The Wonderful World of Snow (NOT), Shopping, and Sanity Loss!

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Weather: Really rainy (my state is actually in a state of emergency right now due to all the flooding…) and only in the 40’s and 50’s, which is strange for Missouri in winter! Working on: Sunday school lesson plans, mentally making plans for what I need to do, work wise, my last week of break/enjoy it. Currently Listening to: My … Read More

Tis the season of…Socks?! 0.o

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Weather: Temperature is dropping and my students want snow…*sighs* I just want this week over with! WINTER BREAK! Working on: Updating my website and freaking out to get my work done. Currently Listening to: 2014 Youtube Rewind…so catchy! Currently Watching: The Little Couple. <3 Currently Playing: Played the new Super Smash Brothers two weeks ago for the 3DS.  The controls take … Read More