Where my Books are Sold (in stores):

  • Gamer’s Bazaar– Local trading card shop and awesome place. They’re selling my book.
  • Villainous Grounds- Café/comic book shop/nerd haven with a rad atmosphere and staff. They sell my books.
  • AM Trading Co.- A St. Louis Comic book shop that sells some of my books. Wonderful staff.
  • Books Galore– A local bookstore where my book is sold. Has everything you could need! Super amazing place!
  • Books are Better- A hidden gem in the town my school is in. Kind people, so supportive. Lovely place.
  • Aesop’s Treasury- Good friends who have all the used books, tabletop, and charm in one store you could ask for.

Local Flair:

Non-Author Buddies:

Author/Artist Links and Friends:

  • Holly Atkinson- Professional Free Lance Editor at Evil Eye Editing
  • Josh Barbeau- Author of the Hollow Harbor comic series: “Tyrants,” a work of power and politics.
  • Holly Barbo– Author of Paper Crane Books; Soft Science Fiction
    Lady Danielle Bienvenus– Well-known author with 14+ books, dancer, singer, and photographer
    Kathy Clark– YA Time Travel and Mystery Author
    Dan Coglan-Samurai, Anime ConStar, Writer, Awesome Guy!
  • Kayla Dann- A local, self-published author of the gripping work, “Things Among Thorns.”
    Michelle Franklin– Paper Crane Author of the “Haanta” fantasy series
    Sheenah Freitas– My publisher and a Paper Crane Books YA author
  • Nicholas Haring– Missouri author of the “Robot Wars” series. He is also a teacher.
    Rich Foland- A Thriller author
  • Ink and Drinks Comics- Cool comic book artist I met at a convention.
    Mark Piggott- Retired Navy Journalnist and author of “Forever Avalon”
  • A.S. McGowan- A lovely person and talented fiction author who made our local author bash.
  • Randy McWilson- Popular Missouri sci-fi/time travel author and a respected man.
  • Brandy Nacole- Paranormal author and blogger.
  • Nathan Perkins- Super cool school consouler, co-worker, and person who wrote about his experiences.
  • Sonya Ray- Author of the “Three Crowns series.”
    C.J. Ryall– A Japanese culture lover. Working on first novel
  • Rori Comics- Cool comic book artist I met at a convention.
    Jennifer Sights- Missouri Urban Fantasy author
  • Alesha Sikes- My College for Kids bff who now has her first self-published work out.
  • Christopher Smith- Voice Actor, Star Wars nut, amazingly sweet guy.
  • Rachel Stiber- Missouri author and fellow lover of fairy tales and Disney.
  • Rita Stradling- Young Adult Fantasy author with a brilliant style and smile to match.
    Clancy Tucker– Australian Adventure Author
    Emily Wenstorm- Fantasy Fiction Writer, Creative Arts Blogger
    Dan Wright- My author bestie and Youtube mate, guitar player, Fantasy lover, creator of the World of Draconia

Convention Treasures:


Favorite Authors:

  • P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast– Mother and daughter authors of the House of Night series
    Susane Colasanti– YA Realistic and romance fiction author who I have had a few conversations with. She’s so encouraging! I have ALL her books 🙂
    Mari Mancusi– A fellow Otaku author of the Blood Cavern series and Gamer Girl
    Lurlene McDaniel– YA author of teens who deal with fatal illnesses or tragedies
    Richelle Mead– Urban Fiction Author of my obsession: The Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series
    Stephenie Meyer– Author of my beloved Twilight Saga and The Host
    Rick Riordan– Author of the AMAZING Percy Jackson and The Heroes of Olympus series and The Kane Chronicles! I have ALL his book!

Will add more of my favorite authors: there are just so many!

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