya’ don’t believe me, huh, Missy Spirit Warrior?” His eyes slanted in a cocky challenge as his smirk became that of a character with all his move sets maxed out. He pointed to himself, reminding me too much of Axel, a character’s personality I had memorized.

“Look at my skin. Go ahead!” He got right up close and personal, humming Darth Vader’s march after his dare with a boyish, closed smile, acting like we were just two friends conversing.

Why do I always get the kooky ones?

I tip-toed a few inches back so I could get a good look of his face. As his large eyes blinked, sweet eagerness and determination in their flecks of gray and gold, I noticed something embedded in his flesh. All spirits looked human, but, in the right light, they were as white as a sheet with a slick appearance to their skin, looking like a true depiction of a floating cadaver. It’s eerie and harsh. Yet, most of the time, they look like themselves, but with an their aura outlined around them. It’s like a very well-crafted hologram.

Yet, his skin had another layer- little, near microscopic, squares of peach that laid on his flesh. I had to squint to see their outline, but when I leaned my head back, all I saw was him. It was like a piece of art that makes one giant picture, when, in reality, when you were right in front of it, you saw it was composed of multiple tiny shapes and designs. Mr. Sheep made us do one of those a few weeks ago in Art II:

Pixel art.




On my social medias, I will be posting 13 quotes randomly in “Spirit Vision 3” (the main story and the bonus) to wet your appetites on the story!

ALSO, I will be running a blog tour for “Spirit Vision 3” very soon! More details on that.  If you are a book site or blog and are interested in being a stop, send me a message! 😀


MAJOR THANKS to my Beta Readers/editors: Morgan W, Casey, Dan Wright, Danny B, and Kate Dillon; this would not have happened without you! To my formatter and guru, Sheenah, who also made the amazing banner. Suzy for making Stary come to life once more (can’t wait for you guys to see the BACK too; stunning!) My family, friends, students, and fans for all the inquiries and support to show they care. Here’s to the next chapter in Stary’s adventure!

Until next time! Stay smitten, kittens! 😀

Top 15 Cardcaptor Sakura outfits (Sakura’s) (Top Ten #55):

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To celebrate Max-Con this weekend, I wanted to do a top list that showed off my love for anime and costumes and this was it! 😀 Here are my top 15 favorite battle costumes of the heroine from my favorite anime and manga by CLAMP, Cardcaptor Sakura.  Enjoy! ^_^

I pictures are in order below from the list.  I would spend HOURS in middle school re-drawing these outfits to perfection and making my own designs, aspired by Tomoyo.  🙂  I even cosplayed (closet) as the first one, the blue court jester! No one knew who I was, but I had a good time doing it nonetheless. Thanks for all the memories! <3

Top 15 Cardcaptor Sakura outfits (Sakura’s):

  1. Blue Court Jester (Episode 3, for the watery card)
  2. Movie 2 Pink Battle Costume
  3. Season 2 Opening Outfit- Yellow Winged Crown
  4. The Movie 2 Blue Star Outfit (opening film)
  5. The Return Star Costume (Episodes 68 and 69 for the final Sakura Cards transformation)
  6. Gray Star Costume (Season 3, episode 50)
  7. The Prince Costume (Season 2, episode 42, for the Sleeping Beauty play and Light and Dark cards)
  8. The Pink and Blue star costume (Season 3, episode 59)
  9. Chapters 42-46 in the mange Pink Star Dream outfit (for final Sakura card transformations)
  10. Blue Leotard with Red Cape (episode 2, for the shadow card)
  11. The Winged costume (episode 31, for the create and big card)
  12. The Cool Outfit (season 3, episode 58)
  13. Pink sakura yukata (episode 18, for the glow card)
  14. The Song Costume (Episode 23, for the Song card)
  15. Yellow Fairy with wings (episode 12, for the time card)





costume pic17











Top Ten CLAMP Couples (Top Ten #54)

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CLAMP is so near to my heart and it embedded itself into my cells, flows through my veins, and allows my soul to speak.  My first manga was Cardcaptor Sakura and their manga-ka? CLAMP.  I have never looked back, willingly going the rabbit hole into their Wonderland of deep thinking stories, stunning artwork/costume design, endearing characters, and cultural references. They are a HUGE reason I am such the otaku I am today, the true me I was born to be and the ladies of CLAMP my angel guides. Thank you! <3

Romance is a large part of the CLAMP Universe.  All these couples are either CANNON OR heavily hinted in the manga or anime! The girls are listed first.

Here are my Top Ten CLAMP couples:

#1. Sakura and Syaoran Cardcaptor Sakura AND Tsubasa: Reservior Chronicles







#2. Chi and Hedeki- Chobits




#3. Utako and Akira- Man of Many Faces AND CLAMP School Detectives






#4. Nagisa and Suoh- CLAMP School Detectives






#5. Fuu and Ferio- Magic Knights: Rayearth







#6. Suishou and Iorogi- Kobato







#7. Nadeshiko and Fujitaka Kinomoto- Cardcaptor Sakura






#8. Hikaru and Lantis- Magic Knights: Rayearth







#9. Princess Tomoyo and Kurogane- Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles






#10. Kobato and Fujimoto- Kobtao


Honorable Mentions (there are several):

*Okay, so the work Angelic Layer has four student characters: Misaki (the main character), Tamayo (her best friend), Kotaro (the boy-next-door type that is friends with our two elementary ladies), and Ohjiro (A high school student who excels at Angelic Layer).  In the manga, Misaki gets with her sweet classmate Kotaro (who REALLY likes her) and Tamayo with Ohjiro, BUT! In the ANIME, they switch partners: Ohjiro confesses his love to our main lady, Misaki, and the tomboy Tamayo reveals she has loved her childhood friend, Kotaro, forever, confusing him, but he DOES pick her (sorry; spoilers!) Both of these couples are TECHINALLY cannon, but I can’t decide which match-up I like the best, SO, that is why, in good faith, I could not put them on the list, BUT! I really do LOVE all four couple possibilities listed here!


  • Chun Hyang and Mong Ryong- The Legend of Chun Hyang
  • All 12 couples in “The One I Love…;” a collection of seven page manga stories, each with a different love topic.
  • Toya and Yukito- Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Kaho and Eriol- Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Yuuko and Clow Reed- Tsubasa Reservior Chronicles
  • Terada-sensei and Rika- Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Chiharu and Yamazaki- Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Shimizu-sensei and Shinbo- Chobits
  • Yuzuki and Minoru- Chobits
  • Yumi and Ueda- Chobits
  • Dita and Zima- Chobits
  • Emeraude and Zagato- Magic Knights: Rayearth
  • Caldina and Lafarga- Magic Knights: Rayearth
  • Lady Aska and Sanyun- Magic Knights: Rayearth
  • Kohaku and Shuichiro- Wish
  • Hisui and Kokuyo- Wish
  • Hinata and Shiro- Suki
  • Kotori and Kamui- X/1999
  • Sorata and Arashi- X/1999
  • Yuzuriha and Kusanagi- X/1999
  • Hana and Chikahito- Gate 7
  • Zashiki-warashi and Watanuki- xxxholic

Pairings I think really SHOULD happen (in order):

  • Umi and Ascot- Magic Knights: Rayearth
  • Mako and Nokaru- Man of Many Faces and CLAMP School Detectives (both in the CLAMP school universe)
  • Primera and Clef- Magic Knights- Rayearth
  • Himawari and Dōmeki- xxxholic
  • Eagle Vision and Geo- Magic Knights- Rayearth
  • Tachibana and Sakura-san- Gate 7



Sun Setting on Summer, but it’s the Dawn of the Black Cat!

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more48Weather: It either is super muggy and over 90 degrees or random rain sprinkles to buckets!

Working on: Finishing Spirit Vision 3 beta reads and second edits, a little writing on other projects, but mostly, getting my classroom and lesson plans for my first teaching job ready! 🙂

Currently Watching: I JUST finished all my animes for the summer, and more! WOOT! ^_^ When I am working on paperwork, I have been watching Animantics on Netflicks.

Currently Reading: “A Thousand Pieces of You,” by Claudia Gray. This one and ONE more to meet my 10 books before August 15th. Happy I made my manga and anime goal this summer. ^_^

Currently Playing: I haven’t touched my Gameboy 3-DS since Cosplacon.  Too busy! >.<  I DID pre-order Pokémon Moon! 🙂

Wallpaper: The girls of School Rumble playing on the beach!

Icon: This is where Romeo and Juliet met in the anime series, Romeo X Juliet. Oh my gosh! It’s so stunning, breathtaking, exciting, and dramatic! I wanted to put this here to celebrate finishing my animes I wanted to this summer, my writing, and my Teen Academy Writers Workshop class.  🙂

Quote: “A Book is a Dream you Hold in Your Hands.”

Yo-yo my amigos! Let’s walk the dog, and go around the world, spreading the joys of friendship, cheese, and Pokémon Go! 🙂  First off, I want to say a very special: Happy 36th Birthday to my older brother, Jon! Thanks for being my shoulders of strength, support, and love.  <3 This picture if from my wedding five years ago. ^o^


 “WWPPP: World of Writing, Publishing, Promotions, and Paper Crane List!” ^-^


#1. July 1st is Indie Pride Day.  This year, I celebrated it for the second year as an author, with amazing people!  I got to have another Girl’s Writing Day with Morgan W and Kate (our sixth one together).  They were such an incredible support for me, posting, tweeting, entering my contests, taking great pictures (including some with Morgan’s adorable puppies)! Kate even WON the giveaway of two FREE e-books and my new latest bookmarks early randomly out of 30+ entries! You go girl! I was able to get over 3,000 (10 pages) finished that I needed to get added to “Spirit Vision 3” before starting second edits/beta reads.  Morgan’s wonderful hubby made us homemade pizza and bread sticks and we got to play random songs each to inspire the group, mostly 90’s and Disney jams, ending in three teachers belting out “Let it Go!” What a fun way for me to spend Indie Writing Day! =D


On top of all of this, I hosted a giveaway, shared my “Spirit Vision 3” YouTube playlists, updated my social medias often, marked down “Spirit Vision 2” to $10 (and that helped with sales and rankings), chatted with other authors celebrating on the Indie Books be Seen page that is in charge of making this gala event, got a new picture of all my current works (with Socks posing, of coarse), and a long post that has excerpts from ALL FOUR of my published works AND snippets from my TWO SOON TO BE RELEASED PROJECTS: “Spirit Vision 3: The Power of Mortals,” and “Code: H & B.”


To check out my blog post for Indie Pride Day, 2016, with all six excerpts, go here, friends! 

#2. “Spirit Vision 3: The Power of Mortals” are now halfway done with their second edits and beta reads! 😀 The front cover is finished and soon, the blurb with its back cover! Other than edits and beta reads to prepare it for formatting then marketing release in late October, I have to write the glossary in the back and my thank you’s and dedication.  Slowly, we are getting closer to the light at the end of the publication tunnel on this overly long road trip.

I got some good work on my project “H & B” after a while away from it, this last week. I would like it to be released in late Spring/early summer 2017. However, I have to write about six more pages (it is almost on 29, single spaced currently), so I can reveal it for Max-Con since one of the co-goers last year won my create a character contest.  ^-^  I have read it a few times, working out simple edits.  I shared it with only six people so far (just reading snippets) and so far, the listeners are getting into it! That is a reassuring sign for me, since this is a different type of work for me than YA paranormal.  =D


#3. About a month ago, I did a full review on Cosplacon 2016, from all the roller coaster crazy and awesome.  Find out about our cosplays, Tabby and Brown’s skit win, how I joined a cosplay group, and much more, with pictures! Thanks for another year, Cosplacon and Rodney! ^_^ Learn all my review of Cosplacon 2016 about it here.

I also filmed the Welcome to Cosplacon panel, Iron Cosplay, Opening Ceremony, Skit Competition, Cosplay Royale, and the Brass Engine Steampunk Shoot-out on my Youtube. 

#4. I have had a lot of epic Top Tens since my last major June update! My 50th Top Ten was to honor a great show: My Top 20 Favorite R.W.B.Y. Characters.  Also, during July, since I am always because with College for Kids, I set-up three Pokémon Top Tens.  This year, I did: Top Ten Favorite Pokémon Types, Top 15 Favorite “Other” Types of Pokémon, AND Top Ten Pokémon that Don’t FEEL Like Pokémon to Me.

#5. In June, I had my friend Katy Runyon as my 28th Aspiring Author Spotlight!  Read her interview and a sample of one of her marvelous fanfictions here! ^_^


#6. For my July Author’s Gold (A.U- Authors Unite) segment, I had the honor of being a book blog tour spot for Mrs. Coral Walker and her latest work, “Children of Swan.”  We were gifted with an interview, a guest post, a giveaway link, an excerpt of her work, and more! It was a grand pleasure! Thank you, Mrs. Walker.

#7. My best author buddy and channel mate, Dan Wright, re-released the first book in his “Trapped in Draconica” series.  He had a very busy and success book blog tour and I sadly did not get a spot although I signed-up! Mr. Popular! >.< So, at the tail end of his tour, he graced us with a excerpt.  It was quite fun!

Last week, Dan re-released the SECOND book in his “Trapped in Draconica” series- ” Legacy of the Dragonkin.”  The covers are GORGOUS! Get a look at the cover, the blurb, and more information on this glorious fantasy series on Dan’s website.

Yesterday was also Dan’s Birthday! Hope it was as jolly and incredible in every way as you, mate! ;D


#8. Dan and I have a Youtube Channel together, Moon Panda Power. Sadly, we have both been exceedingly busy this summer, but we have released on Top Five (with honorable mentions) animes for EACH of us (split into four videos) and, our most recent video, Top 5 Head-Scratchers in Power Rangers (but, that we still love).  <3 You can check them all out on the Moon Panda Power Youtube channel, along with the videos from our “Disney Couples: Reshuffled” competition in March, a Disney song challenge, and voice acting we have done. =) More to come!

#9. We are still on the search for a narrator for “Spirit Vision!” If you are or know anyone who has experience or a talent for voice acting/narration, please contact me at for information. We really want to bring “Spirit Vision” verbally to life so bad.


#10. September 10th and 11th, I will be heading to Max-Con in my town, its and my second year, to be their Author Guest.  ^_^ I am so pumped! I will be doing one or two writing panels, having my colorful, rockin’ table to sell my books and products, sign things, and meet epic peeps, hosting a Pokémon Quiz Show with my special helpers Deadpool, Mrs. Eevee, and Sailor Mars, along with some other friends I am sure, cosplaying for fun, watching the Cosplay contest, and just having a blast! I am really looking forward to it! If you are in the area, come stop by!

#11: I added TWO new links to my “Links” page: one is of aspiring local author, Sherri Lynn Howard, and my cool school counselor from the elementary I worked at last year, Nathan Perkins, who wrote a book of his experiences. ^_^

#12. In addition, I updated my “To Be a Nerdy Otaku,” page with the recent mange and anime I have read/watched over the summer and how I rated them. Sadly, I only had one anime I liked, and I am not that picky or critical! >.<


#13. This is the second year now I have taught my writing workshop class for students going into 7th to 9th grade, held at our MAC campus under Teen Academy.  I had four students in my class this year, three girls and my first boy, and I knew all of them from Farmington middle school!


The format was like last year’s, with creative morning journals and fun writing warm ups, acting out four scenes from plays or books (a children’s version of “Sleepy Hollow,” “The Goose Girl,” my modern version of “Hamlet,” that is published now in “Fallen Star Dust,” and a scene from chapter 11 of “Spirit Vision.”  Yes, we had props, and yes, my students wanted to gender bend for some reason!), touring the library, interviewing me and writing an interview about me, discussing muses of writing in the formats of poems, children’s literature, short stories, fairy tales (and learning the ten most creepy original tellings of them), then Mark Twain and Shakespeare, listening to my stories, notes and discussions on parts of writing/stories, characters, story elements, and genre and publication of course! I really enjoyed on top of all of this when we did our pass the story activity, they made their acrostic poems with their names collage artwork, and our search for the authors around the room games, and our quiz show on Friday for review!


We also nerded out about anime, manga, and other geeky culture.  Oh! AND we wrote, edited, and shared our own works.  They seemed to like to watch me with my beta reads and edits, ha! Plus, we discussed Pokémon Go since I got it the last three days of class.  This was such a goofy and talented group of young people.  I look forward to all the amazingness they will show the world.  Although, they did dance during our bathroom breaks more than I have ever seen of children! >.< I look forward to Writing Workshop at MAC next year as well.


Their favorite things to talk quote that I taught them were:

  • “I received a hurt,” were the final words of the servant in “King Leer,”
  • That Mark Twain was the original, “Oh snap! Did he just say that,” and doesn’t give a d-word about what other people think of him with his white suit.
  • That Washington Irving had some of the best pennames ever with his trickster nature. Our favorite was Diedrich Knickerbocker.


Rewind! Want to read about Cape Comic Con with Deadpool in April, my five year anniversary trip with Derrick, my new job, four book signing events, RWBY movie theater showing, how the Poke Crew celebrated the start of summer with water balloons and more?  Check out my late May/early June MAJOR blog update.

Updates for:

  • Facebook- My Likes are still in the early 200’s, but I have reached a lot more traffic with my random Pokemon fun posts!
  • Pinterest- I am now up to 613 followers! Boo-yah! 😀
  • E-bay- I have sold 7 or 8 mangas this summer through E-bay, which is EPIC!
  • Goodreads- I have updated with the summer books I have read if you want to stay current.
  • Don’t forget to please check-out my Twitter and Youtube as well. ^_^


My “Normal Life:”


=August 10th starts my first official meeting as a Fredericktown black cat! I have been in my classroom three times now. The first time, my dad and I were going to spray paint my metal desk (which is in the basement of the school) purple with silver stars and moons, but it started raining like crazy when we were at the Wal-mart after purchasing paint and looking at shelves I may want for my room.  A stop sign lost a bolt and was spinning! We had to park our cars for a half hour and wait out the storm.  Across the highway from me, I saw a long, bright, pale pink streak of lightning.  The wind was insane! In fact, when I went back home that afternoon, so many trees were down! It took over a week to get it all clear.  We were lucky we did not get any major damage by our place.


So, yeah, dad and I did not get to spray paint my desk, but we got my chairs and tables situated.  He finally gave me a town of the college outreach center he teaches at there.  🙂  It was a very nice building.  I have also been there to put most of my wall items up, organize through the files the last teacher had left behind, met a wonderful teacher at the other elementary building who not only helped me with curriculum and standards, but donated a large stack of books to my classroom and school! ^_^ I also dropped off my supply lists for my classroom (using my budget) to the board office and read over all my handbooks (usually at my house while watching Animantics on Netflicks, ha!).  So, we are getting there! I will have more official images of it once I get my room finished.


I am looking forward to this new adventure, but, I am still admittedly nervous.  I want to do the best I can for these kids and I have not got to work on lesson plans much since the state education standards are changing. Me, being a planner, is exceedingly not thrilled by this! >.<


= This is my seventh year teaching at my local college for their College for Kids program! I only had three classes make, which is a bummer money wise, but it was a little less stressful than the ten I had last year! >.<  I had “Babysitting Basics” and “Percy Jackson 101” the first week and “Pokémon” my second week, first thing, allowing me to do school work after class.


For Babysitting, I had 12 eager students like normal, 11 girls and my first boy in five years.  ^_^ We had a good time.  They especially giggled at how I acted like a temperamental toddler, when they fought like siblings, and, of coarse, playing with our special guests.  We had 9 kids total come in this year, all ages of 11 weeks to 5 years-old, and some siblings, seeing that dynamitic.   Our guests were so darling and we had so much fun and I had five great friends bring them in, explaining how to take care of students so well.


We had a fairly easy time with our business cards *knock on wood*.  Normally, we have a whole bunch of disasters, but this time, most of them got close to saving and finishing it. ^_^


We spiced up our graduation ceremony with the actual formal graduation song playing. Their large smiles when they went to get their official from the college certificates, shaking my hand, posing for a picture, and getting a Hershey’s kiss.  We took two fun group photos afterwards, but I always ask/demand to them that I have to have a hug or high-five before they leave.  Usually, I get 85% hugs and 15% high-fives, but this time, I got 100% hugs! 😀 It made me feel good! They also did an incredible job with CPR and first-aid training!


I also had one of my best and first students, 16 now, come in to tell of her experiences of babysitting and some of the things I taught her. She kept praising me and asking if she could be little again to take my classes again. >.<  I felt so special having her return. This group is going far.


“Percy Jackson’s Mythology 101” was as epic as ever! Anyone who knows me know how obsessed I am with this series and Greek mythology in general! We made four new/updated games this year: one for the hippocampus and Kraken, one Ares, one for Aphrodite and one for Iris (who I ACTUALLY had two female students want to be her daughter, which was cool beans), and they turned out really well. I had two of the students I have had for six years now be my helpers in both classes that week and they helped me immensely getting things prepped for my classes, during class (especially explaining how our beloved Greek lore and games worked. They really liked playing the monsters too on Quest Day, fighting and dying dramatically ^_-), and being good company.

They even gave me a cherry blossom glass pen for when they went to Washington D.C. in April to see them bloom, thinking of me! xD Watching these ladies grow up, telling me I was apart of that, made it hard to say good-bye that Friday (they are now too old to be my students, but they could be my helpers).  I was happy to give them a thank you gift, along with other three fantastic high school helpers (I have taught four of the five for years now. I’m old, but a proud teacher).  And, don’t worry girls; we will TRY not to have another s’more disaster like this year.  *Falls on knees and screams to the sky overdramatically* “Proque?!”

p103 - Copyp242p244






Back to Greeks! The students really had a blast, telling everyone how epic our class was. The younger students watched us sword fight on Tuesday before we left for the day, in awe, as my boss, Ms. Pam, told them, “One day, when you get bigger, you guys can take this class, Percy Jackson’s Mythology, and sword fight.” They were so pumped talking to me later, some even telling me their goal was to take my class and my Pokémon on.  ^_^ Our Quest day was as awesome as usual and we had some pretty neato ideas for weapons.


When we left for the last time that Friday, we thrust our weapons in the air with pride, shouting “Demigods!” with a war-cry glee.  The little guys were in front of us and confused, one asked Ms. Pam, “Why are those kids shouting ‘dipping dots?'”  I lost it later! We also posed and did our yell one more time for the parents outside, some filming it. Hey, Percy gets me pumped in every cell! What can I say! DEMIGODS!


The second week, I taught Pokémon.  I had to update several of the lessons because I had shorter lessons in this class, the most students I have ever had in this class (10), and they are ALWAYS updating Pokémon, so I wanted to be current. Of course, that’s not hard since I sort of live and breath Pocket Monsters, to all who know me. 😉  This group ranged in knowledge and format and had a lot of energy, but man! They were messy! -_-;;  Still, after a chat, we got things surfing nicely again.  I tweaked the format of the Subtraction Dice game I made-up for them to play, like they have their own team of 6, each attach actually measuring close to their in games strength, the 4 roll always an attack that causes a special condition.  This on top of knowing typing strength and weakness adjustments, capturing, and battling rules. It was a tad more complex than I thought, but I modeled a mock battle and capture that first day and they got it quickly, correcting me twice when I made a mistake on accident.  😉  They sure took their time too creating their Pokémon! Coloring perfectionists.


They did like my Pokémon Gotta Dance short, but not as much as most classes in the past (I still adored it).  I was just happy this group knew a good number of the generation one Pokémon thanks to Pokémon Go and season 1 being on Netflix! They also made adorable psyduck and Pikachu hats they really enjoyed showing off.  I did admire how gently and respectfully they treated my original toys from back in 1999 to 2001, like they were treasures to them too. They were so careful looking and touching them and kept thanking me for bringing in these time treasures. This warmed my hearts! So did the fact I had one boy who did the Team Rocket original motto with me in a funny voice, his James to match my Jesse! HA! We trained. We captured. We showed we are the best, like no one ever was!


I look forward to my eighth year of College for Kids in the summer 2017! 😀 I hope I at least made some good memories for these kiddos. <3


=On June 14th, at my public library, I helped ran their first anime hangout for teens! The staff was so nice and it was a blast showing off my Umi cosplay a few days before Cosplacon.  We were expecting maybe 6 or 8 teens, but we had 21! It did my otaku heart an incredible service to start these young people off right in their nerdy path! 😉  We made candy sushi, played/taught others the Pokémon TCG (I even taught a junior and senior in high school.  I also passed out flyers for my event in June and three of my boys came from the anime night with their families). The boys playing Pokémon kept calling me sensei and thought it was funny I was sarcastic. 😉 One was bound to battle me, even betting his friend he would if he won their match, the winner got to battle me. I love how I wasn’t consulted about this. Well, I did beat that kid…in three turns, with two Girafarigs.  HA! They awoke the champ and tasted my psychic blasts! 😉 We also were playing “Spirited Away,” showing off the new manga, drawing books, and anime movies the library got this summer along with the drawing manga books and manga I had for them to borrow.  Some students drew and I got some fan art and fun pictures.  It was a fantastic, outreach event and I know the library is interested in doing it again! I had several people my age or even older wanting one of these FOR ADULTS with lots of cosplay! HA! =D Here’s hoping!


= Mom took Miles and I to a drive-in movie.  I sadly was not feeling well due to my hernia and it was raining, but I was able to see Tim Burton’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass.”  It was much better than I thought it would be! Civil War was after that, but I was so tired, so I fell asleep in the back of the SUV while that one was playing.  Miles really loved it though.  We did not get home until after midnight! Still, the drive-in is always a summer treat for me. ^_^


Derrick and I have seen three movies so far this summer: “Finding Dory,” “Ice Age 5,” and “Central Intelligence.”  I got sick at the end of Finding Dory, so I missed the last ten minutes, but it was cute.  Not really usual Pixar gold in my mind.  It was fast moving in the start, but then it got dull and the humor was sort of flat.  So, not my favorite Pixar film, but Ellen is still grand.  Ice Age 5 was predictable, but still cute.  They have a good formula for those films.  Derrick laughed at one point so loud he had to cover his mouth for several breathes! Our favorite, BY FAR, was “Central Intelligence,” with Kevin Hart and The Rock! Surely rated R, but it was action packed humor and seeing the Rock as THE DORK was a riot! We have dubbed we are going to buy it the DAY it comes out! That’s rare for us.  We were rolling the whole time in our seats! So good!

I really wanted to see “B.F.G,” but it never came to my town. 🙁  I thought that “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” looked funny, but I think I mostly want to see it for I love Zac Efron! I’m SO bummed “Me Before You,” never came to my town either! GRRR! I know Derrick, my brother, and dad will die to see the new “Star Trek” film, and I will be taking him to the remake of “Pete’s Dragon,” since that was one of his favorite films as a boy. ^_^


=Country Days, my town’s annual summer fair, was the first weekend in June. We went with our besties, Evan, Brown, and Tabby.  Derrick and I had some good potato twisters with cheese and Evan got to eat beef for the last time in a while (I will explain that below).  There sadly were no rides we wanted to get on, but there were a lot of games! Derrick and Evan won me a silver, deformed tiger plush, a red star balloon that I still have, a blue bear, and a blue hedgehog.  The games were great (and pricey).  It is always wonderful to be with my friends and see others from my town in a fun way.  The highlight, however, was when Evan played the Win a Fish game. The goal is to buy so many Ping-Pong balls and if one gets inside an empty fish bowl in the middle, it earns you a fish.  Evan and Derrick got 50 each (they always like to compete at this game). Evan asked the young worker if there were any rules for how to throw the balls. She said no and barely turned her back before he threw the WHOLE CONTAINER OF THEM AT ONCE! o.0  The worker ducked, her eyes alarmed, as the older one by the fish tank sighed. But, Evan won 4 fish that way! HA! =D Tabby got them for her fish tank! It was the best!

= I have had a few doctor’s appointments in May and June.  I had to have a HIDA and ultrasound to check my gallbladder.  The results were mostly on the normal range.  I still need to have an official conference with the specialist about it, but that was good to hear. Although, I was there for three hours, for two having to have them inject radioactive dye into my veins and I had to lay still for 65 minutes, only able to barely move my head and feet. And the bed was super thin, so I had to good place for my arms! >.< I tried to fall asleep a few times, but every time I was almost there, they would open the metal door to check on me. *sighs*


On the next day, June 23rd, I had my first experience of going under, a scope, again, to check for anything abnormal in my hernia or digestive track. I was really nervous and hated how much I had to pay upfront, but the staff was super kind (one of them a classmate I have known since Intermediate school).  Derrick and dad were good, waiting in the lobby for me and mom and grandma kept checking on me once I got home. I know when they finally rolled me back and prepped me, I giggled my nerves as they put the mask on me.  I rolled on my side like told, and then, someone was shaking my shoulder lightly! That’s all I recall! 0.o I did feel very refreshed afterwards and downed some apple juice. I did dream though, of Pokémon battles, in the style of the handheld games! HA! Again, my results were good/normal. I DO, however, thanks to blood work, have a blood condition that means I am prone to blood clots, BUT, from my mom, I also have a rare for girls bleeding disorder meaning it is very hard for me to clot at times! >.<  My blood is so confused…or bipolar… -_-;;


So, Evan! Evan had to have his gallbladder out a few weeks before all my testing.  He has had issues with is for a while, but he randomly had gallstones at work and he almost passed out from pain! Luckily, he works at the front desk of the ER.  He had it taken out the next week.  I came and waited for him with his parents and grandma.  I know he was really queasy after he woke up and super hot. My hands were icy from the chilly hallway.  He grabbed them and put them on his face, sighing in relief and then yanking me downward to get in the bed with him! HA! You can tell we have been best friends for too long because his parents did not bat an eye. I got him a large sea turtle plushie at the gift shop to make him feel better, because he likes Crush from “Finding Nemo.” Derrick and I checked on him at his house two days later and hung out with him a while.  After my scope, he did get me a hamburger telephone like our beloved movie, Juno! =D Bestie achievement unlocked!


= Our June Pokémon Event was a blast! We had a really good turn-out, lots of new friends mixed with our regulars, and all in different ages! We also got to welcome a new Poke Crew member: Mr. Anthony.  Anthony and his oldest son have been coming to our events for a while and we were co-workers for two years at FMS.  He’s a cool guy and it was intense match, but his Dragonite half art had a special ability that gave him the win he totally earned! I love how glorious my battles are! ^_^ He was pumped that he won and wore his lucky crown the rest of the event. He has now joined our ranks as an official Poke Crew member! =)


August 13th will be our big end of summer event: “The Professors are Taking you Back to School Event!” We are all dressing up as Pokémon Professors or looking super smart sharp, named after trees to keep with the professor theme. 😉 Julie is making her famous peanut pies and chocolate chip cookies for treats.  We will have random quiz questions that the Crew has to ask their opponents when I honk my horn and the trainer who gets the most points gets a prize. We will have some raffles, one being a homemade Pokémon plushie by our own Annihilator, and Julie is making an epic poster of all the in-game professors!  The Crew will be hanging out afterwards. We will need it! 😉


=On July 3rd, Tabby, Alesha, Derrick, Nathan C (Fabio), later Evan, and I all went to my in-laws (Derrick and Nathan’s parents) to have another great BBQ, this time for Fourth of July, drown the heat out with ridged ruffles and ranch dip before the meat was served! We played a new card game that Brown (who had to work all night at his new job) bought, a game like Cards Against Humanity, but made from the beloved Rooster Teeth (the creators of R.W.B.Y), so, yeah, it is 18+ in content.  You point is that one person is the judge and all the topics start with, “For a million dollars, ____________, but ____________ happens.”  Such as, For a million dollars, every time I hear a horn honk, I have to pee my pants in public.” The judge picks which one is the WORST, the one they FOR SURE would never do for a million dollars. That person wins.  From there, the person with either three or five wins is the winner. It was really fun! ^_^

We also, between Derrick and Nathan C, had lots of fireworks (Derrick and I went shopping for fountains and large sparklers and such.  I also got a large sky lantern that ascended forever).  We only had one small fountain fall over and zig sparks in different directions, one above us and one by the tree. Tabby grabbed me by instinct to calm me down. I’m such a whip! Nothing was hurt. Evan and I were goofing with his umbrella too since it rained a lot before we went out when it was dusk.  It is always fun to spend the fourth with family and our friends! I hope we can keep this tradition forever. ^_^


=So, you know people will do anything for their best friends, no matter how insane? Well, I got to have one of those experiences a few Saturdays ago.  My buddy Andrew AKA Deadpool (he is also the inspiration for the character Drew, in “Spirit Vision 2: New Beginnings.”), called me up while I was teaching at College for Kids. I called him back later and I thought he wanted to go shopping. He really loves to bring out his Deadpool character with random props that make people laugh, such as my pink cupcake apron, a tutu, a suit and cane, and such.  I was able to go help a bit Saturday, his day off. Well, I went to his apartment and asked how I could help as we munched on D.Q.  He informed me that he didn’t need me to help him shop, like I first thought (although he did want to borrow some props still). No, he wanted to help me get the fuzzies out of his Deadpool costume and since is it is made of an pricey print material, there was only one way to do it…

I had to catch my friend on fire! 0.o


NO. JOKE! So, for 40 minutes, I had to take those portable fire starters that I use to light candles with at church, make sure the blue part of the flake hits the material (which is hard to do), do it is swift motions, and wait 2 long seconds before brushing it off.  We got a good chuck of the fuzzies off, considering how many stunts Andrew has done in that costume for his fans! Not a way I ever would have spent a few hours with my pal! >.< But, it went decently, except for one thing…

When Andrew had to get the fuzzies off of the…between the legs region of his costumes, I had to sit super close to him, let him put his long legs on mine for a footstool as I turned away so he could do his business.  I was odd to say the least, but then, I heard a blood curling scream.  I panicked, thinking he burned a very sensitive spot, but instead, I was graced with a hole the size of a dime or so between his legs. Yes, my buddy BURNT his crotch! Luckily, it was only the material, but he burnt even the thread attached to it away.  We just stared at each other, not sure to laugh or pass out from the weirdness!


Well, we had to call Tabby to see if she could mend it on top of asking if she could sew a lose button and had red markers to cover up a white stain under the nostril part of his Deadpool mask.  That was the hardest message I ever tried to leave on a voicemail because I was trying to stay calm and casual, but between me catching my breath awkwardly and Andrew screaming, “I burnt my crotch!” in an array of humorous voices, I was winning the gold medal in failing. While we waited for Tabby, we watched Animatics on Netflix, Andrew now getting me back into it and discussed Pokémon Go. Tabby was able to fix everything and we even went to my place for a bit so he could try on some of my attire to help with his host character for the Pokémon Quiz Show for Max-Con.  What. A. Day! xD


=My mother-in-law Jolleen was fantastic and got me a new phone last week, an I-Phone 6, with a pink Lifeproof case. We now have unlimited data too.  I was so grateful! They were also having a sale on a mini 8 inch tablet, so Derrick got us one, saying he’s always wanted one, but it was ours to share so I could do edits on them.  I have three times so far and it’s pretty nifty noodles and handy since we have to share my desktop.  She also took us out to a super yummy LATE lunch at Applebees across the parking lot. I am so lucky!

I do have Pokémon Go now since this phone could allow me to update apps (long story).  I am now on level 11, have walked 42.9 where I leave it on to track me, hatched 15 eggs, and have 53 Pokémon so far, all of this in 11 days.  Not horrible, I guess, but I also do not want to be obsessed with it. There are two Pokestops and a gym not too far from us. My students and random people who see my Pokémon purse from Cosplacon now think I am the bee’s knees because of Pokémon Go, just coming up to give my tips and shoot the Tatros about it. My mom wants to get into it for walking and my writing girls and I want to have a Pokémon Go Walk soon (we are all different teams and all only chose them because our husbands were threatening us, lol!) It is fun and I cannot wait for more updates AND SUN AND MOON! THE TRAILERS! So much is going down that I brain cannot process! >.<

I left my Team banner below for Pokémon Go. 😉


=I got to hang out with my good friends Yessenia, Joe, and their baby Joey, Yessenia awesome giving me some cute clothes she didn’t want anymore. Joey is SO precious! I taught him how give a raspberries by doing it over and over in his face and making him giggle between them with faces. Yessenia said she tried to get him to do that for two months! HA! Also, our organist at church (which is a Poke Stop and proud of it, ha! How I love thee!), her wonderful husband, and their four kiddos treated me to dinner at Colton’s two Sundays ago.  I was so blessed and it was wonderful to be surrounded by kind friends and three amazing little ones and a darling, sleepy baby. ^_^ They kept calling it “The Peanut Place” and wanted noodles.  I may have been kissed twice on my forearm…and had my hand licked a few times. Oh, precious children! ^_^


 I got to hang out with mom and Miles a few times too this summer. Once, we went antiquing and mom bought me basically a three week wardrobe for school and two stuffed animals for my classroom all at Goodwill. We had such a good time, going to Pasta House afterwards before she had to take a nap for an extra work shift that night. I got to be with my wonderful grandma too last Sunday. We listened to some recordings of me, Miles, and baby Colton growing up (I was eight) and I was acting like I was a little book worm, saying there were 30 letters in the Russian language (I was in an Anastasia/Russian high that year thanks to the Anastasia animated film. Actually, it’s never gone away…) and singing four songs about the planets that were for my second grade concert. I even recalled the chorus to one of them as we listened. Derrick found it all assuming while playing with Gerogie, my mom’s hyper dog. Next time, Grandma wants to show me a VHS tape of me in PRE-SCHOOL! Oh boy…

I DO get to see Ms. Mahan this coming Sunday. We are going to lunch at Pizza Hut so I can tell her all about my new job. I hope to see some other co-workers soon after school starts.  OH! I also had another sewing day on my cosplay with Tabby in late May. I just have to get some final details done for my first homemade cosplay and then I’m done. It does NOT look good by any means, but at least the materials were cute and I learned a lot from Tabby-sensei. It was a lot of hard work!


Socks is also doing well! She’s been sleeping by my side of the bed for a while now, against my Sunday school bag and clipboard. I read cats who like to sleep by their masters really love them. =^_^= I can’t believe she’s two now. She’s as adorable and playful as ever, but can be a stinker. I did find her toy mouse in her food one day and she did scratch my arm badly another time this last week because she had a random freak-out. But, other than that, she’s my baby girl and I love her so much! We’d be lost without her and everyone else thinks she’s so darling. I also know plushie Socks is ready to get her claws to be in her new Black cat classroom! 😉

Well peeps, it’s time to sign off. Next update will be about the start of my school year, Derrick’s birthday, Max-Con 2016, and “Spirit Vision 3.” And cheese! I have to include the cheese! 😀 Jump in a pool of ranch dip, hatch those Pokémon eggs, and give summer a high-five! Ado!