Sun Setting on Summer, but it’s the Dawn of the Black Cat!

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Weather: It either is super muggy and over 90 degrees or random rain sprinkles to buckets! Working on: Finishing Spirit Vision 3 beta reads and second edits, a little writing on other projects, but mostly, getting my classroom and lesson plans for my first teaching job ready! 🙂 Currently Watching: I JUST finished all my animes for the summer, and more! WOOT! ^_^ … Read More

Let the Literacy Angels Sing!

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Weather: I’m guessing hot since it was so hot at this time yesterday… Working on: Updating my website and making to-do list for today. Currently Listening to: Disney After Ever After 2 by Paint on Youtube. Again, like the first one, 16+!!! It’ll ruin your childhood, but I can’t help laughing! It’s really been pumping my writing juices all weekend … Read More