A College Con, Test, and Springtime Beginnings

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Weather: Starting to get to be nice and springy with the flower tree budding. Although, we did have snow on Palm Sunday…AGAIN! Silly Missouri! Working on: Getting better (been really sick for two weeks:super sore throat and ears, arm pain, chest pain, stomach pain. Went to the ER last week. They ruled out blood clot and heart, but I still have tests … Read More

Top Ten Teams/Clubs I wish was apart of (Top Ten #33)

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I may not be sporty, but I have team spirit! WOOT! =D Poms-poms and a ready attitude are all ready for this March madness month! Here is what teams or clubs I would celebrate with: Power Rangers Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon) Elite Four (Pokemon) Teen Titans X-men Team Avatar (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Team Cullen (Twilight) Keyblade Masters Guild (Kingdom … Read More

Let the Literacy Angels Sing!

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Weather: I’m guessing hot since it was so hot at this time yesterday… Working on: Updating my website and making to-do list for today. Currently Listening to: Disney After Ever After 2 by Paint on Youtube. Again, like the first one, 16+!!! It’ll ruin your childhood, but I can’t help laughing! It’s really been pumping my writing juices all weekend … Read More

Top Ten Fictional Weapons/Abilities I’d Want (Top Ten #23)

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#1. Psychic powers/mutant abilities (Sabrina from Pokémon, Professor X, Jean Gray from X-Men, Shadow Cat from X-Men) #2. Magic Wand (Sakura’s from Cardcaptor Sakura or any of Sailor Moon’s, although SuperS is my favorite) #3. Sword (The sword card from Cardcaptor Sakura) OR a Keyblade (I did a top ten JUST on these things!) #4. Bow and arrow (Kim, the Pink … Read More