May the End of School, Book Signings, Cosplay, Sewing, and Anniversary Be With You!

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Weather: Raining and thundering like crazy off and on all day Working on: HA! Where to begin…? Odds and ends for around the house cleaning, organizing school stuff, and bills, final school work, edits for my Spirit Vision 3 bonus feature, updating my website, a little con planning, and, oh yeah! Recalling it’s summer! LOL! Currently Watching: Derrick and I just are halfway through … Read More

New Jobs and a Start to Sizzling September!

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Weather: SUPER hot and humid, in the 90’s, for 2 weeks now. :(- I got caught in a bad, random thunderstorm while walking a few weeks ago! o.0 Saw lightning in front of me and I was two blocks away! Scary! Working on: Lesson plans for all three of my teaching positions, some writing projects, and updating the website. Currently Listening to: My I-Tunes. … Read More

Spirit Vision 2 Title, Blurb, Cover, AND Release Date!

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Weather: A little hot, but not overly bad Working on: Updating my website, finishing up work, and getting ready to hang out with my friends. Currently Listening to: Harry Potter Puppet Pals channel Currently Watching: About to watch Juno with my best friend Evan and the hubby and YEAY, NEW Once Upon a Time tonight! FROZEN! Currently Playing: Stuck on Pokémon … Read More