A New Library, Hugs, and Journey

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Weather: It snowed SUPER heavy on Valentine’s Day, but it is starting to melt. We had a snow day last Tuesday and Thursday, because it would snow real bad, then melt to go to school…then snow again, the melt! 0.o Off for President’s Day right now! It’s insane! Working on: Dan Wright and I’s latest event, filling out job applications, lesson plans … Read More

50 Shades of Snow, Chocolate, and Disney Villains!

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Weather: Cold. There is 7 inches of fluffy, soft snow on the ground (NO ICE thank gosh!) Had snow days on ALL. WEEK. (off Monday for Presidents Day. MAN!) Working on:  Chores, cleaning, March blog project with a friend, updating my website Currently Listening to: Good Enough from the first episode of Empire. Never seen the show, but I heard this song … Read More

Love, Chocolate, and Bear Dogs?! 0.o

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Weather: Nice…FINALLY! Working on: Updating my website, trying not to fall asleep Currently Listening to: My Sailor Moon clock ticking Currently Watching: The Muppets Movie. SO EXCITED for the next one next month! Currently Playing: I’m 22 hours on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. I haven’t touched it in two weeks though; been busy, but it’s getting really intense! … Read More