Aspiring Author Spotlight- A.J. Blanton (October 2016) (A.A.S. #29) AND “Spirit Vision 3” Release!

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Happy Almost Halloween/my Birthday, minna-san! 😀 Once again, I apologize for my lack of massive updates since school started up, but it is just that: my first official teaching job (and all the paperwork, meetings, and prep it takes on top of being in the classroom) on top of running an after school anime club at the high school, on … Read More

The Birth of a new Youtube Channel, Eevee chases, Mummy Wrapping, and Vic fangirling!

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Weather: Rainy and a tad nippy, but I enjoy the cool weather. ^_^ Working on: Updates, lesson plans for library, Nanowrimo, and how I am going to celebrate my birthday this weekend. Currently Listening to: “When it Falls,” the opening for the third season of R.W.B.Y., by Rooster Teeth Currently Watching: I watched Vic Mignona’s concert DVD last weekend with … Read More

Happy “Off my parents’ insurance” Birthday to me! 0.o

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Weather: Cold! Working on: Updating my website and freaking out to get my work done. Currently Listening to: Lipstick by Orange Caramel Currently Watching: I’ve been watching different animes when I have time. Currently Playing: Stuck on Pokémon Trozei still, BUT I did get the new 3DS Smash Brothers! Woot! 😀  Will play it soon.  ONLY 2.5 weeks until POKEMON ALPHA … Read More

Top Ten Favorite Vampire book series (Top Ten #27)

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#1. Vampire Academy #2. Bloodlines #3. Twilight #4. House of Night #5. The Blood Coven #6. The Night World #7. Vampire Diaries #8. Vampire Kisses #9. Jessica’s Dark Side #. Millennium Snow, Vampire Cheerleaders, Fallen Vampire, Bloody Kiss, Dracula Everlasting *I don’t really have 10 series yet I like for vampires (although I do have other individual books OR ones … Read More

Book Edits are FINISHED!!! :D

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Weather: Chilly Working on: Updating my website, doing laundry, and book stuff Websites up: Mine and Youtube Eating/Drinking: Noodles and now having iced tea Wearing: Black workout pants and a white long sleeve shirt Currently Listening to: Run, Joey Run by the Glee cast (I love you Cory!) Currently Watching: Storage Wars Currently Playing: “Pokémon Platinum” and am almost 26 … Read More