New Jobs and a Start to Sizzling September!

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Weather: SUPER hot and humid, in the 90’s, for 2 weeks now. :(- I got caught in a bad, random thunderstorm while walking a few weeks ago! o.0 Saw lightning in front of me and I was two blocks away! Scary! Working on: Lesson plans for all three of my teaching positions, some writing projects, and updating the website. Currently Listening to: My I-Tunes. … Read More

Onward to Battle with…Wrapping Paper Rolls?

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Weather: Either summer, sweaty hot or raining for over a week now. Working on: Have had a headache all weekend, so taking thing slow with updating. Currently Listening to: “Confessions of an Ex Disney Employee!” SO FUNNY! Some content is mature, but the Disney ones are GREAT! Currently Watching: I saw “Pixel” today with Derrick, Fabio, Tabby, and Rome and … Read More

Where in the World is my Summer Sanity?

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Weather: Been cloudy and spitting rain for days, but the sun is slowly starting to peek out. 🙂 Working on: A bonus feature for the upcoming “Spirit Vision 3: The Power of Mortals,” Pokémon June event planning, summer fun to-do list, website updating, and “Spirit Vision 4” outlining. Currently Listening to: Will and Grave bloopers or my favorite Pokémon Youtubers … Read More

Top Ten Teams/Clubs I wish was apart of (Top Ten #33)

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I may not be sporty, but I have team spirit! WOOT! =D Poms-poms and a ready attitude are all ready for this March madness month! Here is what teams or clubs I would celebrate with: Power Rangers Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon) Elite Four (Pokemon) Teen Titans X-men Team Avatar (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Team Cullen (Twilight) Keyblade Masters Guild (Kingdom … Read More

Hear those May bells chime!

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Weather: Cloudy, a slight chill, but nice April weather overall Working on: Final touches and one more chapter of “Spirit Vision book 3” and some final documentation for school before the MAP test for the next 2 weeks. 🙁 Currently Listening to: “I’m not an easy girl” by Lizzy Currently Watching: “Your Lie in April.” Mr. Comnick finished with it and … Read More

Spring Break is in Bloom!

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Weather: Lovely 75, so really pretty/starting to get a little hot. The tress began bursting into bloom! YEAY! =D I love the pink petals and smell of the white apple blossoms! <3 Working on:  It’s spring break, so I am catching up on errands, writing, little, important work items, relaxing, and seeing friends and family. Currently Listening to: Been Watching … Read More