As an Otaku, I have several interests.  On this page, I will put lists and icons of my favorite mangas, anime, games, nerdy cultures, shows, books, stores, movies, and more.  🙂

To check out my all the books and writers I have read, go to my goodreads account. ^_^ I update this often.


  1. Cardcaptor  Sakura (done with all seasons, movies, and OVAs. SO PUMPED FOR THE CLEAR CARD ARC!)
  2. Fruits Basket (done)
  3. Ouran  High School Host Club (done with anime and Live Action)
  4. Princess  Tutu (done)
  5. Chobits (done
  6. Karin  (done)
  7. Hetilia Axis Powers (done with six seasons and movie)
  8. School Rumble (done with both seasons and OVAs)
  9. Sailor Moon (all seasons, movies, and OVAs: done and the Live Action in Japanese and original English dub from the 90’s. I am caught up on the new VIZ English dub cast.) Caught up on Sailor Moon: Crystal as well.
  10. My Love Story (done)
  11. Wedding Peach/Wedding Peach DX (done with all seasons and OVAs)
  12. Magic Knights Rayearth I & II (done with the series and the three episode alternate OVA series)
  13. Tsubasa  Reservoir Chronicles (done with both seasons, movie, and OVAs!)

Saturday Morning animes: Sonic X (some), Megaman NT Warrior (some), Yugioh (all of the original & the first season of GX & first season of Zexal, and the three movies), Pokemon (watched all series, but stopped at Diamond & Pearl.  Seen a handful of the Black/White and X/Y episodes.  Still LOVE the games), Cardcaptors/Cardcaptor Sakura (done), Digimon (I have mostly seen and liked Tamers the best, but I have seen a handful of the first four series).

Funimation Anime:

  1. The Wallflower (done)
  2. Princess Jellyfish (done)
  3. Romeo x Juliet (done)
  4. KenIchi- The Mightiest Disciplinal (done with both seasons)
  5. Black Butler (done with both seasons and OVAs. Need to watched the dubbed”Book of Circus” season AND “Book of Mystery” OVAs)
  6. Shuffle (done)
  7. Is this a Zombie season 1 (done)
  8. Kaze no Stigma (done)
  9. XxxHolic (done)
  10. Eden of the East (done with series and both movies)
  11. Your Name anime movie (done)
  12. Summer Wars movie (done)
  13. B Gata H Kei- Yamada’s First time (B H) (done)
  14. Okami and her Seven Companions (done)
  15. Peach Girl (done)
  16. Rosario X Vampire (done)
  17. Kodocha (done with both English seasons; there are four in Japan)
  18. Suzuka (done)
  19. Wolf Children movie (done)
  20. Negima?! (done with second series.  Need to watch series 1)
  21. Cat Planet Cuties (done)
  22. High School DxD (done with season 1. Need to watch seasons 2, 3, and 4)
  23. My Bride is a Mermaid (done)
  24. The Boy and The Beast movie (done)
  25. The Devil is a Part-Timer (done)
  26. Bamboo Blade (done)
  27. Is this a Zombie: Of the Dead? (season 2) (Liked season 1 SO MUCH more!)
  28. Save Me Lollipop (done)
  29. Comic Party (done with both seasons)
  30. Heaven’s Lost Property (done with both seasons; still need to watch both movies)
  31. Dragonar Academy (done with first season)
  32. Full Metal Alchemist (29 episodes, movie one, and OVAs)
  33. Fairy Tail (5 episodes so far)
  34. Moon Phase (done)
  35. Hello Kitty (watched 24 episodes)
  36. My Santa (done)
  37. Dance of the Vampire Bund (done)
  38. Master of the Martial Heart (done)

Working on: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time anime movie, Death Parade (whole series), Peace Maker (whole series), The Story of Saiunkoku (first 4 episodes), and Le Chevalier D’Eon (whole series).

Ones I want to watch:  Sgt. Frog, Big Windup (both seasons), Free: Eternal Summer, Brother Complex, Yuri on Ice,

ADV Films:

  1. Pretear (done)
  2. Ai Yori Aoshi (done with both series)
  3. Chorno Crusade (done)
  4. Angelic Layer  (done)
  5. D.N.Angel (done)
  6. Petite Princess Yucie (done)
  7. Super Gals (done  with both seasons)
  8. Cosplay Complex   (done)
  9. Sister Princess  (done with both seasons)
  10. Ghost Stories (English Dub)  (done)
  11. Moeya Ken T.V.   (done)
  12. Kaleido Star (done with both seasons)
  13. X (done)
  14. This Beautiful and Ugly World (done)
  15. Miyuki-Chan in  Wonderland (subbed by them; done)
  16. Pop Chance Session  (first 5 episodes; do have the rest)

Others: Air, Happy Lesson, Oh my goddess!

Viz Anime:

  1. Full Moon (done with season 1)
  2. Vampire Knight (done with both seasons)
  3. InuYasha (seen about 50 episodes between Seasons 1 through 4 and all 4 movies.  Now own the whole series in Japanese. REALLY wanna watch the “Final Act” season)
  4. Honey and Clover (I watched season 1 of the anime. I need season 2, the Live Action series (both), and the Live Action movie)
  5. Mermaid Saga (done)
  6. Corrector Yui (have all the English ones, but apparently, there’s more)
  7. Children Who Chase Lost Voices movie (done)
  8. The Last Love Song on This Little Planet (done with show and OVAs)

Anime I want to see: InuYasha Final Act, KamiKaze Girls (live action movie), Nana, Key the metal idol, Midori Days

Geneon/Bandai/Nozomi/Aniplex/Sentai Film works and other Anime:

  1. CLAMP School Detectives  (done)
  2. Marmalade Boy (Have sets 1-2 and 4. Need 3. Also done with Live Action)
  3. Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar (done)
  4. Fate/Stay Night AND Fate Zero (done)
  5. Fate: Unlimited Blade Works (done with season 1. Working on season 2)
  6. Garden of Words (movie) (done)
  7. Hirro no Kakera: The Tamayori Princess Saga (done)
  8. Doki Doki School Hours  (done)
  9. Special A (done)
  10. Koi Kaze (done)
  11. Cutie Honey (live action movie) (done)
  12. Ultra Maniac (done)
  13. I, My, Me Strawberry Eggs (done)
  14. Love Hina (done with main series. Need to watch OVAs)
  15. Rumiko Takahashi  Analogy (done)
  16. Mao-chan (done)
  17. Starship Operators  (done)
  18. 5 Millimeters a Second movie (done)
  19. Fate/kaleid liner prisma iilya (done with season 1 dub. There are 3 more in Japanese)
  20. Someday’s Dreamer (done with the first series. Working on the second series)
  21. Bodacious Space Pirates (done)
  22. Saint Tail (first 3 episodes)
  23. Angel Tales (first 2 episodes)
  24. Daibolik Lovers (done with season 1, no interest in seasons 2 or 3)
  25. Squid Girl (1 episode)
  26. Panyo Panyo Di Gi  Charat (done)
  27. His & Her  Circumstance (done)
  28. Piano: Melody of my  heart (done)

Need to watch that I own/can borrow:   Vengeful Joe, Tsukihime Lunar Legend, Seven Deadly Sins (2 episodes so far)

Animes I want to watch: A World only God Knows, Utena Revolutionary Girl, Marriage, Shrine of the morning mist, Kanon, True Tears, To Heart, Kannazuki No Miko, Glass no Kamen, Please Twins, Lyrical Nanoha, Kyo Kara Maoh!, Elemental Gelade

Japanese Animes and Live Action:

  1. Jun Jou Romantica (done with all three current seasons)
  2. Cute Earth Defense Club (done. Really want a dub!)
  3. Kobato (done)
  4. Itazura Na Kiss (done)
  5. Lovely Complex: Love Com (anime) (done)
  6. Love*Com the movie (live action movie) (done)
  7. The Rose of Versailles (done)
  8. Kimi Ni Todoke (From me to you (done with both seasons)
  9. Maid Sama (done)
  10. Food War (done with first two seasons. Need to watch season 3)
  11. Gakuen Alice (done. Waiting for season 2 to be made)
  12. Kotoura-san (done)
  13. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (done)
  14. Girls High (done)
  15. Tokyo Godfathers  (movie) (done)
  16. Kamichama Karin (Done. Waiting for season 2 to be made. ^^)
  17. Absolute Boyfriend: Live Action series  (done)
  18. La Corda d’Oro Primo Passo (done with first series. Wanna watch the second one.)
  19. Strawberry Panic! (done)
  20. Your Lie in April (done)
  21. Nagasarete Airantou (done)
  22. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (done)
  23. The Ancient Magus’ Bride (I’ve watched about 5 episodes with my husband)
  24. Brother Comflict (two episodes so far. REALLY want the dubbed version)
  25. Ramen Fighter Miki (done)
  26. Marmalade Boy (Live Action) (done)
  27. Pita Ten (done)
  28. My Little Bride (Live action movie)
  29. The Comic Book Artist and his Assistants (done)
  30. Gift: Eternal Rainbow (done)
  31. Hanayzona Maid Team  (done)
  32. Magical Witch Punie-Chan (done)
  33. Akiballion- Battlemaids of Akihabara (done)

Anime I want to see: I can hear the sea (Ocean Waves), Kimagure Orange Road, Piano, and Like the wind like the clouds, Miracle Girls, Tokyo Mew Mew, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Mamotte Shingrate, I’m gonna be a goddess, NaNa 7, Hidamari Sketch, Mahou Tsukai ni Taistsu na Koto, My sassy girl movie, Nanatsurio Drops, Nodame Cantabile, Sola, Sora No Manimani, Utakata, Brighter Than the Dawning Blue, BOKURA GA ITA, Dazzle, Kujibiki Unbalance and like FIFTY BILLION MORE!  xD

Live Action I want to see: Itazura Na Kiss (Live Action), Time Traveler movie (The Girl who Leapt Through Time), The Wallflower (Live Action), Train Man (Live action movie), Princess Jellyfish live action, My Love Story live action, Your Lie in April live action,

Studio Ghibli films:

  1. Castle in the Sky (own)
  2. Howl’s Moving Castle (own)
  3. Kiki’s Delivery Service (own)
  4. The Cat Returns (own)
  5. Ponyo  (brother owns)
  6. Porco Roso (own)
  7. Whisper of the Heart (own)
  8. Grave of the Fireflies (own)
  9. Spirited Away (own)
  10. From Up on Poppy Hill (own)
  11. My Neighbor Totoro (own)
  12. When Marine was there (own)
  13. The  Secret World of Arritery (own)
  14. Only Yesterday anime movie (own)
  15. The Tale of Princess Kaguya (own)
  16. The Wind Rises (own)
  17. Ocean Waves (own)
  18. Naussica & the valley of the winds
  19. Princess Mononoko (brother owns)
  20. Tales of Earthsea (brother owns),
  21. The Red Turtle (own)

Mangas top ten lists

Shojo Beat mangas:

  1. Ouran High School Host Club (done)
  2. Fall in love like a comic (done)
  3. Full  Moon (done)
  4. Millennium Snow (done)
  5. Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross (done)
  6. Stepping on Roses (done)
  7. Happy Marriage?! (done)
  8. Absolute Boyfriend (done with manga and Live Action)
  9. Meteor Prince (done)
  10. Monkey High (done)
  11. Idol Dream (4 volumes so far)
  12. Otomen (done)
  13. Time Stranger Kyoto (done)
  14. Sakura Hime (done)
  15. Demon Love Spell (done)
  16. Phantom Thief Jeanne (done)
  17. Ultra Maniac (done)
  18. The Magic Touch (done)
  19. Mixed  Vegetables (done)
  20. The Earl and the Fairy (done)
  21. Yurana (done. I finished all 9 volumes of the first spin-off series too.)
  22. Yukarism (done)
  23. Backstage Prince (done)
  24. Sugar  Princess (done)
  25. Sweet Rein (3 so far)
  26. I.O.N. (done)
  27. Short Tempered Melancholic (done)
  28. Captive Hearts (done)
  29. Voice Actor’s Academy (1 so far)
  30. Heaven’s Will (done)
  31. B.O.D.Y (one so far)
  32. Sand Chronicles (1 so far)

Working on: The Story of Saiunkoku (first 3 volumes)

Also have: Full Moon art book and Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross art book

Ones I want to read/get anime: Wanted

Del Ray/Others mangas:

  1. Mamotte Lollipop (done) DR
  2. Twilight  graphic novel (3 so far)
  3. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (done) DR
  4. Amazing Agent Luna (done) Other
  5. Amazing Agent Jennifer (done)
  6. Aoi  House (done)
  7. Codename-  Sailor V (done)
  8. Vampire Academy (3 so far)
  9. Citrus (5 so far)
  10. L <3 DK (3 so far),
  11. Fluffy Cinnamon roll (1 so far)
  12. Arisa (2 so far)
  13. Flower in the storm (done)
  14. Vampire Cheerleaders/Paranormal Mystery Squad (done)
  15. Orange Planet (done)
  16. Forget Me Not (2 far),
  17. Shall we dance a Waltz? (done)
  18. Four-Eyed Prince (3 so far, but English dubbed stopped)
  19. My girlfriend is a geek (2 so far)
  20. Ultimate Venus (done with the first 5 volumes that were dubbed, but the other 3 were not)
  21. Alice in the Country of Hearts (1 so far)
  22. Missions in Love (1 so far)
  23. Pop Wonderland picture book series- Cinderella, Thumbelina, and Little Red Riding Hood (need “Alice and Wonderland,” but done with the other three)
  24. My Darling Miss Bancho (1 so far)
  25. Fairy Navigator Runa (2 so far)
  26. Love Master A (done)
  27. Manga Dogs (1 so far),
  28. Dictatorial Grimoire (done)
  29. Shinki Tsukai (1 so far)
  30. Omamori  Hamari (1 so far)
  31. Dracula  Everlasting (1 so far)
  32. The girl who runs through time (done)
  33. More starlight in my heart (done, but more in Japanese)
  34. Ugly Duckling’s Love Revelation (1 so far)
  35. KonKo Kon Kon (done, but might make more) Other
  36. I hate you more than anyone (one so far)
  37. A Kiss for my Prince (done with the 2 volumes, but there should be more)
  38. Over the rainbow (done)
  39. Call me Princess (done)
  40. SOS (done)
  41. Queen of Ragtonia (only one published, but there should be more)
  42. Hello Kitty: Here we go! (done)
  43. Captain Nemo (1 so far)
  44. Voiceful (done) Other

Working on: Silent Voice (full series), Disney Dance Magic (2 volumes), Astro Boy graphic novel, Nightmare Before Christmas graphic novel.

Ones I want to read: My Boyfriend is a Vampire, POP, Ballad of a Shinigami, Yuzuka Café, Storm Born, A Bride’s Story, Three in Love, Tale of an Unknown Country, The Devil and her Love Song, Mr. Flower’s Bride, Shiki Tshkai, Cosplay Koromo-chan, Angel Dust, Kasumi, My dearest devil princess, He is my Master, Family Complex, King of the Lamps, My only king, Sweety

CLAMP mangas:

  1. Cardcaptor Sakura/Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow (done with both. Read the first translated manga of “The Clear Card” arch so far)
  2. Man of  many faces (done)
  3. Magic Knights Rayearth I/Magic Knights Rayearth II (done with both)
  4. The One I love (done)
  5. Tsubasa  Reservoir Chronicles (done with THE CURRENT manga and anime, movie, and OVAs)* Working on “Tsubasa: World Chronicle” (3 so far)
  6. Suki (done)
  7. Wish (done)
  8. Kobato  (done)
  9. CLAMP School Detectives (done)
  10. Gate 7  (done; on hiatus)
  11. Chobits (only 2 then stopped, but ADORE the anime!)
  12. Legend of Chun Hyang (done, but they may continue series)
  13. Duklyon: CLAMP school defenders (1 so far; struggling to find final volume)
  14. All  their art books (have CCS 1-3, Magic Rayearth 1 & 2,  Chobits art book, Tsubasa art book, CLAMP: North & South, CLAMP kimono book, CLAMP no Kiseki (all 12))

Working on: Angelic Layer (1 volume), Tokyo Babylon (2 volumes), CLAMP Paranormal Investigators (have all 3 and is a light novel series). 

Ones I want to read/get anime: Legal Drug, Clover, Rex: a dinosaur tale, and Legend of the dragon knights

Tokyopop (CLOSED in 2011!!!)

  1. Fruits Basket (done with original; SO READY FOR THE NEW ONE IN ENGLISH)
  2. DramaCon (done)
  3. Cherry  Juice (done)
  4. A.I.  Love You (done)
  5. Rizlemine  (done)
  6. Maid-Sama (done)
  7. Tokyo Mew Mew/ Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode (done with both)
  8. Pixie Pop (done)
  9. Sailor Moon (done)
  10. Miracle Girls (done)
  11. Mink  (done)
  12. Missile Happy (done)
  13. Love Attack! (have all 6 of the English translated, but there are 13 in Japan!)
  14. V.B.  Rose (14 so far, so finished with English translations, but more in Japan)
  15. Kamichama  Karin/Kamichama Karin Chu (done with both)
  16. Tsubasa-  Those with wings (done)
  17. Hibiki’s Magic (2 so far)
  18. Kedamono damono (done, but there was more in Japan)
  19. Kilala  Princess (done)
  20. Dream Saga (done)
  21. Pearl Pink (done)
  22. Kingdom Hearts series (Done with KH 1, Chain of Memories, 365/2 Days, and KH 2)
  23. Bloody  Kiss (done)
  24. DearS   (done)
  25. Instant  Teen: just add nuts (done)
  26. Red  Hot Chili Samurai (4 so far, but had to stop when company was closed)
  27. Aion (Finished the 3 that were translated in English)
  28. The Dreaming (1 out of 3 done)
  29. Mad Love (done)
  30. Mugen Spiral (done)
  31. Takeru: Opera Susanoh: Sword of the Devil (1 so far)
  32. Vampire  Kisses: Blood Relatives (done)
  33. Fallen Vampire (5 so far)

Working on: Dazzle (2 so far)

Others I’ve read (One shots): Nabi the prototype (done), Glass Wings (done), and Voices of a distant star (done)

Ones I want to read: Digimon Tamers, Saint Tail, Dazzle (anime), Stay Youthful, Rhysmyth, On the other side of the mirror, Fairies, The good witch of the west,

Made Manga for Conventions:

  1. 999 Roses (done)
  2. Scarlet Dragonfly (done)
  3. Paradigm Shift (1 so far)
  4. The Crow (1 so far)

Manga I stopped continuing: Marmalade Boy (1 volume), Karakuri Odette (1 volume), Shinboi Life (1 volume), Neko Ramen (1 volume), Pita Ten (4 volumes), Mamotte Shingetote (4 volumes), Guardian Hearts (1 volume), Magical X Miracle (1 volume), Comic Party (1 on the manga, but stopped.  However, LOVE the anime!), Pink Innocence (1 volume), Real Fake Princess (1 volume), Imadoki (1 volume), B.B. Explosion (1 volume), Minima (1 volume), Cactus’ Secret (1 volume), We were there (2 volumes), St. Dragon Girl (1 volume), Fox Lady (1 volume),

ICONS (I will let you guess the anime or manga…^_-):

think_outside_the_tv_screen_by_shiningpokestar-d4v9pwl pkme1 pkme4 pkme22 pkme21 pkme14 pkme13 pkme15 pkme2 pkme3 pkme5 pkme6 pkme7 pkme8 pkme9 pkme10 pkme11 pkme16 pkme17 pkme18 pkme20pkme12