Onward to Battle with…Wrapping Paper Rolls?

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Weather: Either summer, sweaty hot or raining for over a week now. Working on: Have had a headache all weekend, so taking thing slow with updating. Currently Listening to: “Confessions of an Ex Disney Employee!” SO FUNNY! Some content is mature, but the Disney ones are GREAT! Currently Watching: I saw “Pixel” today with Derrick, Fabio, Tabby, and Rome and … Read More

Where in the World is my Summer Sanity?

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Weather: Been cloudy and spitting rain for days, but the sun is slowly starting to peek out. 🙂 Working on: A bonus feature for the upcoming “Spirit Vision 3: The Power of Mortals,” Pokémon June event planning, summer fun to-do list, website updating, and “Spirit Vision 4” outlining. Currently Listening to: Will and Grave bloopers or my favorite Pokémon Youtubers … Read More

Top Ten Teams/Clubs I wish was apart of (Top Ten #33)

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I may not be sporty, but I have team spirit! WOOT! =D Poms-poms and a ready attitude are all ready for this March madness month! Here is what teams or clubs I would celebrate with: Power Rangers Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon) Elite Four (Pokemon) Teen Titans X-men Team Avatar (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Team Cullen (Twilight) Keyblade Masters Guild (Kingdom … Read More

Hear those May bells chime!

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Weather: Cloudy, a slight chill, but nice April weather overall Working on: Final touches and one more chapter of “Spirit Vision book 3” and some final documentation for school before the MAP test for the next 2 weeks. 🙁 Currently Listening to: “I’m not an easy girl” by Lizzy Currently Watching: “Your Lie in April.” Mr. Comnick finished with it and … Read More

Spring Break is in Bloom!

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Weather: Lovely 75, so really pretty/starting to get a little hot. The tress began bursting into bloom! YEAY! =D I love the pink petals and smell of the white apple blossoms! <3 Working on:  It’s spring break, so I am catching up on errands, writing, little, important work items, relaxing, and seeing friends and family. Currently Listening to: Been Watching … Read More

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Review

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Picture back to 2003. A young, shy girl in the awkward social, physical, and emotional transition time between child and adult at age fourteen, hiding her still burning love for Pokémon, the popular trend over two years earlier that the cliques got out of.  Announcement came of a third generation and this timid lass (or aroma lady) was interested, just … Read More