Aspiring Author Spotlight- A.J. Blanton (October 2016) (A.A.S. #29) AND “Spirit Vision 3” Release!

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Happy Almost Halloween/my Birthday, minna-san! 😀 Once again, I apologize for my lack of massive updates since school started up, but it is just that: my first official teaching job (and all the paperwork, meetings, and prep it takes on top of being in the classroom) on top of running an after school anime club at the high school, on … Read More

Happy 2014!!!

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Weather: Nice for winter Working on: Updating my website Currently Listening to: “Pokémon University” by Random Encounter Currently Watching: The whole part 1 of “R.W.B.Y.” that my brother loves Currently Playing: I JUST beat the Elite Four and Champion of Pokémon X and had over 25 hours of game play! I may play a tad longer to see the after … Read More