Top Ten Disney Princes (Top Ten #70) (Valentine’s) AND Small Updates

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Hello everyone! Awww, Valentine’s Day.  A day of romance, exchanges of sweet nothings, stocking the one that makes your heart race and palms sweat from afar, and the day dentist eagerly await as the start of their busy season! I have my fifth Valentine’s Day themed top ten ready for you, but I do have one QUICK announcement: Two wonderful … Read More

Disney Couples: Reshuffled- FINAL TWO SHOWDOWN!

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It’s here! Many lovely couples have been split apart and pitted against each other to prove their new, randomized love. But, I personally have learned of some couples I would support if all Disney worlds were connected, maybe fanfiction/OTP worthy! And I always love to learn more Disney facts; they are worth more than all the gold on Treasure Island. … Read More

March Disney Villain Madness Round #1- Cruella De Ville

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March Disney Villain Madness! Who is the greatest Disney villain of all time? That’s what Dan Wright and I have set out to find out!Dan and I have put together our own little team of badass Disney villains and will challenge each other beginning the 1st March. With so many great villains to choose from, we could only choose ten between us … Read More