The Power of Mortals- Spirit Vision 3


Book 3 in the “Spirit Vision” series:

Release date: Friday, October 21st, 2016

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Here is the official blurb for the book:

You are the beacon of the Lord’s two worlds, but how can you protect them when you have lost your shining light?

When Stary Moon, the Spirit Warrior, awakes on the lunchroom floor of her school, battered and bloodied, she cannot recollect how she came to such a state.

Stary ignores the concerns of her best friends, Chloe, Rin, and Lauren, and continues to go on with her life, but no matter how normal her days and Spirit Warrior duties are, she feels a lingering sorrow like someone is missing from her life.   Her friends discover some shocking truths about Stary and realize they’re the only ones who remembers Umbra—Stary’s boyfriend who has mysteriously gone missing. Stary’s universe crashes around her and the fate of the world rests on her shoulders. Her objective is clear, but when she leaves on this mission, there is no turning back, and she will lose one of her worlds—the mortal world of her family and friends, or the spiritual world of her duty and missing someone, for good.  Still, Stary has a point to prove to this dark presence that is threatening to consume the planet: there is power from those one least expects, and Stary is prepared to risk everything on this claim.

*Covers were drawn by Suzy Zhang (the same artist for the first one).  The covers’ text was made by my editor, Sheenah.

*MAJOR THANKS to my Beta Readers/editors: Morgan W, Casey, Dan Wright, Danny B, and Kate Dillon

My website’s official cover reveal:

Sample of “The Power of Mortals:”


A word from a Mortal who is Immortal

“Have you ever considered giving up your life for another? A stranger or loved one?  I know we all say ‘Of course,’ but when that final second ticks and the fires are blazing, do we honestly know how we will act?  Saying and doing are entirely different.

“I know it hurts to die with all the confusion, the regret, the pain.  I also know it’s just as agonizing to be left behind, the movie playing the same horrific second over and over.  You can’t rewind; you can never go back.  And your fast forward button is broken until you find the will to fix it.

“You love with all of you.  It’s buried deep, like treasure.  That’s why when your love is gone, the knife wound fits too nicely in the space.  But, I would never give up my life.  It’s a sacred gift I only receive once.  I would struggle for my love’s life, but never lose it, because, if I died instead of him, the shock would destroy him body and soul.  He would be stuck with that guilt and broken remote.  I could never do that to him.

“All those classic couples who assume killing themselves would cure the pain when they lose their loves, like Romeo and Juliet or Pyramus and Thisbe. What a waste!  What terrible role models for unselfish love!   Heaven is always open; I should know.  Your love will wait for you, as painful as it is. Life is a gift to handle with care.  Yet, I understand it’s hard to be a ghost in a living body.

“There is no real winner, but regardless, I will never give up my life.  At least, that’s what I thought.”

Chapter 1

 The One who Watches from Above

If I have to wait for Lauren for another second, I’ll go bald!”

Sophomore Chloe Dew grunted this loudly in her skull, examining the spilt ends of her blond, wavy locks.  What disgusted her most was that her constant tugging on her strands were the cause of her new split ends. She balled a length of her hair in her fist, tangling it and squeezing it for dear life, damaging it, but it was better than chewing on it like a toddler like she was yearning to do.

The young maiden’s nerves were shot, a rocket with no fuel.  Her mind began to wander, spin in a cycle of unease as she recalled the events that led to this crashing position.  The previous day, she had found her best friend of two years, Stary Moon, sprawled face down on the floor, her body having tiny prickle holes like she was a pincushion, blood lazily springing out of each mark.  Stary’s sock was dyed in crimson, stained with her own blood.  Chloe shuttered at this section of the flashback, rubbing her hands over her bare arms to control the chilling goosebumps. The sight of blood had always made Chloe ill and now, allowing more captured moments to be glued.

She swallowed, allowing more pictures, captured moments, to be glued to the scrapbook of her mind.  Chloe was lucky her friends, Rin Fortune and Lauren Flower, had found Stary. Rin had a unique sensitivity to the vibrations around her and in nature. At times, this included people and beings from the other world, although her abilities were not nearly as sharp.  A pull from the air had called to Rin, one with such a driving force that she grabbed their strong and dependable, always sensible friend Lauren with her, clawing her wrist in the process.

Chloe whimpered in her hair, stirring the faint scent of her Strawberries and Cream shampoo, “Rin is so rough and gruff.  If she was going that mad, if she was that concerned about Stary’s well-being…Then what choice do Lauren and I have other than to believe her now?” In the past, it was Stary who believed Rin about her powers; Chloe and Lauren were not for it or against it, just…cautious to believe anything.  But now, things have changed.


Sneak-Peek of the bonus story:

Can ONLY be read in “Spirit Vision 3!”

“Ya’ don’t believe me, huh, Missy Spirit Warrior?” His eyes slanted in a cocky challenge as his smirk became that of a character with all his move sets maxed out. He pointed to himself, reminding me too much of Axel, a character’s personality I had memorized.

“Look at my skin. Go ahead!” He got right up close and personal, humming Darth Vader’s march after his dare with a boyish, closed smile, acting like we were just two friends conversing.

Why do I always get the kooky ones?

I tip-toed a few inches back so I could get a good look of his face. As his large eyes blinked, sweet eagerness and determination in their flecks of gray and gold, I noticed something embedded in his flesh. All spirits looked human, but, in the right light, they were as white as a sheet with a slick appearance to their skin, looking like a true depiction of a floating cadaver. It’s eerie and harsh. Yet, most of the time, they look like themselves, but with an their aura outlined around them. It’s like a very well-crafted hologram.

Yet, his skin had another layer- little, near microscopic, squares of peach that laid on his flesh. I had to squint to see their outline, but when I leaned my head back, all I saw was him. It was like a piece of art that makes one giant picture, when, in reality, when you were right in front of it, you saw it was composed of multiple tiny shapes and designs. Mr. Sheep made us do one of those a few weeks ago in Art II:

Pixel art.


Praises for “The Power of Mortals:”

“I did like the idea of Spirit Warriors, what powers they have, what their duty is. I really liked Stary. Despite everything that happened, she managed to keep calm, and she was very brave, not afraid to fight. The writing was excellent too, and I really enjoyed spending time in the world of the Spirit Vision series.”- Review during my book’s blog tour

The 13 Days of Spirit Vision 3 Quotes Event:

To celebrate the release of “Spirit Vision 3” and the start of its blog tour (both on October 21st), in October of 2016, I started a hashtag for Halloween and the release: #13daysofspiritvision3, each post having one of thirteen quotes from the book or the short story, just to get a taste for more. ^_^ Now that the book is out, here are all the quotes I did for the mini promotion.  All these lines are in the book.

“What sort of Star Wars type name is that? Stary’s mind mocked.”

“If I died young, I probably wouldn’t want anyone to know how either.
“The reason I’m here today, Ms. Stary Moon, is because I feel sorry for you.””- Chapter 3

“Save that tasty beefcake, sister! Shoo to Umbra!”

“What the heck?!” Rin rebelled, throwing her hands up in irritation, “Now you get super powers too? What a rip-off!”

“You will break the rest of binds of your ivy vines. That is my final order!”

“Two and a half hours. 150 minutes. 9,000 seconds. No matter how Goku awesome that number was, I knew that soon…”

“It’s from The Princess Bride, Rin, but the word ‘fun’ is supposed to be in there and Billy Crystal…but, that didn’t sound fitting in our situation.” I explained although Rin grunted, not interested in being lectured about her lack of classic, medieval romantic comedies from the 80’s.

“I wasn’t sure how blood could be burnt nor why I recalled the smell of dried glue so vividly, but there it was, buried in the base of the bowl, lurking.”

“Embedded in its coils was purple dew drops and fire! My body and mind collided, countering each other like a twisted debate match.”

“I halted for a moment, surprised I didn’t kick up enough dust particles to make the clouds sneeze out rain, but duh; like Heaven would have dust! Those two little words triggered a memory inside me like water bubbling up from a freshwater spring.”

“I smiled to myself through the kaleidoscope of stardust and feathers that I was transported to before we broke through the barrier, the pathway to my new life. Children. My children. What was I to say about that? I beamed at nothing at all, commenting, “Yes indeed.”

““So, what’s the plan, Boss Badass?” He lifted his eyebrows, his playful nature back.
I sighed, giving him a pointed look, “One, I curse with food, not profanity. Learn that now, private.”
He mock-saluted me, his face serious in attention, “Yes, Madame!”
“Good grief, Charlie Brown,””

My amigo blinked at me like I sprouted a second head. “No…I just hear Psycho-Super-Annoying-Demon-Angel flapping his eagle wings to rub salt in our wounds. Wait. I hope that’s not an option for him. I already have gravel in some of my ectoplasm cuts.”