The Birth of a new Youtube Channel, Eevee chases, Mummy Wrapping, and Vic fangirling!

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Weather: Rainy and a tad nippy, but I enjoy the cool weather. ^_^ Working on: Updates, lesson plans for library, Nanowrimo, and how I am going to celebrate my birthday this weekend. Currently Listening to: “When it Falls,” the opening for the third season of R.W.B.Y., by Rooster Teeth Currently Watching: I watched Vic Mignona’s concert DVD last weekend with … Read More

Happy “Off my parents’ insurance” Birthday to me! 0.o

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Weather: Cold! Working on: Updating my website and freaking out to get my work done. Currently Listening to: Lipstick by Orange Caramel Currently Watching: I’ve been watching different animes when I have time. Currently Playing: Stuck on Pokémon Trozei still, BUT I did get the new 3DS Smash Brothers! Woot! 😀  Will play it soon.  ONLY 2.5 weeks until POKEMON ALPHA … Read More

Spirit Vision 2 Title, Blurb, Cover, AND Release Date!

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Weather: A little hot, but not overly bad Working on: Updating my website, finishing up work, and getting ready to hang out with my friends. Currently Listening to: Harry Potter Puppet Pals channel Currently Watching: About to watch Juno with my best friend Evan and the hubby and YEAY, NEW Once Upon a Time tonight! FROZEN! Currently Playing: Stuck on Pokémon … Read More