Top Ten “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” Characters (Top Ten #58)

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Christmas is one of my favorite times of year.  I love buying the right gift for those I love and seeing their eyes light up, taking the time to think of only them (I like UNWRAPPING gifts as well too).  I sing Christmas songs at concerts and church, celebrate my parents’ birthdays, watch tons of Christmas specials, have family get-togethers.  … Read More

The Wonderful World of Snow (NOT), Shopping, and Sanity Loss!

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Weather: Really rainy (my state is actually in a state of emergency right now due to all the flooding…) and only in the 40’s and 50’s, which is strange for Missouri in winter! Working on: Sunday school lesson plans, mentally making plans for what I need to do, work wise, my last week of break/enjoy it. Currently Listening to: My … Read More

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Review

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Picture back to 2003. A young, shy girl in the awkward social, physical, and emotional transition time between child and adult at age fourteen, hiding her still burning love for Pokémon, the popular trend over two years earlier that the cliques got out of.  Announcement came of a third generation and this timid lass (or aroma lady) was interested, just … Read More

2015 on the scene

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Weather: Nice, 45 degrees for January Working on:  Spirit Vision 3 pre-submission read-through, updating my website, school work, waking up… Currently Listening to: Tightrope and Mustang Sally from season 6 episodes of Glee. Currently Watching: The last thing I watched was episode 16 of “Special A” the dubbed anime. Currently Reading: Shadow Kissed (Vampire Academy #3) graphic novel Wallpaper: A … Read More

Tis the season of…Socks?! 0.o

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Weather: Temperature is dropping and my students want snow…*sighs* I just want this week over with! WINTER BREAK! Working on: Updating my website and freaking out to get my work done. Currently Listening to: 2014 Youtube Rewind…so catchy! Currently Watching: The Little Couple. <3 Currently Playing: Played the new Super Smash Brothers two weeks ago for the 3DS.  The controls take … Read More