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If God gave you a mission, would you answer His call?

The Lord has given Stary, a high school freshman, a mission: extinguish the evil residing in the murderer of two teens—Maren and Umbra. Stary never imagined that her strange visions meant that she was the Spirit Warrior for God and now with her powers activated, she must train to use them and try not to get caught by the murderer who has the ability to hide and conjure up the dark powers from the fallen angel himself—Lucifer. If Stary fails, not only will she lose her life, but Maren and Umbra will lose their entry into heaven and the world will be exposed to the madness of the murderer for the next forty years until the new Spirit Warrior is born.

Praise for Spirit Vision:

“SPIRIT VISION (Volume 1) is amazing!! The events of the first few pages will grab you, pull you in and you will not be able to put the book down. Page after page is filled with detailed descriptions of the places, the characters, their emotions, thoughts, feelings. The imagination of the author is incredible as she brings these characters to life and takes you through their journey of finding the murderer. The plot is intriguing, the ending is unexpected, and everything in between is captivating. I am looking forward to the next volume of SPIRIT VISION!!”- By N.S. on Amazon Reviews

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Sneak peek: Chapter 1



The sharp, cool fog hit the back of my dry throat, filling it with dampness. It was harder to swallow with each sharp breath I took. It felt like a knife was being stabbed into my chest and letting all my air, my life, leak out. But I refused to stop breathing. I could not accept that the task that kept me alive was slowly dragging me to my end.

Go ahead and choke…

I held my chest tight, trying to keep this voice coming from inside my heart at bay. Clutching my hands, I saw how purple and shaky they were; it spiked my fear levels. It was becoming unbearable to breathe. My eyes found a dark skeleton of a serpent. It was wrapping around my neck like a fashion scarf. His beady eyes stared into my soul, gaining more control over me, his velvet voice hissing and commanding, “Yes…time to end your life so dark hearts can thrive…Close your eyes as I stop your breath…

I gradually closed my eyes and felt my spirit lifting, my struggle to fight laughable. Heat crept into my face, making color flash before my eyelids. There it was; death was awaiting me.

My head fell back, forcing me to look at the ceiling. I sent up a silent message to the sky to the one who was watching over me and asked if they would care for my loved ones if I vanished. Suddenly, in a rush of speed, my hope dangling from a frayed thread, all of my life poured back into me, being carried into me by a blinding light. My eyes popped opened due to the power and love that radiated within me now. I scanned the room, noticing I was in science class and breathing like normal. The snake was nowhere in sight. No thoughts of him haunted me anymore. Only a scream and someone falling deep into a hollow hole that was invisible to me filled my head. Still, those thoughts were fuzzy and then it was stripped away from my mind…

I stared. Everything appeared stable, my choking experience only known to me. My classmates were pretending to write notes as they watched Mrs. Shell with bored eyes. I smiled from relief. It seemed like nothing had changed since the experience. My head was already pounding from trying to do conversion factors, but after my newest experience, my brain was on maximum overdrive and about to fry any second! I ignored the confusion and focused on trying to be normal.

“I want you all to add hertz to your list of standards, okay class?” Mrs. Shell announced.

I did as I was told and looked at the volt meter Mrs. Shell was holding. I halted when I heard a heavy sigh. I turned around swiftly to see Chloe frowning and tapping the band tune she had hummed in the hallway earlier with her pencil eraser.

I whispered with a grin, “Chloe…why aren’t you taking notes?”

She jumped up, like I bombed her own little world she was consumed in, which was not surprising. Chloe leaned forward to my right ear with a big, weird smirk on her charming face.

“I don’t need to write this junk down. When I get older, I’m going to marry Orlando Bloom and he can hire me and my best friend a person to write all these notes for us!” She winked at the end, referring to me. I had to snicker at ‘Chloe Bloom.’ I loved the way her dream name sounded!

Her face turned very strict and anxious. “Are you all right? I saw your hands shaking…”

A feeling of dread crashed the atmosphere into the day, as if being caught with the snake had set the world off-balance.

“Do you need to talk about something?”

I felt like my face was a blackboard and a teacher was erasing the smile off of it. My mind jumbled, I looked into her eyes to reply, “I’m fine Chloe. I just got a little sidetracked is all.”

She squeezed my hand with sympathy, but we both knew her understanding was fake. Her eyes bugged out into the size of grapefruits, her head sinking down like a submarine. It wasn’t like her to act so weird. My heart beat a message to me in Morse code: ‘She knows something you don’t. Run!’ It raced faster, having the beat of a storm, the dread and anticipation too much for it.

She lifted her head up, jerked my hands firmly, and said, “Be careful. You are the only one that can open the gate for me…for all of us.”

What? Open what gate?

I was petrified. I felt like I was looking at the eyes of a stranger, not my dearest friend. My hands throbbed under Chloe’s strong grip. They became bruised. I tried to twist them away, but she grabbed them tighter, showing me a cruel smile that shattered my rationality. That look wasn’t Chloe’s usual angelic smile I adored, but a dark, sinister grin that ripped my soul into a black hole. A smile of humanity-shattering evil matched her new beady eyes…

I pulled and tugged with all my might to get away, but it was no use. Her nails dug deep into my flesh, piercing my body. I bit my lower lip, trying not to let the pain flood over me, but it was overwhelming, blocking my ability to think.

I was about to give up—death must have wanted to claim me—until I saw something…a mist of hazel smoke floating in Chloe’s eyes. It was only there for a second, a split second, but I saw it. It seemed unnatural. What was happening with Chloe? Then, I realized it all at once: she wasn’t with me anymore.

Using my last ounce of will, I ripped my hands out of its clutches and screamed, “Stop it! I know you’re not Chloe. Leave me alone!”

Its face was taken aback; its eyes blackened darker than night. The smoke slithered out of my friend, shooting out of the tips of her blonde hair like gamma rays. Her panicked face was strained and terrified.

The energy that was released made the whole room become white and black, warped like a Through the Looking Glass checkerboard. Instead of a white rabbit, however, a shadow appeared, dancing in front of my eyes. It was spinning and twirling around me like a happy child. Leisurely, it went to my side. I couldn’t see its figure, but I sure felt it and my heart yearned to love that shadow.

It whispered to me in its dance: “Remember the light. Remember my light. Remember your light. We are one.”

I heard a snap. It echoed, ringing in my ears. I was dazed, trapped within its vibes. My legs felt rubbery, ready to fall to the core of my world. The shadow surrounded me, but a force pushed it back. It was close enough to protect me, but not touch me. I smiled and began to tear up at the same time from our situation and yet, I felt like I was drowning in an endless lake, about to faint. Too late, I realized I was—

I fluttered my eyes open, adjusting to the overbearing light of the light bulb above. All I could hear was Mrs. Shell talking about radios as everyone scratched down notes. I decided to look at Chloe, who still seemed out of it, but she appeared to be recovered. I glimpsed at her again and she glanced upward, giving me her angelic smile. Chloe was back! I shrugged off the vision of the shadow from my mind so I could continue on with the rest of my peers.

Mrs. Shell was showing us how to work a heart monitor before starting our new lab. The way it worked was so neat that I didn’t mind writing notes. It was better than thinking about all the strange daydreams I was having, if that’s what a sane person would call them.

With my head bent down to write, a glitter of golden dust entered my eye, making it watery. My poor eyes needed a break from all this pandemonium! While trying to get it from blocking my vision, I saw a little circle of sunlight on my paper. Where’s that coming from? I touched it, oddly fearful of its power, at how it radiated warmth somehow on its own, but dazzled by its beauty. The warm glow was comforting. I figured it was from the window, but they were closed and covered by blinds. Strange—no! It was normal from what I had been thinking about all period!

It suddenly grew bigger and bigger, until I couldn’t see my notes. Great! My mind drifted to Mark, who I imagined had it worse on his paper since he was closer to the window and all that jazz. I looked back at my beloved, short friend with his dark and lovely skin, rich brown eyes covered by cool glasses, and his sweet, but firm smile that made every girl go weak in the knees for an instant. However, his paper was ordinary, making my assumption incorrect. Weirder, Mark appeared to be moving slow, real slow.

I adjusted my head to see that Chloe, Rin, and Lauren were as well. Everyone was but me, the stupid girl with the dumb light on her paper, which was now swallowing up my personal bubble. Mrs. Shell became still, the heartbeat monitor attached to her showing a straight line. Nor did she breathe. Nothing but dead silence consumed me and the classroom. I was the only thing moving. Yet, a click entered my ears followed by a tick and then a tock. All I could hear was the school’s cheap clock and it was like an omen for something approaching.

The glow was gone from my paper, but the heat from it that I had felt earlier turned into a blinding ray of white that shone only on me. It grew larger until I saw something flowing within it… Hair? Long and radiant hair at that! The beam began to take shape, a human form. It was so beautiful yet scary at the same time. What sort of CGI Hollywood movie scenes was I experiencing?

The light sat by me, touching my cheek fondly. I could feel the vivacity of the beam’s finger as it brushed my skin and I could hear its melody like a heartbeat. Our heartbeats were then one, forming a stunning duet. That made me nervous, halting my ability to speak, breathe, and think. The enchanting song did not seem to belong to us to share, but it connected me to someone, like the ray of light was fusing me with the missing part of my soul through a song.

Finally, it spoke. “You are a special girl, miss. I know you will help us during this time of hardship.”

I saw the lovely, but pained face of the divine creature. It was crying. It floated closer toward me, holding my hands as it began to continue its words, swirling me in a melancholic spell. “Yet, be careful pet. It will be dangerous for you to face your rival, but we will try our best to protect you.” It smiled before going on with its speech. “I hope we both find what we are looking for…”

Looking for? What was I looking for? Who were the “we” it was referring to? Why did it mention an enemy? I wanted to know everything that very second, but mostly, I wanted the most obvious question answered: What was going on? All of this chaos was not ordinary! Sure, I had weird dreams, but never anything so real and upsetting….this involved…

Out of the blue, my legs began to move, but I knew it wasn’t me doing it.

“Stary! Stary! Wake up now!”

That voice. It was faint, but heartwarming to hear something so familiar. However, I didn’t want to follow its path just yet. The last thing I remembered before being tugged by invisible wires to the sound of my name was the light staring up at me with worried eyes. My heart felt cold and my spine tangled in knots, my body tingled. The reason was that… my soul was being ripped into two separate fragments.

“Stary! Stary! Honey, wake up!”

I leaped out of my bed, sweating like crazy to reply to the comforting sound. My chest was aching wildly and my throat burned.

“Stary, you were screaming in your sleep. Are you all right babe?”

I looked up slowly, absorbing the face of my father. I had no words; my lips were sealed tight.

I moved a loose hair from my face so it wouldn’t be stuck in my nervous sweat before answering. “A dream? Are you sure?” My breath sounded like a fog.

He blinked at me in a funny way, like I had, without warning, put on a clown suit with stupid shoes to match. “Of course! What else could it be?”

What else? Life or death? Nothing or everything? Important or useless? Or maybe I was nuts. I wasn’t sure what to believe, but I knew I was home and still, my mind was wandering to find its place where it belonged.

“I’m cool Daddy. Really,” I answered in what I hoped would be a casual, chipper voice, but it sounded too forced to me.

He smiled with doubt in his aging eyes, but he let it go and hit my head playfully. “Good! Now get dressed and we’ll have us some bacon and cheese sandwiches.”

I grinned from ear to ear. Something soothing at last! “Sure thing Daddy.”

He quietly left my room, allowing me to find some inner peace. I plopped on my bed, looking at the stars on my walls. They were glistening in the morning sun.

A dream? My brain could not focus on the beauty my life was built upon as these new dark visions consumed my usual peaceful world . It sure as heck didn’t seem or feel like a dream! It felt real. It felt like I was being summoned, like I was—

A jolt of sensitivity zapped through my body. I thought I felt someone (or something) in the room. I looked in a rush, incapacitated by the energy. To my surprise, no one was there.

“Maybe I am nuts,” I whispered, rolling my eyes. This is not something a fifteen-year old girl should be worried about! Oh well. I put on some outfit and ran downstairs, where to my surprise (again), I couldn’t eat because I could have sworn someone was in my room, patiently observing me.

I gazed around the table to see my whole family there and nothing out of place occurred, but still…I felt like I didn’t belong. I nudged away the thought, grabbed a piece of toast, and hopped in the car with my dad for school. My dad talked to me about the usual things: students, bills, and stupid stuff my brother did. But, my mind wasn’t with him even if my body was in his old truck beside him. I was in my own little land, lost in the mysteries of my unconscious mind. All I could think about was the words I kept hearing, the meaning and images the dream showed me, and the beam of light. Who or what was waiting for me and if I faced it, would it show me rage or compassion?


Here is the back cover for the book, also made by Suzy Zhang.

Final Spirit Vision back cover art

jenna picture in black and white


Questions and Answers inside cover for Spirit Vision by 13 year old Jenna Preston. It is based on the cover.


Original Blurb:

If God gave you a deadly mission, would you answer His call?  Once you do…you can never go back…

High school freshman Stary Moon never imagined that her strange visions of lights and shadows, the dead body of a young unknown girl, and past connections to the otherworld meant that she was the Spirit Warrior for God.  The Lord has given Stary a mission: to find the murderer of the dead girl, named Maren, and her friend, Umbra, who were both killed by the same person, and extinguish the evil out of their killer.  Stary’s powers are now activated, but  she must be trained to use them…and try not to get caught by the murderer who has the unworldly ability to hide and conjure up dark powers from the fallen angel, Lucifer.   On top of this Stary is just trying to be an average high school girl with a dad who is her teacher, protecting her friends, and ignoring the tingling, melodious sensation she gets when near the short-tempered, handsome Umbra and her timid classmate Credence.   If Stary fails, Maren and Umbra will not only lose their entry into heaven, but the world will be exposed to the madness of the murderer for the next forty years until the new Spirit Warrior is born, and Stary will lose her life… High school drama is nothing compared to facing a murderer vent on destroying you!

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