SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMorgan was born and raised in the small, yet big enough town of Farmington, Missouri which has magic hidden within it along with bipolar weather.  Before she found her path to teaching and the bridge that connects her to writing, she wanted to be a paleontologist, a teddy bear designer, an actor (which she still dreams about, but in anime voice acting form), and an American J-Pop idol.  She had been writing since she was six, but never pondered it until her 6th grade Communication Arts teacher gave her the title “The Queen of Details” and her 9th grade Communication Arts teacher informed her she would make a fantastic book character for HIS future book, where she laughed, but it triggered the question within her “Why can’t I write one?”


When she is not writing, daydreaming, snuggling with her hubby, or trying to educate and inspire young minds at her local school district, Morgan enjoys singing, acting, drawing, playing video games, organizing things, doing goofy voices, confusing people by making them smile with her cute, but unique fashion choices, engaging in social interaction with her friends, family, co-workers, love of her life, and church family, smiling and laughing to burn calories, having ‘me’ time by listening to music and walking, watching awesome TV shows and movies, and collecting adorable plushies, and geeky buttons and keychains along with buying way too many books, graphic tees, and dresses.  She is in love with reading as well.  Her guilty pleasure, however, is being a full otaku.  Anime, manga, cosplay, Japanese culture and more help identify and inspire her every day, giving her confidence and happiness.


Morgan’s first book, Spirit Vision, fuses Morgan’s love for her hometown and the people close in life, the world beyond life, finding the magic only you can have inside yourself, the power of love and friendship, and of writing in general.  She hopes to make Spirit Vision a series and write many more books, sharing her always on imagination with the world.

Learn more about Morgan by watching her author introduction video!

^^*~Fun Facts about Morgan~*^^
* Morgan has the Lion King memorized.  It has been her favorite film since she was four and she has a stuffed Simba that still is by her bedside and has been since she was five.
* Her dream is to meet as many Funimation voice actors as possible along with Johnny Yong Bosh, Michelle Ruff, and Micheal Lindsey.
* Her first and still favorite anime (other than Pokemon) was Cardcaptor Sakura and CLAMP her treasured manga-ka.
*Morgan cannot touch her toes, roll her tongue, blow a bubble with gum, or ride a bike.
*Morgan is allergic to citrus.  She cannot even smell it.
* She is scared to death of Willy Wonka from a childhood event.
* She hates with a fiery passion markers, Kit Kat bars, mud, snakes, failure, violence, and disrespect.
* Her grandfather made the fancy bed Oliver & Lisa slept in on the classic show “Green Acres.”
* Her grandfather is also first cousin’s with Robert Wadlow, the tallest man in recorded history.
* Her favorite food is cheese.  She even puts cheese on top of cheese!
*Her birthday is on All Saints Day, which is the name of her church.  She is a Scorpio and a Dragon.
* Morgan gets headaches right before it is going to rain, sometimes days before.  She has never been wrong.
* She gave her friend a scar by digging her fingernails into his arm until he bled for he stole her Slim Jim for the 40th time that year.  But, in 5th grade, he forever messed up her big left toe by dropping a chair on it, so now they are even in Morgan’s book.
* As a student, she went to the principal’s office one time…to get an award.
^_^Quotes by those who inspire Morgan^_^

“Sometimes the printer prints dark, sometimes hardly at all.” Said by Mr. Behr, Morgan’s tutoring mentor and an English teacher.

“Life is like a page ripped out of a notebook; it can be painful & stressful, but can always be fixed with a little bit of ‘tape'”. Said by Mrs. Stroud, Morgan’s high school homeroom teacher/school mom for four years.

“Be good and ride a bike.” 11-year-old student

“[Insert little brother’s name here], get on some pants; we’re going to Huddle House!”- My dad

*3rd grade student to me* Mrs. Comnick, do you know were all this rain is coming from?

“Yeah, some water trainer is using rain dance way too many times!”

*Student nods* “I know where the thunder and lightning are coming from too…”

“Ha! Yeah, someone’s letting their Pikachu go wild!”

*3rd grade student blinks, confused* “Mrs. Comnick, God doesn’t have a Pikachu.”- Bus conversation with a third grader.

More coming soon!  Stay tuned; same Morgan time, same Morgan channel! 😉