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“SPIRIT VISION (Volume 1) is amazing!! The events of the first few pages will grab you, pull you in and you will not be able to put the book down. Page after page is filled with detailed descriptions of the places, the characters, their emotions, thoughts, feelings. The imagination of the author is incredible as she brings these characters to life and takes you through their journey of finding the murderer. The plot is intriguing, the ending is unexpected, and everything in between is captivating. I am looking forward to the next volume of SPIRIT VISION!!”- written by N.S. on Amazon Reviews

“The book was a little difficult for me to be interested in at first because I am 67 years old, however, I will recommend it to my oldest granddaughter who is turning 12. I found Morgan’s descriptions to be delightful and her idealism refreshing. I was also glad she handled bullying in her book situated in a school setting. Giving her characters shades of grey, and hope for redemption was nicely interwoven. I must admit, even at my age, the ending was exciting and I thoroughly enjoyed Morgan’s modesty in the credits she gives to her community, teachers, family, friends. I also liked the way she explained her artistic process.”- D.D

“I would highly recommend this book for all variety of people. Even people who don’t believe in a higher power can feel a connection to the characters in Spirit Vision. The transformations of the characters personalities and abilities through out the story is real. The conflicts just as real. For those that don’t know yet the location the story takes place in the book is based off Farmington, MO and our High School. As a fellow Farmington Knight I loved that I could determine who each character was supposed to be based on from the school because of the great descriptions. I look forward to the next book and can’t wait for a pre order date to be announced!”- Okami, Amazon and review

” …I promise it is well worth the read. As it keeps you reading until the end and wanting more.”- J.K., Amazon Review

” If you loved the TV show Ghost Whisperer and Medium as well as Supernatural , then you will really enjoy Spirit Vision. It has the perfect amount of Supernatural mixed with Religion. So if you are a Christian and looking for a good fantasy novel to read, then Spirit Vision will also be up your alley.”- The Phantom Paragrapher Book Review, on Amazon and

“…I have to say, I really enjoyed the story in terms of the plot. It was suspenseful and quite chilling. The murders, mystery, and madness were well presented. I read part of the book at night and I honestly was soooo scared! I mean, I’m never really the brave ones since I really dislike horror to begin with but books usually don’t scare me unless it is written very well. Morgan wrote it in a way that made me scared to turn around or look in the mirror. Ahaha! I’m actually terrified as I am typing this now. If you are going to read this at night, hold your dakimakura tight!

As the story unfolded, the needed character met and the stage set, all the goodies started to pour out of the book. It was a new discovery after another. The pace was fast and exciting and had be oo-ing and ah-ing constantly. I can definitely tell you Morgan added elements that were unexpected and stuff that some authors won’t trudge upon. This added new flavor that I never experienced. I really couldn’t stop reading as I was trying to find out more and more about the story, the characters and the ending….” FireStarBooks Reviews.

“…I have to say how much I loved the character of Stary. She was everything I look for in a heroine. Strong willed, kick ass, but not too perfect and not afraid to play for laughs now and then…Thankfully, we have Umbra – the aloof, tall dark soul that’s sometimes a bit of a sundere , occassionally a yandere- but has a lot of personality. He’s basically what Flynn Rider would be if he acted like a massive douche most of the time…”- D.W., 5 star review

“A well-detailed book about the pressures of being a high-school freshman, bullying, best friends, and oh yes, paranormal activity. If you liked Harry Potter, Ghost Whisperer, and any anime then this book is for you. You must be willing to put yourself in the mindset of that awkward freshman who falls on her face and is the butt of the jocks’ jokes to fully understand. If you are older, you may have a harder time getting into this but the younger folks (I am 25) can get into this. I will say that it seems to be in multiple places sometimes, but I like that sort of thing. Overall, I am ready for book two! Give this one a try!”- T.B., 5 star review

“… I really enjoyed it and I felt a connection with the characters, Stary, Umbra and Maren…after the first initial chapters, I couldn’t put it down. Learning more about the characters just made me fall in love with them. However, the second half of the book was by far my favourite and was a lot easier to read and it got to a point where I was upset that it was coming to an end! The anime and manga references was also a bonus too 😀  I would most certainly recommend “Spirit Vision”.– C.E., 5 star review

“I actually got drawn into the book by the cover. It look interesting. And that is was. I like the names of the Character’s and the relationship they shared. My favorite would have to be the main character Stary and hope that he will be mentioned in the 2nd book. I would consider this book a teen/semi adult read. And I promise it is well worth the read. As it keeps you reading until the end and wanting more.”- J.K., Amazon review

Other Reviews for Spirit Vision:

“This book is so obviously a six out of five!”- B.P., 12 year old student

“Stary is my favorite character. She is so dyamanic of a character, always changing. That’s rare; I like it a lot.”– Br. P., 12 year old student.

“Oh my gosh! I love Spirit Vision so much! Stary is so cool. You have no idea how much I want the next one?”– 12 year old female student.

I LOVE IT!! One of Top favs. I can’t wait for the second one to come out & MORE!”- Little Panda, Goodreads Review

“I just read the first chapter of your book! It is really good. I couldn’t stop reading and had to see what was on the next page! ( keep in mind I don’t like to read lol ) You did a great job describing everything, I could picture it all in my head! Great, great job!!!!”- sent by A.W.

“I am reading Spirit Vision & love it!!…Your detailed description on every page is amazing!! Who knew that shy Morgan had such an imagination and writing talent out of this world!”- sent by N.S.

“I KNOW THE AUTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE WORKS AT MY SCHOL!!!!!!”- Anonymous reviewer on Barnes and Noble, 5 star review.

Official A Sweet, Little Dreams review:


“This is a very inspiring book for young adults. I love how she has an introduction for each poem. It really lets you know where she was at when she wrote them. She shows herself to be a deep thinker at a young age.” 5 star review on by J.C.

“The final verdict? I loved it, and you will too. Thank you Ms. Comnick for giving me the opportunity to resurrect feelings from my youth, through the words of yours.”- G.R.V, detailed 4 star review on Amazon and

“This is a great collection of short stories, plays, poems and uplifting tales. Starting from an early age, you can really see the progression of Morgan and how she has come so far as an author. The tales are funny, sad, uplifting, heartbreaking and inspirational…”- D.W. on Amazon, five star review

“I love how the author has introduction to her inspiration for each poem.  It is amazing she can remember to be honest! HA! But, it gives his a glimpse into her young mind.  My favorite works in the collection so far are “Boys are Idiots” and “Girls know nothing.”- N.S.

Official “New Beginnings” Review:

newbeginningsbanner“I also really enjoyed the way the story flowed and had a perfect mix of real life and supernatural – so that the reader didn’t feel bombarded with one particular story. Another good thing was that we got different POV’s in this story rather than just Stary (the other being The One Who Watches) so it was nice to get different sides to the tale. And of course, we had tons of Otaku related humour in there which was nice! If you didn’t know, Morgan is a huge Otaku and she likes to put little nods to her fav animes/mangas now and then – so fellow Otakus will feel right at home…Overall this is an amazing story by an amazing author. If you loved the first one, you NEED to read this one! The ending will leave you clinging on for more and wanting to know what happens next…It’s a lovely Slice of Life/Paranormal Romance that’s fun for all ages.”- Amazon review by D.W., 5 stars.

“The Power of Mortals” Reviews:

“…I did like the idea of Spirit Warriors, what powers they have, what their duty is. I really liked Stary. Despite everything that happened, she managed to keep calm, and she was very brave, not afraid to fight. The writing was excellent too, and I really enjoyed spending time in the world of the Spirit Vision series. I look forward to reading the other books when I have a little more time. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.”- I <3 Reading, 4 stars




 Fallen Star Dust Reviews:

“…This isn’t the kind of book you have to pick up and read it one sitting. Rather, it’s the type of book you have to cherish and enjoy slowly, savoring every part of it. You can pick it up, read a poem, and put it back, but the poem might haunt you long afterward.

I particularly enjoyed the short stories too, and how the author’s writing style changed and developed over the years. An intriguing collection that allows more insight in the author’s mind, and shows the creative process as it grows and develops over time.”- Blog Reviewer of I <3 Reading, 4 stars.

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