Top Ten CLAMP Couples (Top Ten #54)

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CLAMP is so near to my heart and it embedded itself into my cells, flows through my veins, and allows my soul to speak.  My first manga was Cardcaptor Sakura and their manga-ka? CLAMP.  I have never looked back, willingly going the rabbit hole into their Wonderland of deep thinking stories, stunning artwork/costume design, endearing characters, and cultural references. They are … Read More

Top Ten Younger Characters in Anime (Top Ten #22)

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Top Ten Younger Characters in Anime (Age 13 and under): Sōsuke and Ponyo (Ponyo) Sumomo (Chobits) Kiki and Tombo (Kiki’s Delivery Service) Sugar, Salt, and Pepper (Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar) Utako (CLAMP school detectives and Man of Many Faces) Nagisa Azuya (CLAMP school detectives) Asmaria (Chrono Crusade) Kisa (Fruits Basket) Hatoko (Angelic Layer) AND Anju (Chibi Vampire/Karin) Sealand (Hetalia)