A New Library, Hugs, and Journey

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Weather: It snowed SUPER heavy on Valentine’s Day, but it is starting to melt. We had a snow day last Tuesday and Thursday, because it would snow real bad, then melt to go to school…then snow again, the melt! 0.o Off for President’s Day right now! It’s insane! Working on: Dan Wright and I’s latest event, filling out job applications, lesson plans … Read More

Top Ten Video Game series/genres (childhood and current combined) (Top Ten #38)

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Game. On! Pokemon (Main series and side games) Kingdom Hearts (Main series and side games) Sonic the Hedgehog (The Gamecube games are my favorite though) Yu-gi-oh handheld games (playing the card game) Mario sports games/Mario party/Mario Cart/Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games Search and Finds (such as I-Spy) Bejeweled and games like it Soul Caliber/InuYasha- A Federal Fairy Tale … Read More