May the End of School, Book Signings, Cosplay, Sewing, and Anniversary Be With You!

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Weather: Raining and thundering like crazy off and on all day Working on: HA! Where to begin…? Odds and ends for around the house cleaning, organizing school stuff, and bills, final school work, edits for my Spirit Vision 3 bonus feature, updating my website, a little con planning, and, oh yeah! Recalling it’s summer! LOL! Currently Watching: Derrick and I just are halfway through … Read More

Max-Con 2015 AND Anime Getaway 2015 Mini Blogs and Reviews

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TO SEE ALL MY VIDOES FROM MAX-CON 2015 AND ANIME GETAWAY 2015, GO TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE: Max-Con 2015 As a writer, we have two jobs: writing our works and advertising it. Social media, interviews, promotions, word of mouth…In our modern, technology run era, the outlets and outreaches are endless. However, there is one method that stands the test … Read More

Ice, Ice, Baby

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Weather: SLICK AS GLASS!!! >.< Working on: Updating my website, listening to Youtube videos, eating pizza Currently Listening to: Youtube Currently Watching: Girl’s High was the last thing I watched on T.V. Currently Playing: I’m 16 hours on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. It’s fun! ^.^ Currently Reading: Just finished Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George and will … Read More

Top 10 Cosplays I still want to do (Top Ten #11)

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#1. Tohru Honda (school uniform) for Fruits Basket AND/OR Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura (either winter school uniform with her teddy bear or a few different battle outfits from the series) #2. Ginger from Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar #2. Angel Lily from Wedding Peach (battle outfit) #3. Chii from Chobits (too MANY different outfits here) #4. Mew Mew Berry from Tokyo … Read More