Top Oriental Pop Singers/Groups (Top Ten #49)

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Ah! Summer is here! 😀 Last year, I did my top Youtubers and now, here are my top ten favorite Oriental Pop singers and groups! J-Pop, K-Pop, and C-Pop infuses my soul, makes me smile, makes me wonder, and fills me with intensity and happiness. I owe them and I want to share their awesomeness with them. Look them up (I have their Youtube channels or playlists provided by Youtube linked to their names) and I know you’ll be jamming too! ^_^

  1. Yui Horie (Japanese voice actress and singer of many openings and original songs. I own ALL her albums and she is my favorite)
  2. Orange Caramel (Adorable K-Pop Singing Trio)
  3. BoA (Loved her since I heard her sing “Every Heart,” opening 4 for InuYasha. Amazing singer)
  4. Secret (A very diverse and wonderful K-Pop group of four girls)
  5. SHinee (K-Pop boy band…Hmmm…They are the bomb!)
  6. Jolin Tsai (Chinese Pop Singer I discovered when doing research on modern Chinese music for a summer class. So in love with her sound!)
  7. Ayaka Komatsu (Sailor V/Venus for the live action Sailor Moon show, model, and she sang many songs in the show. She’s a role model to me)
  8. Pig Star (I know them for the singers of all the Jonjou Romantica themes, but they rock!)
  9. Big Bang (Fantastic Baby is my jam!)
  10. Utada Hikaru (Singer of the Kingdom Hearts one and two openings in Japanese and English. A super talented star!)
  • PSY is pretty great too; he cracks me up! There are SO many opening songs and singers I like, but these are the ten I ALWAYS come back to and stick in my mind as a group or individual, not just a show or concept. =)


Tour Spot with Guest Post and Excerpt from Reuben Miles’ “The Boy Who Spoke to Stars.”

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Hello everyone! I am so honored to be able to give back to “Enchanted Book Promotions,” the book tour group that sponsored and set-up my “New Beginnings,” blog tour last year, but by being a tour host for them now! ^_^ And what an amazing way to start this journey! As you know, I have always had a connection to the stars, between my love of the night sky and obsession  to my first anime/manga, Cardcaptor Sakura, and my beloved Sailor Moon. In fact, many of you know this simply by the fact that the main character in my book series, “Spirit Vision,” is named Stary Moon. Conscience? I think not!

Today, I have a treat for all my star-gazers and dreamers: a guest post and excerpt from Mr. Reuben Miles’ work: “The Boy Who Spoke to Stars.”  In this guest post, he explains to us how stars influenced not only his YA book, but his life.  Take it away, sir!

P.S. His last name is my brother’s first name: it’s fate! =D

enchantedbooksboywho1How Stars Influenced my Life and Their Roles in the Story:

There’s this place I like to go with my closest friends. It’s miles away from any town or city, where the air is fresh and the night sky is the deepest, darkest black. I’ve been going there since I was a little kid. We wait for the sun to go down and build up a fire, and just sit and gaze on the stars. Even from a young age I was staggered by the enormity of it. Impossible distances. Impossible possibilities floating above my head. We would make up stories about all the things that might be happening.

My favourite thing about science is how freely it admits to not knowing everything. I’ve always been suspicious of anything that claims to know the absolute truth. There is still so much we don’t understand about the universe, about galaxies, about stars. Why pretend we have all the answers? If we had all the answers, we’d just stop asking questions. Imagine how boring that would be. Some people say ignorance is dangerous because it’s a fertile ground for mistakes to grow in. I think that depends entirely on what you plant in the soil.

In The Boy Who Spoke to Stars I try to fill some gaps in our current knowledge with imagination. That’s where I think the best stories come from – they attempt to explain things we don’t yet fully understand. We learn a little bit about what stars are in Kasper’s world, but there’s much more to say as the story unfolds. There’s a quote from one of my favourite authors, Paolo Coelho that puts it better than I ever could:

‘Forget everything you’ve ever learned about the stars and they’ll once more be transformed into angels, or into children, or into whatever you want to believe at that moment. It won’t make you more stupid – after all, it’s only a game.’


Excerpt from “The Boy Who Spoke to Stars.”

It felt like a good dream turning sour. Kasper stood in the field at the back of Malt Wood, blinking. Something wasn’t right. The grass was knee-high, and motes of pollen spun in the evening light. Pine and larch edged the meadow along the north side. Their roots and trunks were blue with shade. The low sun cast a long shadow off a distant sycamore, its boughs groaning like cellos as they swung in the breeze, calling sorry warnings.

… And a gloom roamed underneath the larches, drumming on a carpet of dead pine needles.

Thud, thud, thud.



Like a tiger’s purr.

And Kasper knew it wanted him. The darkness wanted him. It always did.

About the Book:

enchantedbooksboywho2Title: The Boy Who Spoke to Stars

Author: Reuben Miles

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Book 1 of The Astral Strings Series

Secrets. Forgiveness. Death.

Nothing has been right in Kasper’s life for quite some time. Then the eclipse comes, and his father is stolen away. When the police arrive, instead of trying to help, they drag off his mother too. Down at the station later, the desk sergeant claims to know nothing about Kasper’s mum, and insists that the detective who arrested her doesn’t exist.

Loki, Kasper’s cousin, is the only one who really understands him. Her parents promise to keep him safe until his mum and dad return, but soon they are gone as well. There’s no-one for Kasper and Loki to turn to – except Tenrō, a dangerous older boy who knows more than he should, and claims to be a star…

As they set off into the night, they have no way of knowing what they will have to face. The secrets they are about to uncover will change their lives. Their actions will seal the fates of every living thing in the universe.

Somewhere in the dark, the truth is waiting. And the stars are watching.

About the Author:

enchantedbooksboywho3Reuben Miles grew up in London until his parents decided that they needed fresher air. They bundled themselves up and drove to Devon, which is in the South West of UK. He spent the rest of his childhood climbing trees and telling stories and writing music in a tumbledown cottage with friends.

Reuben studied Artificial Intelligence and Psychology in Bristol, followed by a degree in Music and Engineering. In 2008 he moved to Brighton to play in a band. When it became clear that no one really wanted to listen to their music, he started working for Children’s Centres and writing stories instead.

Reuben is a dog person. He thinks that if you prefer cats there is probably something very wrong with you. Possibly the cat has brainwashed you, in which case it’s not really your fault, but you should seek help all the same.


Ghostwood Books:

Reuben Miles’ website:


Click on the banner for a list of all the previous tour spots:



Top Ten Mangas that need to be Turned into Anime/Live Action (Top Ten #48)

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Ah…mangas; one of my deepest loves! The drama, the action, the love, the life lessons, the art…I can’t get enough! I may not be a comic book nerd, but a manga otaku, I am and I excel at it. 😀 However, with how the world is today, every good book or comic is turned into a movie or series, and manga is no different. I would say at least 80% if not more of animes are based of a manga first, or, if the anime comes first, you can bet your life savings it will be made into a manga within two years. But, it is interesting the approach anime companies take these stories and expands the array of audience members to these memorable characters to people who would rather watch TV than read.

In honor of National Free Comic Book week (HEY! It counts to me), here are the top ten mangas that deserve to be animes OR live-action shows and need to be shared with more of the world (this is an obvious note, but I do want to clarify that these mangas do NOT have anime already).


  1. Man of Many Faces (I am aware part of the story was includes in two episodes in “CLAMP School Detectives” but this is the cutest, heartfelt love story ever! A 2 hour movie or a mini OVA series (Live Action in my mind), would be grand for it! THEY MUST HAVE IT! I quote this manga TO THIS DAY and learned so many life lessons from it!)
  2. Stepping on Roses (one of the best shojos I have ever read! The thrills! The chills! The romance!)
  3. Code Name Sailor V (straight manga adoption! 13 episode series! Perfect!)
  4. Muilleiuem Snow (Such a darling story!)
  5. Tokyo Mew Mew: A La Mode (this two volume side manga warms my heart every time I read it and I don’t think Berry makes an appearance in the anime; so sad!)
  6. Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross (such drama!)
  7. A.I. Love You
  8. Monkey High
  9. Drama Con (HA! What a riot!) AND Amazing Agent Luna (kicking butt, American manga style).
  10. Pixie Pop OR Cyber Idol Mink

words15 389072_10151567077749594_1942945485_n

Camp NANO 2016 Cabin/Friend Overview (An Aspiring Author Spotlight special):

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Hello world! Back in November, I worked with a group of friends and co-workers for National Novel Writing Month (NANOwrimo) and it was amazing the numbers and results they turned in! In April, Nano does another program called Camp Nano, similar to November, but the goals are a little more independent.  Most of my friends continued on works they were already working on. In November, I was doing personal edits “Spirit Vision 3: The Power of Mortals,” and working on its companion bonus feature for the most part, but I still helped when I could (so, I did not do the 50,000 word goal is what I am trying to say, but that was not my mission). Many of you are also aware that I do girl’s writing days with my friends Kate and Morgan W from the middle school I used to work at.  It has been great and between those adventures and April for Camp Nano, I have been working on a new novella story, separate from “Spirit Vision.”  I did not try to meet a huge goal, but I joined their cabin and helped maybe just a hair. Casey joined the public library cabin and I wanted to join both, but Camp Nano only let’s you pick ONE cabin! >.<

I have had all THREE lovely female writers on my site before for “Aspiring Author Spotlight.”  For today, I will do something similar to what I did in November for NANO: The ladies will be giving an overview of their progress this month, what they are working on, and maybe an experience or sneak peek they would like to share.  Who knows what could happen… 😉


bookimagesymbol#1. Mrs. Casey Blumenstock:

I spent this month working on my manuscript called To Ignite a Phoenix. It will fall under the dystopian category and is the first book in a planned trilogy. I made a loose goal of writing 15,000 words during the month of April, but my main intent was simply to work on this project and make some progress. I was able to attend a write-in with my writing group that actually turned into a plotting extravaganza. They asked me questions regarding my story that I wouldn’t have thought to ask myself. It was very helpful and opened so many new possibilities within the plot. I’m currently at 2,400 words for the month, but I did a lot of outlining and plotting for the overall story that will help me in the long run, so I’m definitely calling this Camp NaNo a success.

bookimagesymbol#2. Mrs. Kate Dillon:

Word Count: 29,024

About Project: Girl who weaves time. Boy who mentors her. Bad evil. Resolution.

bookimagesymbol#3. Mrs. Morgan Wilson:

Title: Wolf Hunt
Words in April: 58k just about

It was easier than I thought it would be to get back into writing every day after procrastinating.

Scene you left on: My main character was off running in the woods and caught wind of a scent she didn’t recognize. While she lost the scent, she came across a blood trail, following that she was led to a recent kill but couldn’t discern what had brought it down there were no tracks or scents to tell her. Before she could investigate further howling back at the house drew her attention and she knew she was wanted back, considering she’d gone off without permission.

bookimagesymbolAnd me…?

Like I stated above, I was working on a new novella separate from “Spirit Vision.”  And to celebrate the end of a grand Camp Nano, I am sharing a SNEAK PEEK of my new manuscript, known for now as, “H and B” (I have the title, but I don’t want to reveal it yet: Sorry! ^_-).:

Total Words Written on this project: 10,000 (I know! It was strange how it was exact! HA!)

Genre: Supernatural Fiction (Monster Fiction sub-genre): Adult

Surprise with this work during Camp Nano?: I got to do research on monsters from all over the world and make a lore on why there are monster hunting/guardians in the world we live in and I am amazed on how many different monsters there are from every land! It was incredible and a mass wealth of knowledge! It is fun to be a little more violent and crud than I am used to since I am not that type of person…;)

Sneak Peek:

My head ping-ponged between this short, but what felt like an eternity eye lock. I sensed something was sizzling invisibly from myself and Dork-ulous between our two bosses, but that could have been a mis-digiouness on my part. Being the only two leaders of the two American monstrum groups, one would assume they had similar attributes and stresses to running it, a connection others would not comprehend.

Jeremy leaned forward, his eyes intense with sudden interest, “Father Stillman, you look as fetching as ever in your forest green sweater vest…”

Urgh! Why is it every time this bozo opens his pie hole, I want to slam a pie down his throat?

Mr. Stillman did not miss a beat, “Thank you. I got it at Kohl’s.”

“And I am sure it was a tremendous deal, but I would like to please be informed as to why we are having a meeting here and what it entails. Ms. Hemmingway, although as pretty as a picture, needs to change her clothes.” He gave me a look of innocence, that his comment was all for my safety, but by the way he crinkled his nose and his eyes skipped like a trickster leaving town with a bag of gold, his honest, for my sake intent was all a pony and stage show.

Unclear by his meaning, I glanced down to inspect my outfit. My purple flared long sleeves peasant top and beige knee-length skirt with light brown leggings was spotted with splashes of internal organs,  blood prickles, and grime and mud that looked like it was mixed with…mucus? You know what, I did not want to know. I had a small snag on the embroidery of my skit, a rip the length of my thumb on my right shoulder, and my shoes were crusted with gunk. I suppose I should have inspected myself closely in the pitch black van. At least I flattened my hair from its winded tangled ungodliness.

I just hope I did not smell, like rotten eggs or vomit or even lemon pledge. Yuck!

“I mean, it doesn’t really seem…combat ready, if you ask me.” He voiced as he rocked on his heels, his eyes pretending to be interested in the ceiling like he was mapping out constellations.

I puffed up my cheeks like a Jigglypuff after she gives a concert and everyone rudely falls asleep. How dare he question my fashion sense and look closely enough to even make a comment? The nerve of this ape! “I was at a P.T.O. meeting and fundraiser for a new creative arts room in a school closest to my town, helping to pass out cookies to our visitors when I got the call, thank you very much. It’s none of your business about my clothing choices, any way.” My lips puckered in a sour and I shifted my vision a centimeter to give him the cold shoulder without looking like a non-team player. I felt his body stiffen next to me, his annoying natural heat radiating away from me with my action.  I did not realize I had adopted to his body heat being in close quarters with mine to begin with. Stupid Jeremy!

Chief stood up taller, looking massive now despite her small structure and frame. “To answer your question, Mr. Darington,,” she hissed out before she continued, “we have strong suspicions that local abductions in the area, although not close enough to be on the immediate target for police nor following a pattern of areas, people, gender, or social classes, are due to an intelligent monstrum…

“A lamia.”


Useful Links:

Casey’s Aspiring Author Spotlight Interview AND Guest Blog Post

Kate’s Aspiring Author Interview

Morgan W.’s Aspiring Author Interview

November 2015 NANOwrimo AAS Special


Top Ten Sailor Scout Attacks! (Top Ten #47)

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Sailor Moon has given me so much: belief in true love and friendship, confidence, the be myself, that magic is real and you can look lovely kicking baddie tail! I was already obsessed with stars from Cardcaptor Sakura; Sailor Moon gave me my love for the moon, making me a celestial fan for life, fighting evil in the moonlight. For season S coming out for Sailor Moon: Crystal this month, I wanted to list my favorite attack for each of the ten main Sailor Scouts, a different approach to a top ten, but MAN! It was hard! >.< And, I did not put an attack for Sailor Uranus and Neptune on here. Please don’t blast me with Luna P! *bows* I love their characters, but I have been a fan of their attacks.

Anyway, enjoy my list Sailor Soldiers! Strike a pose and get your make-up ready to transform.

Top Ten Sailor Scout Attacks:

  • Sailor Moon: Moon Gorgeous Meditation
  • Sailor Mercury: Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
  • Sailor Mars: Mars Celestial Fire Surround/Burning Mandala
  • Sailor Jupitar: Jupiter Oak Evolution
  • Jupiter Coconut Cyclone (manga only)
  • Sailor Venus: Venus Love and Beauty Shock
  • Sailor Saturn: Silence Wall
  • Sailor Pluto: Dead Scream
  • Sailor Chibi Moon: Twinkle Yell

sailormoonattack sailorattacks

A College Con, Test, and Springtime Beginnings

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93537jp94v2ixy6Weather: Starting to get to be nice and springy with the flower tree budding. Although, we did have snow on Palm Sunday…AGAIN! Silly Missouri!

Working on: Getting better (been really sick for two weeks:super sore throat and ears, arm pain, chest pain, stomach pain. Went to the ER last week. They ruled out blood clot and heart, but I still have tests to go through), Sunday school lesson plans, updating the author website, school curriculum plans, and outlining my current writing project.

Currently Watching: With Derrick, season 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the current episodes of Once Upon a Time! Man, Hades is deviously evil. I like his wit! I have been watching classic Yu-Gi-OH, season 1. I’ll have to buy season 2: Battle City, baby! =D

Currently Reading: Haven’t had time lately, but I did win some manga, so I shall start there and then get on track with my regular books.

Currently Playing: Yu-Gi-Oh has inspired me to go back and get my Battle City Gameboy Advance game out. MAN! This game has been with me for so long. This is one of those games that I never get tired of and feels like home, like Pokémon Pinball or Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2. ^_^

Wallpaper: Luputa, the castle from Castle in the Sky, My brother and I’s favorite Studio Ghibli film.

Icon: A picture of my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! character, Seto Kiaba, looking all deep. I have been so busy these past few months and lots of things have happened, all making me see I need to take a step back and truly see myself the way I see me, not how the world does.

Quote: “I am a writer; I dream when I am awake.” I found this on my Facebook newsfeed. I am not sure who said it, but credit and love for your insightful and meaningful words.

Hello rainbow connection peeps, all its lovers, dreamers, and…cheese? xD Sorry; “Muppets Most Wanted” reference! Konnichiwa to my star-crossed friends! Well, after months and months of planning and being flexible, you patient, good people do not have to wait ANY LONGER! It’s finally here…I can OFFICALLY announce that my latest book/collection, “Fallen Star Dust,” is RELEASED! =D Thank you so much for all the support, for my publisher Sheenah for going through this, what it seemed at times, “Lord of the Rings” like journey with me (didn’t she make a STUNNING cover for me?!), and my buddy Dan Wright, for stepping in and helping for edits for a bit; you are a white wizard in my eyes. ^_^

FallenStarDust--FrontCoverMarch 16th will be its official release date. =D This is my second collection of poems, short stories, scripts, essays, and other literary works, similar to “A Sweet, Little Dream,” but oh so different, for, you see, these works were written in my college and first few years of teaching (until early 2014). There are an array of topics and styles, some embarrassing, some romantic, some that make you think, and some that have broken the hearts of those involved of helping me compile it. There is something for everyone (including some more doodles that I did AND information on the work by me).

For now, you can only get “Fallen Star Dust” in paperback (we had to do the process backwards this time for I was premiering this book for the first time EVER at Wild Con, so the physical copy had to be done first), on either Amazon OR Barnes and Noble for $9.99 each.  The E-book will be released soon. You can see updates for “Fallen Star Dust” either on my author Facebook, “Fallen Star Dust’s” page on here, or my Amazon author page. I hope when you read the book, you can connect to the power of believing in yourself and see just how much you shine to me.

Here is the official blurb: “When I reached the point where adult life began to make its presence known right after high school graduation, I looked to the sky. I hoped to see a shooting star that would light my way and I wished that it would leave a trail of star dust behind to remind myself to stay young at heart. Thanks to writing, the enchantment of youth has never left me. In the next chapter of my life, I began college to follow my dream of being an educator. I developed my career, found out who I was an independent being, stopped hiding my passions, figured out my role in my lifelong relationship with my now-husband, and realized that it was okay to question the world. There was darkness that needed to be seen as well as the light. The poems, short stories, scripts, essays, and other works in this second collection are my everything: the shoulders I cried on, my joys, my bravery when the road became too twisty or too safe. It led me to a waterfall of creativity. That fallen star dust gave me the drive to become who I am today: a teacher, an author, a nerd, and a person of morals, love, and magic.”


That was my biggest news, but I do not want to leave anyone hanging. As many of you are aware, I have been talking about Wild Con, a one day convention at Wildwood University, the first university/college I spoke to a class in my life. They are incredible people and staff.  I was one of their guests this year and since it was only one day, instead of doing a whole blog post on it, I wanted to share it here. So, here’s where our tale begins:


Dad accompanied me this trip (I am not a confident highway driver and this area was close to the St. Louis area). We left around 9:00, wanting to make sure we allotted for time in case we got lost. It was a smooth ride, us chatting, dad prepared with an ice cooler of snacks in the back since I would not have time to leave to eat like a regular convention (and we had no idea how close we would be to any food establishments). We were doing so fantastic…until we were five miles away and close to Six Flags. We followed our map guide exactly, but somehow, took a wrong turn and ended up in a twisty land where all the streets were named after foxes (I swear to BOB, I am not making this up!)  I got my phone out and was able to get us on an older, round-about highway and, again, it was good. We even got INTO the town of Wildwood and the main four way stop…but, we took too wrong turns again and once, ended up at a dead end apartment complex and another time, on another highway! Boy…this place was like trying to find a wild Entei! Maybe the college roamed… Anywho, third time was the charm as they say and we got there, around 11:25. We wanted and would have been there at 10:50 without all the crazy! We parked, took five minutes to breath and munch on some cooler lunch, and headed inside (the con was not until 1:00, but they told me I could set up at noon. I was still the first guest there and got done setting up at 12:15 WITH talking to people, so it was all good).

wildcon1This was dad’s FIRST convention because he is very conservative (mom went to hers back in October of 2015). He was a big help though, getting boxes and moving things for me. Mr. Mahan (Chris), the faculty sponsor who invited me and the son of my favorite teacher/friend, Ms. Mahan (and my dad TAUGHT him in high school! We made a funky rectangle) greeted us, all smiles. He came and hung out with us several times that day and bought a lot of stuff from me. He’s a gem. 🙂 He wants to learn how to play Pokémon and that will be my job at our events. I mean…he sponsors Otaku club, the ones who made this convention, so it made sense. Dad DID wear his Star Trek shirt when I asked him too, but he was too scared to show it, afraid to stand out or start a nerd war…oh dad… ^_- That is also his first SELFIE ever! He smiled too big, so I matched it. I’m such a good daughter! They had a Smash Bros competition as well and projected it on the big main screen. Dad said he had never heard of it, so he watched and was stunned, asking, “Why is Link beating up on Sonic?” I explained it to him, how it was a melee style game with Nintendo characters. He nodded deeply, still watching, then asked, “So, it’s like that Mario racing thing you do…Mario Kart?” I didn’t know what to say. Parents are precious! 🙂          wildcon2

It was all in one massive room, so you could see everything and everyone. They had venders, art raffles, lots of different themed baskets to raffle on, Smash Bros, quiz shows for prizes, guest tables, cosplay, a psychic palm reader, and tables for those who wanted to play games. It had a little bit of everything and although it was a small convention run by college students, they were very professional and kind to the guests, asking us if we were okay, informing us when our panel times had changed and were extended since five of their people for other panels did not show up (man! I felt badly for them there).  I was very impressed and made sure to tell them so.


I met so many amazing people. My fellow guests, Rori! and Ink and Drink Comics were so cool and made me feel so refreshed and relaxed at our Creator’s panel we had from 5:00 to 6:00. The crowd asked us questions and it was a lot of fun. They are so talented, wise, and good, good people. They were on my right. On my left, I was next to the steampunk webseries group, Steam works and Shadows. I have seen them as guests at so many Missouri/Illinois cons and been to two of their panels, but to be NEXT to them was unreal. I was too shy to tell them how radical they were. The main character with his shiny armor did strode in and pass dad and I, all B.A. like always. I was in awe and dad arched his eyebrow and informed me, “Now that’s a costume! You should have done something like that.” *Sighs* Not sure how to take that one. One of the guys, I ran into when I was getting popcorn. He was so kind and I told him how much I admired the show. The lovely seller girl asked for my picture when I was in my cosplay that evening and she was so nice too! They are wonderful people as well as talented (and popular! They were selling things left and right!).  Find them on Youtube. My other guests’ links are on my “Links” page here.


I met two sweet teenage girls who were dolled up in original cosplay, thrilled at all the wonderful, their mom so supportive. They were dears and I am glad they kept seeing me over and over again. I was introduced to several of the professors at the college, all polite and some buying a lot as much as Chris. Chis even gave dad a FULL college tour, a 40 minute one. I was a little jelly I didn’t get to go, but Chris seemed thrilled to be giving us old teacher a tour of his turf and dad really enjoyed himself. So, thank you. 🙂 The venders there were so neat! I met some sweet kids who had their Pokémon cards for sale (I was twitching SO hard because the cards were in a big pile. My desire to organize them was STRONG). I asked them if they knew how to play the card game, and they said kind of, that they have been playing for a little over a year. I told them casually that I have played for 16 and if they ever wanted a refresher, to come to my table. I waved bye and no sooner than I made a sale and signed a book to a sweet pre-teen, they came running up, their mouths agap and all ears! They did a really good job listening and were so polite, even when I had to talk to people stopping by my table. Dad was smirking at how kids still just come up to me with excitement. I guess it’s a gift? I did buy a gift for a friend a blue knit rabbit. It looks like an all blue Azulmarril! ^_^ I even made a contract with AM Trading Co in St. Louis to sell a few of my books, “Spirit Vision,” there for a good commission! The guy was so awesome and he had blue hair! What could be better?! I FINALLY have my works at a local St. Louis shop! I have been trying for years, but most of the shops have strict policies and I live too far away. I look forward to working with him n the future. Their shop is on my “Links” page too.


I changed into my cosplay (Hungary from Hetalia) after the panel. They maybe had…8-10 people cosplay and only four for the judging. I did not win, but I had several people upset I didn’t because I looked cool, and, quote, “Hetalia is too epic not to win!” Thank you, I suppose, for defending me? But, I lost to a fourteen-year-old first time con girl with an original costume. She was so sweet. I did not regret it at all. 🙂 I also WON the super popular Anime and Manga basket! I was in the middle of a sale and I, ummm…sadly, I unprofessionally, dropped the money on the table in front of two professors and my dad, yelled super loud, and sprinted on stage. I felt bad now from the looks I got, but everyone chucked a bit later. I still made the sale. 😉 I got 11 volumes of manga, 2 DVDs, 3 buttons, some candy, a great wooden basket, and a NEW X/Y plush Pikachu. I never win anything, so this was a treat.


We were the last ones to clean up and leave. I was asked back again next year by the club’s presidents (they are twins) and left Chris with a warn farewell and helpful tips so we would not get lost on the way home in the dark. It sprinkled a bit and dad and I were tired, but we both had a good time, only stopping once to get some McDonald’s halfway there because we were so hungry. My dad likes to people watch and he said he saw a lot of neat things today. That means a lot to me. It was a good bonding experience on top of interacting with others, selling books, spreading wisdom, and showing my nerd and writing love. Thank you Wild Con and I look forward to next year! 😀

Now, on to our regular “World of Writing, Publishing, Promotions, and Paper Crane List!” ^-^

#1. Like stated above, “Fallen Star Dust” now has a page AND the “Links” page is updated with my new friends from Wild Con and others.

#2. During March, Dan and I had our second annual Disney event, this time around having randomness play cupid! We forcefully split up all the cannon Disney couples, gave them random numbers, and had a random number generator get our pairings. We called it *drum roll please:* Disney Couples: Reshuffled! And man! It was an intense competition! >.< From the agony Dan suffered through not getting Flynn Rider, to him GETTING a confirmed and beloved couple randomly, to me having to deal with three beastly couples and make them G rating, and your votes, it was a fanfare for the records! Below are all the videos and links for you if you want to get caught up or stroll down memory lane. The competition IS over, but Dan and I worked hard and would love it if you guys showed some love:


Thank you to EVERYONE who voted and made this event a smash! A huge amount of love to our friend, Franz AKA Penguin, for making our first eight initial matches banners (Dan made the final pairings banners), and Dan for doing another MASSIVE blog event with me! <3


It looks like I have to do the penalty…0.o *Dramatic sighs* But, the challenge we have to it SHOULD be entertaining and test my stuff! xD Check out Moon Panda Power AND Dan and I’s social medias for the challenge and more info on that in mid to late April!

#3. For my March author interview spotlight, I did an Author’s Gold (A.U.), segment instead of the usual Aspiring Author Spotlight because my buddy, Dan Wright, re-released his FIRST book, Trapped in Draconic book recently! Find out about the re-rerelease, Dan’s favorite character, who would win if two loveable Pixar characters collided, and a darling picture of his furry baby at Dan’s A.U. Interview here.

#4. We are still on the search for a narrator for “Spirit Vision!” If you are or know anyone who has experience or a talent for voice acting/narration, please contact me at for information. We really want to bring “Spirit Vision” verbally to life.

#5. I am still working on “Spirit Vision 4,” but currently, I am getting into a novella/story I am working on with the Max Con cameo winner (I wrote on this on the girl’s day I will be talking about later), has pushed it back. And “Spirit Vision 3” is finished; that will be my next major project to edit. <3 I love my SV characters after all!

#6. April and May will be busy for me with promoting my writing. Here is where I am at/what is happening:

  • On April 7th, I will be going to the high school for my third annual traveling book tour, reading a sample from my latest book, “Fallen Star Dust,” and answering questions.
  • On April 30th, I am going to Villainous Grounds Coffee Shop 40 minutes away from my town with my buddy Andrew/Deadpool to have a book signing. We will be cosplaying (me not maybe the WHOLE time), selling things, pictures, playing Pokémon for those who want to challenge us, sign things, and loads more. They are super nice here and I hear have amazing drinks as well as comics! Come say help to us! The picture below is all my books on their shelves. They even made a bookmark about me for customers! ^-^
  • In early May, I will be touring some classes at my old workplace/my local middle school, doing the same thing I am at the high school.
  • On a Saturday in May, I will be doing a book signing/selling at my public library. I haven’t done one in almost two years and have two books out since then, so I am excited!
  • I am OFFICALLY on the Max Con 2016 schedule as well as a guest in September! 🙂 I am slowly getting some exposure.


#7. For my top ten this time, I had to go fast and collect those rings! I went Sega Style and listed my Top Ten Favorite Sonic the Hedgehog characters!

#8. Missed any videos from Moon Panda Power beside our Disney Couples: Reshuffled (all those are above in the clickable links)?  Here you go:

#9. My lovely “Spirit Vision” artist, the loved and kawaii Ms. Suzy Zhang AKA Cherriuki is releasing her SECOND original art book this month! I own more prints, posters, and key chains of hers than healthy, but she is so talented and I adore all of her work and art books. This one is a STEAL at $20 for pre-order price (shipping is $10 for us United States folks since she’s in Australia), but it is flawless quality, signed by her, and comes with free stuff! What more could you want! Click the image of “Asteria” below to go to the link to pre-order her work! <3


#10. The Poke Crew page is updated as well. For all the pictures from our January 23rd Starter Pokémon Event. Go to my Author Facebook page, the Pokémon Events Album #2. (I made a second one because it’s the new year and our other album has almost 600 photos in it from the past two years of events). I will go into a little more detail below! ^_^ Gotta catch em all!

#11. Want to know about my busiest time of year with job applications, Valentine’s Day, a new library, and more. Check out the February to March MASSIVE update on my site to be informed of all this and MUCH more!

My “Normal” Life:

marchgirlswritingdayOn March 5th, I had my third girls’ writing day with my good friends, Morgan W. and Kate. We went to Kate’s house this time and our food theme was Italian. We got our Camp Nano accounts ready to go (starymoon07 is my user name if you want to add me), got fancy sodas at the new hardware store down the road, got Morgan W. hooked on Project Runway, ate LOTS of yummy food (Kate’s pasta con broccoli was my favorite; so creamy), and, of coarse, chatted. There was some writing there too. 😉  It was a blast and we are planning on in April, at my place next time. ^_^  I like where my story is going so far and having great friends to share the experience with helps. Good luck to all those who are doing Camp Nano (starymoon07 is mine if anyone wants to add me). Our next Girl’s Writing Day is April 10th! =)


feb201642We had two Pokémon events since our last update! On February 27th, we celebrated Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary and we had 72 people there between all my Crew members, trainers, kids, and parents! THE WHOLE store was packed and I was running around like a Charmander avoiding getting his flame wet, but we made it work! Everyone had a good time. We TCG and handheld battled, I baked some of my homemade Valentine’s Day chocolates for everyone, we had raffles and door prizes, a lovely birthday card Julie made and everyone signed and we hashtagged it to Game Freak and The Pokémon Company like mad! I had other things planned too, but there was no time! Still, it was FAB-TASTIC! 😉 OH YEAH! Since it was February, we called our event “FAB-URARY,” AND it was also our two year anniversary of running Pokémon events at Gamers’ Bazaar! Fabio and I selected who dressed the most Fabulous for a very special set of 4 limited edition 20th anniversary Pikachu figures and our Annihilator won! Fabio sprinkled rose petals on her and she just was in love! I sported my very popular “Link-A-Chu” riding a SHINY Ponyta shirt Evan got custom made for me for Christmas, and my knit Pokeball hat.


Thank you everyone who came to our event, especially my buddy Chris Mahan, the faculty chair and son of my favorite teacher. He even had Steak N’ Shake with the Crew and I afterwards as we talked about Wild Con, nerdy stuff, and school. It was a great event! Our friend Nathan Brown AKA Christian has now returned to Missouri and joined us! 😀 YEAY!


March 26th was our “Topsy-Turvy” Event, where the kids/trainers were the gym leaders for an event and had badges (stickers) we had to go and earn. They were so tickled pink to get to be gym leaders and in charge of our fate. ^_^ It was darling! They did such a good job and it was a great event. About 28 including all of us, so big enough, but I actually got to sit twice and work on reminder notes for the next event! ^_^


I DID have a six-on-six Championship battle (meaning that they beat four of the Poke Crew in one event) and it was against another fine young man named Derrick (that’s my hubby’s name); go figure! It was a 45 minute battle, us down to one prize left, neck and neck and I had his EXs and Megas blocked, but he drew the one card he needed (the heart of the cards was strong) and won. Still, we had such an amazing time and I know I made a new friend. He is now officially a member of the Poke Crew and we will get a profile up for him as soon as possible! Congrats, pal! =D


Our next event will be on a Sunday this month due to scheduling, April 24th, 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m, $2 to enter. If you want to view all the photos from the event, check out our my Author Facebook page, the Pokémon Events Album #2. Also, Gamers’ Bazaar will be hosting its first competitive Pokémon TCG tournament on Saturday, April 16th, at 5:00 p.m. with lots of prizes and it is free, but you must have a legal deck.  I will not be entering or running this event for I have no desire or the income to rotate my cards for competitive all the time, but we may be stopping by for fun. ^_^


March 7th to 11th was my second time running a book fair AND my first time combining both pre-school and kindergarten for it. It was in my new library and man! We pulled out all the stops! The theme was “Under the Sea,” and we had colored fish and bubbles the kids made, ocean animal cut-outs from Scholastic, raffles, How many Seashells in the Jar guessing contest, snacks of Goldfish crackers and blue Kool-Aid for our Grand Afternoon, lantern jellyfish, umbrella jellyfish for pictures, Clifford there for two events (the kids love him), our Coin Challenge for Charity class jars were decorated like aquariums, class fish in the hallway, the art teacher made us a paper light up aquarium for the lobby, and, my favorite, a whale around our door with blue streamers coming out of his mouth, looking like you had to swim INSIDE the whale’s mouth to get to the book fair! I had so many wonderful volunteers, staff members, parents, and my family. It was a lot of work, especially since I had to miss the final day for Wild Con, but it went well and we made $6,000 as a school! We don’t get to keep that much, but hey! That is WHALE-TASTIC!


I can do a Buy-One, Get-One Free now to help get more books in the kids’ hands for summer! That will be May 2nd-6th, but no theme.

On March 19th, I took my library media specialist Praxis test. I studied decently the week before (I had been studying for about two months, but not nearly as much as I wanted to due to everything with all my jobs).  Dad took me up there to the testing center and it was VERY thorough with making sure I had no way to cheat; I even had to give my dad my sacred chap stick because it could be a drug…-_-;; The test was challenging, but I know with how I read through it, I did the best I could. Some topics I had no clue on because I am so new, but I just hope I pass since it costs so much money and it gets me one step closer to being a librarian although, in my heart, I think I am one. ^-^

I sadly NOW have to take ANOTHER test that cost more than it should to be able to be certified in library in Missouri. It was a huge mess to deal with and my school and I are still miffed, but I suppose it is just a major pothole in life. That test, the MEGA, will be on April 19th after school for me (then I have to attend the kindergarten “Three Billy Goats’ Gruff” musical that evening). Any luck would be much appreciated! The quote below is how I feel on why they are making this so bloody difficult!


I had Spring Break a few weeks ago and let’s say…it was INSANE! I got really sick with a random throat and ear infection the day AFTER my Praxis (I suppose my body could not take it anymore) until that Wednesday, and then I had extreme chest and stomach pains. I had to sleep over at mom’s two nights because I could not sleep in our bed with my arm throbbing.  I finally had enough a week later, swearing I had a heart attack or blood clot. Although I am STILL paying off bills from August, I went and everything was okay, but I KNEW something was wrong. Went to my doctor for my follow-up a few days later and it turns out I have a hiatal hernia. I am grateful I know now, but it still hurts badly. I have to change my diet a lot, see specialists to see if they can/will push it back down, get a wedge for my bed so I can sleep propped up. *Sighs*

Here is what I did for Spring Break other than get ill:

  • Sunday school two times (one Palm Sunday, where it snowed, and one Easter),
  • Brown and Tabby double date at Shoguns, a Japanese restaurant, and Cards Against Humanity afterwards.
  • Wednesday: Game Night (more Cards Against Humanity) with my in-laws at their place. We watched the Easter Ice Age special too. 🙂
  • Dentist appointment super early Thursday morning after I was sick at mom’s. All was good though. After the appointment, mom and I went shopping for errands and she got me some clothes I needed. We picked up Miles for a meal at Colton’s. After that, Miles and I visited with grandma and watched a show I am obsessed now: Steve Harvey’s “Little Big Shots!” The kids are so kawaii! ^_^ Then, Miles and I went down to his room and played our Might Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie game for the Sega that we LOVED growing up, Mario Kart for the Wii, and Timon and Puumba Mini Games for the Playstation.  It was a blast!
  • I did order my cosplay for Cosplacon this summer. It was not the one I had originally planned, but I saw this one and I HAD to have it! =D I will look so B.A. in it and I cannot WAIT to wear it!
  • Saturday was our March Pokémon event.
  • I had Easter lunch with my dad’s whole family on Easter Sunday and it was nice to see everyone.

I wanted to write a lot, but since I got sick, I tried to nap and take things easy, which I hated. I still have Sunday school lessons and some cleaning to do as well. Slowly, I will get back to normal, but I want to take care of me too.


The first week in April, I have three birthdays to celebrate: Miles, Gabby, and Grandma’s. Miles’ is April 2nd and he turned 23! Mr. Big Shot! I was still super sick when I went to visit, but we are going out for his birthday to make-up for it in a week or two. Gabby is my dad’s Westie and she turned 14 on April 4th. Love you Gabbers, my feisty little girl! ^_^ April 5th was my grandma, who turned 87, but her heart is still 16. She has made me who I am today and I owe her so much. She has been so worried about me being sick. But, I surprised her with a balloon, colorful flowers, her favorite box of snack crackers, a card, and I signed a copy of “Fallen Star Dust” in front of her. She boo-hooed three times. She is such a crier! 🙂 My uncle, aunt, cousin, and little cousin Tate came over to see her with her cake and play. Tate and my mom were so adorable together and Tate didn’t want me to go after I told him about kindergarten and did a Pikachu voice (along with get him interested in the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python…) I WISH I had his energy…

Happy Birthday to these beautiful, amazing people/animals in my life!

And Socks is doing well. She’s been my little nurse when I lay down sick and has been going NUTS playing with the packing paper they put in Amazon boxes! HA! I love her! ALSO…HAPPY ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY ON April 18th, to our best friends’, Nathan and Tabby! Here is the post last year ALL about their wedding! =D


All right friends! Keep your thoughts big, your flame war comments small, and dig into a giant bowl of pie! And watch Sailor Moon Crystal: S! Moon Crisis…OUT! 😀

Author’s Gold (A.U.) Interview with Dan Wright (March 2016)

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Hello everyone! For our March Aspiring Author Spotlight (AAS) segment this month, we are doing an Author’s Gold (A.U.) interview with the man with the plan.  He’s witty, he’s dreamy, he’s a panda underneath his Slipknot and Elsa T-shirt…Welcome my author and channel mate and one of my dearest amigos, Mr. Dan Wright! =D

#1. Hello Dan! Welcome once again to my blog. Let’s start with the basic, age old question: Tell us a little about yourself, please:

Thanks for having me back, you wonderful person you! 😀

So, a little about myself. I was born on a far planet, of which I had to leave due to the fact that the planet – well, exploded. I arrived on Earth and was bitten by a radioactive spider, after being bathed in gamma radiation whilst at the same time learning I was a mutant Asgardian – and then went into a secret project that gave me a healing factor and the ability to break the forth wall.

Nah, just kidding! In actual fact I’m just a regular guy that loves a lot of things – from Anime to Disney! I’m a writer of fantasy/sci-fi and I live in the county of Kent with my lovely cat Whispa. And in my spare time, other than writing and working, I play guitar in a band. And if I get any free time, I like to watch movies and play video games!

#2. I see that the first book you have published, Trapped in Draconica, part of your Draconica series, is being re-released on March 31st. Could you tell our readers a little about the book?

Originally I published this book back in 2011 – but I always knew I wanted to go back and redo it. To be perfectly blunt, the first book had WAY too many typos and story inconsistencies – I’m surprised it got as many fans as it did. That MAY have been down to the Manga artwork that the original release had, but I knew that the story needed to be fix. So I spent all of last year and this year fixing those issues to make it a tighter, better story. Unfortunately though, due to a bit of a “disagreement” with the artist I hired, I decided to remove all the interior art.


#3. Other than the lack on inner art, are there any differences from this version of Trapped in Draconica from its original?

It’s essentially a “re-mastered” version of the original tale – but I also added in some little extras to it to try and give it a little more of an “anime” feel. Those who read the first one won’t have to worry too much, as the story is basically the same – but any newcomers will be able to jump in straight away. I also fixed a few story errors and did more thorough editing to make it tighter and easier to follow. Oh and I also have tied it in to what would be the later novels in the series (released later this year). There are a few surprises I’ve thrown in, as I have a better grasp of the overaching story than I did before – but I’ll say no more for spoilers!

Basically, I’m trying to jump start the Draconica series from scratch and hopefully make it a stronger tale. Plus I’ve been working out ways to tie it to my other series, Amanda Moonstone.

#4. What inspires you to write, Draconica or any works?

Growing up, I always loved the medieval fantasy tales like Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia. There is just something magical about that sort of style that appeals greatly to me. Draconica is basically my way of paying tribute to the fantasy tales I grew up with. In recent years, I also got into Manga and Anime – and I love how that genre doesn’t necessary take itself too seriously. Sometimes fantasy is just overblown drama, it’s nice to have some humour to flesh it out. I try to do that with a lot of stuff I writer – balance drama with humour.

#5. Your cover art is stunning. Could you tell us about the artist?

The original character designs were done by Alexis M Centeno (my former artist) but this artwork was done by Kirsten Moody. Those who follow my work will know she did the artwork for Amanda Moonstone: The Missing Prince – and she agreed to lend her talents to the Draconica series as well. She is a fantastic artist that has been uber-enthusiastic about doing art for this series and really enjoys my writing as well. I can honestly say she’s one of the best artists I’ve ever worked with, and her dedication to this and my other series is nothing short of phenomenal.

zd#6. Who is your favorite character in Draconica?

That would have to be Zarracka Dragonkin. She’s the one on the back cover in the blue dress. I know she’s the villain and she has her… ahem… charms – but as a character I think she goes through a fantastic arc in the series as a whole. She’s self-assured and utterly despicable at times, but once you know a bit of her character, you may just feel sorry for her. So far she seems to be the most popular character in the series from what I’ve heard others say. I guess it’s because she knows what she wants and how to get it. Plus I think she has the best powers out of all the Dragonkin.

Funnily enough, when Frozen came out, Zarracka got a lot of comparisons with Elsa – given her sassy nature and ice powers. So I guess you COULD say that Zarracka is my version of Elsa – even though Zarracka DID come out before Frozen. So if anything, Disney are ripping ME off! (Just kidding… if Disney are reading this, please don’t sue me!)

#7. If you could live anywhere in Draconica, where would that be and why?

That’s a good question. I think Brittana would probably be one of the best places to live – considering that Daniar Dragonkin protects it and her father is a kind ruler. Also the capital city St Geordia is protected by an indestructible wall (or is it?) so you’d probably be safer there than anywhere else.

#8. How did you come up with your lore for dragons and the Dragonkin?

Dragons have always been my favourite creature in fantasy full stop, and they are pretty much the standard trope in Fantasy – particularly in Epic Fantasy. Usually though, they are portrayed as dangerous beasts or magical, intelligent beings – but I decided to go one step further.

Essentially, in this series, the dragons are essentially gods that had power of Space and Time, so they used this power to create life on Draconica, having travelled the Universe and seen much life. They were essentially the rulers of Draconica for the longest time (so I guess you could say sorta similar to Dark Souls, except they were – mostly – friendlier) until they died out after many thousands of years. They were the peacekeepers, protectors and – in some cases – tyrants of Draconica.

When the last dragon died, he implanted the powers of dragons into four sisters – who became the Dragonkin. The idea was that they could carry on the legacy of the dragons. This is an idea that has kinda been done in fantasy before – and a few times I’ve been accused of ripping off the Dragonborn from Skyrim (again though, I wrote this series long before Skyrim came out). This pretty much fills the backbone of my Draconica series – seeing how Draconica adapts without the help of the dragons and how the Dragonkin carry on their legacy.

bigbong#9. Okay, most important question ever: Who would win in a fight: Bing Bong from Inside Out or Doug from UP? And…GO!dougup

I would say assuming he doesn’t get distracted by squirrels, Doug. I love Bing Bong, but I think Doug could be that little bit more dangerous.

#10. Confession: I knew Dan was a huge Disney and Pixar fan, like myself. So, I have heard from the ocean network that you have a new Youtube Channel, something with a panda or something…Can you elaborate?

Ah, you mean Moon Panda Power? Well, my cool writer amigo, that is a new YouTube channel I’ve recently started with an extremely talented writer (you might know who she is, Morgan 😉 ). It’s a kinda of blog/podcast channel where me and said writer talk about things that interest us. Everything from Disney to Anime and beyond. Recently, we’ve also been doing this little even called Disney Couples Reshuffled – where we took existing couples in the Disney world and gave them different partners. It’s been a fun event!

#11. Hehehe! Yep, Dan and I happen to have a Youtube Channel together, Moon Panda Power. We look forward to providing cool videos for you all in the future, such as…*coughs “Dan, please tell them what types of videos we will be doing”*:

We’ll be doing top fives, top tens – heck probably top fifteen! We’ll also be doing reviews, general discussions and anything else that takes our fancy! And I already mentioned the Disney Couples Reshuffled event!


#12. This Disney Couples: Reshuffled event has been intense! How did you feel about it? Did you have a favorite couple or a shocking moment?

You can say that again! Well my biggest shock was that I didn’t get Flynn Rider in the selection process! XC Still hurting over that! But I think the hugest surprise was when Jane Porter and Robin Hood (two relatively forgotten characters in the Disney world) beat Jasmine and Beast. That was a big surprise! But it’s been a fun event and the support we’ve had is nothing short of amazing!

#13. What is a typical day in the life of Dan Wright like?

Normally I work most days, so most of my day is taken up with that. When I get back to work, depending on what I have on, I like to sometimes do a bit of writing and/or playing a bit of guitar. If I’m feeling lazy I’ll just watch YouTube videos, TV or play Dark Souls 2. Although I’ve had to limit the last one as I just rage too much whilst playing it!

#14. How is it being a slave to your cat? And we want a picture of your furry baby please?

Whispa is the best thing to happen to my family. She’s always there to cheer us up when we feel a little down or just need something fluffy to stroke. And I think she likes to sit on our lap as well. She’s so cute!


This one we took when she was half asleep. She’s so Kawaii! XD

#15. So…when am I getting that tea your mom promised me last year?

Mmmmmm. I could have sworn she sent it FedEx! XD


#16. What current TV shows are you obsessed with?

Too many to mention – I got a LOT of stuff to catch up with on Netflix at the moment. The one show I LOVE watching (probably unsurprisingly) is Game of Thrones. I can’t wait for the new series! Other shows I love watching is Heroes Reborn and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. On Netflix I love DareDevil and Jessica Jones. Oh, and I STILL need to finish Breaking Bad at some point!

#17. Any future writing projects in the future?

Oh I have a LOT planned! I aim to re-release all my Draconica novels at some point – hopefully through this year. Then I plan to start on my semi-newer series Draconi-Lore, which is a series of prequel novels I was going to do. I originally planned to do this whilst doing Trapped on Draconica, and released a few prequel novels before, but they’re also going to get a good going over. And I also plan to release my next Amanda Moonstone novel as well in the future. I also had a project which I started around NaNoWriMo, but I never really got round to doing much with it. Maybe I’ll try and fit some time in for that in the future. Just trying to keep my options open at the moment.

#18. Could you leave us with some words of wisdom?

I’m gonna leave you with two great quotes from author Garth Marenghi (Google him if you don’t know), as he has some of the best quotes that are both funny and true in my opinion XD.

“All I do, is sit down at the typewriter, and start hittin’ the keys. Getting them in the right order, that’s the trick.”

“You know, as a writer, if you took away my paper, I would write on my heart. If you take away my ink, I’d write on the wind. It wouldn’t be an ideal way to work.”

Truer words were never spoken XD And thank you SO much for having me on your blog once more. I had a blast!


Thank you to Dan Wright for being interviewed for my blog. Best of luck on your re-release of Trapped in Draconica.

Helpful Links:

Disney Couples: Reshuffled- FINAL TWO SHOWDOWN!

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It’s here! Many lovely couples have been split apart and pitted against each other to prove their new, randomized love. But, I personally have learned of some couples I would support if all Disney worlds were connected, maybe fanfiction/OTP worthy! And I always love to learn more Disney facts; they are worth more than all the gold on Treasure Island. ^_^ Everyone fought with their hearts hard, but we are now down to TWO couples, for from Team Dan and one from my team, and MAN! The numbers are intense! #TeamMPPMorgan

And, the moment of truth: Our final two couples are…


Rapunzel and Prince Charming (Team Dan) VS. Simba and Belle (Team Morgan):

MAN! I know my couple is the most unique and I am the under dog (under…lion?) here, but please recall to check out my original video and blog post on WHY these two would be good together.

Final Match Additional Belle and Simba Couple Facts/Reasons:

  • Paige O’Hara (The voice actress for Belle) and Matthew Broderick (The voice of Simba known from “Ferris Bueller”) are both close to the same age and have backgrounds in Broadway. O’Hara is give years older like Belle’s film is three years older than Simba’s.  Age closeness and similar careers can be a huge connection that can transcend to their characters.
  • After her fifth and final audition, O’Hara received a telephone call from Disney on her birthday, informing her that she had got the part as Belle. How amazing and inspiring!
  • Simba is based on Hamlet from Shakespeare’s Hamlet (along with a bit on Bambi).  Screenwriter Irene Mecchi said in “The Making of The Lion King” that the idea for the movie was first presented to her as “Hamlet in Africa with Bambi thrown in, so Bamblet.”
  • Belle is based on Jo March of “Little Women.”  Both are based on strong book heroes/heroines that are classics and mold breaking.
  •  Both films are very successful. “Beauty and the Beast” has been added to the Library of Congress achieves for its revolutionary approach to fairy tales and a strong fairy tale heroine (Belle) and “The Lion King” is still the in the top #5 highest grossing animated films of all time. Both have successful merchandise lines as well, even after two decades! Simba and Belle must know what they are doing!
  • Belle and Simba are both traditional shown to wear yellow, the color representing: “ joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.” This is true that when even their lives are thrown into chaos, they try to find happiness in it and we know Simba has energy and Belle is smart.
  • They both have brown eyes. Brown-eyes mean: “attractive and confident, associated with earth and thus, things like simplicity, creativity and positivism. They are independent, polite, caring and love making new friends and they are always up for trying new things in life. They are also practical but when it comes to the people they care about, practicality tends to take a back-seat as love and care overtakes it. They are usually the happy-go-lucky people who don’t care much for earthly possessions and are close to all things nature. Even though they are self-confident and determined, sometimes, they can have a hard time trying to express themselves to people. Great lovers and mighty trust-worthy, these people are the ones who you can go to for any help and they will go out of their way to make sure you are happy and satisfied.” This speaks to several of the personality facts in the last video and is SO true in an array of ways? What do you think?
  • Both have brown hair as well.
  • Belle and Simba makes friends easily, friends who are different, outcasts, but they do not judge and are loyal to them to the end.Belle, along with Aurora are the only two Princesses who weren’t protagonists in their original stories, but shared a protagonistic role in Disney’s version. You go girl!
  • Simba is the first animated Disney character to have a villain as a biological relative. THE DRAMA!
  • Simba’s adult mane was supposedly inspired by Jon Bon Jovi’s hair! Just a random fun fact!
  • Simba has trouble speaking in other animal languages, especially elephant. Good date for him and Belle?

Link to the original facts/information/reasons blog post:

Tagline: “You are as certain as the sun…I just can’t wait to be your king.”


Yes, I understand Cinderella’s film is classic and yes, I think Rapunzel is as awesome as a chocolate fountain, but they just don’t fit together. The Prince, in the original film, lacks personality and is a token (no offense). I get Rapunzel would go with ANYONE to get out of her tower to see the lanterns and she is adore for the Prince to fall for, but I can’t see her falling in love with him. He’s too white and she likes a world of color, a world of adventure and the Prince may have the kindness and resources, but not the spunk or fearlessness and THAT is what Rapunzel needs in a life partner.


Belle and Simba (AGAIN, I am focusing on Simba’s personality; I DO NOT BELIEVE IN BEASTLILITY!), have similar morals, desires for adventure, a loyality to their outcast friends, and have been vanished from the homes, having to find what is best for them. They are independent, stubborn, bright, but not scared to grow or show emotions; they NEED each other. Plus, Belle is used to seeing the man inside the beast, so…;)

Our final couple is from my favorite film and my publisher’s combined, these two can make a life where there must be more, and have no worries while achieving it! Please give Belle and Simba your votes so they can be the crowned champ of “Disney Couples: Reshuffled.” I also really don’t want to do the penalty. xD

Voting for the Final Match:

Voting is from March 26th to March 30th (winner revealed on March 31st)

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Top Ten Favorite Sonic the Hedgehog Characters (Top Ten #46)

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Other than the Lion King and a pony game, my first video game series and first loves for games in general was Sonic the Hedgehog, on my beloved Sega. This blue blur captivated me with his engaging worlds, fun game mechanics, challenges, and alluring lore. Plus, he was the coolest guy around and Tails was just adorable! Miles (my little brother) and I got hooked on Sonic (well…when Sonic Team still owned him, but we’ll not get into that). Shows, games, the movie, stuffed animals, and shirts were abundant of this Azul pricky critter in our lives and still is today. I will always treasure this series and the characters that make me feel confident. Gotta go fast, rolling around at the speed of sound! Here are my personal favorite characters.

On a side note: They introduced me to Crush 40, one of my all time favorite bands.

On a side, side note: I hope it’s true that Sonic is getting a movie in 2018! =D

  1. Shadow
  2. Amy
  3. Maria
  4. Sonic
  5. Tails
  6. Any ciao!
  7. Takel
  8. Chaos
  9. Knuckles
  10. Rogue

Honorable Mentions: Cream the Rabbit, Big the Cat, Espeo, Eggman, Dr. Robotoic, Stretch the robot (original TV show)



Disney Couples: Reshuffled- Match #8 (Final)- Belle and Simba

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286937bck8l2glet 261527i097l1b40s Which new Disney couples will get your heart a twitter and have the awwww’s flowing out of you like the river of love? That’s what my fellow author/channel mate Dan Wright and I are trying to find out. Which newly crafted Disney couple has the greatest fate of true love destiny? You help us decide!

But, I KNOW you chose in Match #7 #MPPMorgan! With the new information on our classic Prince Frederick paired with our precious, bubbly Anna, we knew you could not let this couple go!

Our final couple is from my favorite film and my publisher’s combined, these two can make a life where there must be more, and have no worries while achieving it! Welcome Simba and Belle! Match #8 is being thrown down today, from March 15th to 16th! Make sure to watch my video (and Dan’s too…if you want…;)-) for our contenders and vote for your favorite at the link below!

After this, on MARCH 20th, we will reveal the final eight couples moving on, then have four more voting matches! Check out my Facebook and Dan’s Facebook to vote for that! Then four will be selected on March 26th to move on to a final battle royale! ^_^ Who will win the love crown? You decide! The winning couple will be revealed on March 31st!

Match 1- March 1st

Match 2- March 3rd

Match 3- March 5th

Match 4- March 7th

Match 5- March 9th

Match 6- March 11th

Match 7- March 13th

Match 8- March 15th

Of course, there is a penalty for the loser, so be sure to check in to see who has to do the penalty and what it entails! Be sure to share the links when they are posted and invite as many people to this challenge as you can. Below are the reason why this couple is ready to go head-to-toe with Dan’s!

The poll and my video for my pairing are below and on my social medias. My team’s name is Team #MPPMorgan for our new channel (Dan and I’s: Moon Panda Power). Please check out our channel (all the videos will be on there).

Now, introducing our eighth and final new paring:  Belle (1991, Beauty and the Beast) and Simba (1994, The Lion King)*:

Tagline: “You are as certain as the sun…I just can’t wait to be your king.”

*As a note, we are referring to Simba as a PERSON with the same traits and background. I do not believe in beastiality. A WORD OF WARNING.

  • Belle, of course, means beauty in French.
  • Simba is swahli for lion.
  • Belle, true, is not royalty at the beginning, but since she has a good collection at books at her home and her father has to get parts for his inventions, it can be implied that her family has some money. This could make her more used to a royal lifestyle.
  • Belle is an independent woman and a heroic heroine, trying to fight back the wolves, returning to recuse Beast and pulling him up, standing up to the town that mocks her and her father and more. Yet, she is not afraid of emotion. Simba is similar to this as well: he has a youthful energy and is as head-strong and stubborn as Belle, but he makes the right decisions and willing to protect those he loves, even when scared or the odds are against him. Simba is also very independent.
  • Belle is very resourceful and book-smart and with her knowledge and Simba’s experience in the Pridelands, they can survive easily if lost.
  • They both of a connection to the sun and light (certain as the sun and everything the light touches is our kingdom).
  • Belle is used to going with her father’s moods over his inventions and believing in the impossible, despite her intellectual nature. This would help Simba when his personality changes from cub to adult.
  • Both Simba and Belle have lost a parent, an empathy for that sadness.
  • Both have run away before and had to be saved by animals.
  • They both like going places that are forbidden from their strong curious nature, unmeaning to cause trouble.
  • They both try to find enjoyment in their new homes after their bad situations and they both return to their original homes because of their family.
  • With Belle’s accepting nature for the Beast as he is and who he is inside, Simba, being a lion, would not be much different.
  • In Belle’s Enchanted Christmas, in her song about amazing stories, there is a male lion that roars in one of the song’s clips, looking like either Mufasa or Simba.
  • Both have successful musicals.

DISCLAIMER: Not affliated with Disney in anyway. Done just for fun and not profit.

Match #8- poll- VOTE NOW!

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