If you don’t know, fan fiction are fiction stories written by fans of a show, game, movie, concept, and so on. They also tend to be short stories, collections of short stories, and sometimes have graphics with them. 

The year I took Mr. Banger for Creative Writing, I just discovered the anime, InuYasha, and fell in love with it. I even made a character for the show! The first two fan fictions are based on the InuYasha series.

“Rays of the Blazing Sun” is a retelling of one of my favorite episodes in the series and it stuck with me, so I wrote it as a creative story for Mr Banger’s class. He liked it, even calling it gothic! For any InuYasha fans, let’s see if you can guess the episode! Fall 2004.


Rays of the Blazing Sun

My heart began to pound heavily, my left eye hurting terribly.  My legs ached with pain, bleeding from the thrones I passed, but I had to keep going.  I head a crash. Someone may need help…

            I stopped behind a thin elm tree. There, in the tall grass, was a man. This handsome man was young, strong, with long and lovely white hair. I looked at him; he was not moving.  The ground under his delicate body was completely burnt. He was bleeding badly through his Japanese robe…His chest! A huge, purple gash was above his right peck.  He needed help and fast!

            I stepped closer to his feet. His boots were almost burnt to a crisp! I got a little closer, step-by-step, the whole time, staring at his beauty. Then, from out of nowhere, he woke up!  His eyes became evil red, his mouth had fangs, and he growled viciously.  Slowly, he stood and our eyes met. Again, he growled, a sign for me to leave him be.

I do not get scared easily! I could not leave him so hurt. I would surely die knowing I did.  I swallowed hard, shaking my head no. He must have had enough because he was charging right at me with long, ugly claws!

            I had no choice, but to run to protect myself.  How quick he was with so many injuries!  I ran away from the patch of forest, watching for him over my shoulder.  After I was out of his range, he stopped and watched me run. Still, the same look he gave me, yet it had a more calming type of nature this time.  Was he trying to save me from something?  Suddenly, he fell to the ground. I could see he was still breathing, yet it sounded hard.  I decided to go to the village to get him some medicine and food.

            The closest place to the forest was the village lake. The lake water was so clear and crisp. It felt chilling yet delightful to have little waves run over my feet.  I easily got fresh water for the man. Not, for the food. A fish swam by me, swimming circles around me…Perfect! I quickly grabbed him. Another soon followed.  He was a bit faster, but I grabbed hold of his slippery gills.

Something hard hit my head randomly.  I fell on the sharp rocks at the bottom of the lake, losing the fish.  I slowly turned…It was the villagers!

The leader of the pack grabbed me from the lake and kicked me to the ground. All the men circled around me, each getting a turn to kick me or hit me in the face.  When I could not move, the leader grabbed me with one hand and punched my left eye. I could not see out of it at all anyway and now, it really hurt!

“You stupid girl!” The leader yelled, “This is a private lake, so get out of here now!” My face was now in the dirt. I grabbed everything I had and limped to the forest. Whispers were among the men now. People always talk about me.

When I found him again, he was on the burnt patch of grass instead of the place he fainted on after he awakened. The shirt part of his robe was off. He must have woken up. Yet, his eyes were closed, probably sleeping now.  I quickly and quietly set the food and water in front of him and tiptoed to his chest when I heard a powerful, yet weak, gentle voice come from his mouth, “Thanks, but I do not need your kind gesture. I am not helpless.”

I stared at him, but dropped to my knees in front of him so I could begin to be hazel oil on his wounds.

“Like I told you,” he said, “I do not need your help.”

I looked up only for a second, but disobeyed his command and began to heal his left arm. The whole time, he watched me from head to toe, making me blush.

“Where did you get those scars?” He asked. I looked at them. The ones from the villagers. “You do not have to tell me if you do not want to…”

He actually cared? No one cared about me since…just the thought made me laugh and smile wide.

He saw I was happy, so he quickly changed his pace of heart, “I am not worried; I was only wondering…” He said, but I could not help it. I kept smiling.

I walked back to the village when I finished. It was near sunset and I wanted to rest at my house. When I looked, there was an ugly man, begging for his life and a dark young man, half human, half…wolf?  He slashed his claws, cutting the man in half! I stood there in horror! He grabbed a small jewel from the dead man and then snapped his fingers. He was gone as quickly as the wind.

A howl. I noticed the smell of blood in the air…There has been a massacre!  And the wolves were heading right my way!  There they were, coming down the hill. Half a dozen of wolves, all coming this way. Then, the half guy must have been the leader who summoned them! I ran as fast as my hurt legs could carry me. The wolves got my scent and ran after my quickly. I then thought of the man in the woods. Maybe he could save me. I ran inside the deep part of the woods.

It was hard to run with all the scars all over my body and the forest was dark, hard with my one seeable eye.  I had to get to him and help him as well. Something grabbed my foot and I had a mouth full of leaves and mud. A shadow was above me, a wolf jumping for the kill. I cried a scream and covered my head…


            “OH! My lord! You have done it! You have realized the true power of your sword…”

            I slowly opened my eyes to a small, very ugly green thing with a staff, going on and on about some sword in a real annoying voice. I looked to see I was being held, but by whom? It was him! The man of the forest. I was in his arms and a sword was down his side. He carefully put my down on the ground and walked off.

            “My lord! You are going to leave me again?! How evil of you master! And why did you use your ultimate attack to save this ugly, weak excuse for a human?”

            All I could do was stare at the man, his long graciously shifting in the breeze. He…he saved me? I slowly walked behind him while the annoying toad thing was going on about an episode he was having. The forest man stopped and turned to face me, not speaking, but only looking.

            Then, for some reason, I did something I have not done since my parents were killed by demons four years… “Th…Thank…Thank you…very much…for saving me…sir…” I bowed me head for respect.

            He only stared harder at me, “Get up!” He demanded. I did as I was told. This man, he made me happy, something I thought I would never feel again. I could see in his eyes he understood my feeling. He must be lonely as well.

            I quickly bowed again, “I…I wish…I wish to serve you now, my lord, as thanks for…well…for saving me…” I grinned.

            He looked at me funny. I knew I needed some place to go, but I really did want to serve him and, well, be with me.

            He turned, not facing me anymore, and whispered, “If you wish to come along, you may, but if you get bored, do not blame me!”

            I laughed with joy! I had a place to stay and maybe even a new family!

            I heard the annoying toad cry insanely loud about how I would slow them down, die within their travels in a day, how I was a brat, and such until my lord hit him hard with a rock. It was funny in an evil sort of way. It still made me giggle. 

My lord walked me over to where his horse was. He said it would be my job to take care of it since it tried to eat the toad all the time. As we walked out of the forest and to the lovely meadow where the horse was, my lord whispered his name to me.  It was eleven characters long! I starched my head and told him, “I will call you my lord since that is too hard for me to say.” He almost actually smiled at me, a true smile! His beautiful brown horse must have been done eating grass for he galloped to us, smelled my toes, and then licked my face.  He was cute!

The toad thing finally caught up, falling to the ground, still chatting about a magical sword of rebirth that my lord’s father gave to him and how he was so worried about him. I looked up at the beautiful sky, the clouds so welcoming. A scented breeze blew my long black hair towards the flowers’ wind dance. I had to laugh. I had to dance. I never guessed I could be so happy! My heart was as light and as happy as a thousand rays of the blazing sun.


My brother Miles had to make up an award for his eighth grade language class and explain why so and so should get it. I remember I was a freshman in college, and I helped him edit it. Dad and I were really impressed! All the ideas and word choices are his; I helped with grammar and a little with sentence structure all those years ago.  I even started calling myself The Japanese Junkie at college…until I got too many strange looks! Oh well! Bro-bro, I am honored to accept this fictional award and proud of your work because I know you did not really care for school. This is all for you! J

The Japanese Junkie Award

By: Miles Straughan (2008)

            When most people think of Japan, they think of karate, sushi, and sumo wrestlers. However, there is much more to it than that, and no American probably knows more than my sister Morgan.  Although she has other creative interests, none seem closer to her than learning the Japanese culture. With her oriental clothing style, obsession with graphic novels, and the time she puts into personal research, my sister should definitely win The Japanese Junkie Award.

The first reason why I think my sister should win The Japanese Junkie Award has to do with her love of Japanese clothing and accessories.  She takes great pride in her authentic kimonos, waitress shirts, and dresses.  In addition to these items, she owns and often wears necklaces and bracelets made in Japan.  Finally, she has many shirts and jackets bearing symbols and culture icons that she wears on a regular basis.  My sister’s favored Japanese clothing style not only proves she should win the award, but reflects on her true enjoyment of Japanese culture.

Secondly, my sister should receive The Japanese Junkie Award because of her extensive collection of and interest in Japanese graphic novels. She owns and has read books from forty-two different manga (graphic novels) series). Furthermore, she has already read a total of one-hundred and sixty individual mangas.  Also, she spends a considerable amount of her free time writing and illustrating her own manga stories.  Her love of the culture clearly shows her devotion for Japan for not only does it take time, creativity, and money, but she has to read from right to left.

Finally, my sister should receive The Japanese Junkie Award because of her dream of going to Japan.  She has done extensive research into Japanese culture and society, including places to go, things to see, and important details like hotels, stores/markets, and restaurants.  She has also joined an internet pen pal program to gain personal viewpoints into Japanese culture. Meanwhile, she is independently studying the Japanese language and wants to take a formal class at some point in the future.  The hours she spends doing research prepares her for a fun dream and to truly win this award.

The “land of the rising sun” is a very unique place and special to my sister.  Her time, focus, money, and heart goes into her love of anything of the Japanese culture.  There are even more than listed; one can tell by viewing the walls of her room!  With her love of oriental fashion, obsession with graphic novels, and the time she uses to do research, my sister deserves this award and really is a Japanese Junkie.


Mr. Banger strikes again! In his creative writing class, we had to do the assignment where you have to start a story and then pass it along after a few minutes and keep going. By the end, you have no idea where your story went! HA! He made us do this and I got to keep this one. I even drew a picture of Megpira! I wrote the first part and the next font is what the next person wrote. It just shows how we all write differently.


A Round of Writing (2004)

In the age of enchanted creatures and magic, there was a young girl named Magpira. She was the daughter of a witch and vampire. Though unique and shy, she was extremely smart and received an amazing gift to go to school in the mortal world. Excited, she took her pet raccoon, Tip, and her broom, Skippy, on her quest. To her surprise, the mortals were all pale and talked funny. Magpira decided to try to act as normal as possible. So, she took off all of her witch clothes and found some Hollister clothes and wore them around and she picked up many guys; she couldn’t believe it! She told her parents about it…


Back to a Mr. Banger assignment, this one a basic freshman year! We were talking about the assembly line and Mr. Ford in my dad’s class so Mr. Banger did a co-teaching assignment with Dad about where we had to write to someone in that era who wanted to work with us at Mr. Ford’s assembly line.  This is what I came up with. You will notice I use a lot of the same, Japanese sounding names…I liked Cardcaptor Sakura A TON, what can I say? 2004.

March 16th, 1925

            Dear Clow,

How are you doing dearest brother? It has been awhile since we have talked. How is Mother? Still weak from the flu I am sure. Or has she recovered? What of our dear four sisters? Oh, please tell Ling and Lia congratulations on their engagements!  Lisa and Lilly will get some fellers in no time.  What of our little brother Li?  Still upset because I left?  I know it was hard for him, but since Mom’s bills are so high, I have to leave to help.

Is Yang all right? And how are your children doing? Is Ruby liking her new school? Tell Suppi, Kero, and Julian to stop eating so much!  I cannot believe you’re taking a job at Mr. Ford’s automobile factory! I don’t understand why you would come here and miss dear old Wei growing cherry blossoms in our shrine garden. I guess money is hard for you and Yang.  I will be happy to tell you as much as I can about my job, but I will be very honest.

My job is to screw the lug nuts on the tires and on the automobile.  I work eight hours at a time, six days a week. My day starts at six ends at two. I get five dollars a day, which I know is really great, but believe me, I earn it brother! It is hard work and can be boring.  You can never slow down for a second. There is not much time to rest, only at our ten minute at noon. You must bring your own food with you every day.

Your hands are always red and hurting. You skin becomes rough and sore. Your body becomes different. Your eyes are used to the darkness, so when you get out into the light, your vision is blinded.  Your legs become lifeless since you hardly move them.  Your lungs are filled with smoke because people smoke behind Mr. Ford’s back. We are always being watched by the fancy folks like monkeys in a zoo. They make comments, saying we can do better, making us feel bad. But, our heads are always down, like we have no pride. Your ears can take any noise because you always hear the rapids hit the walls with all their might or the train circling you like a dog.

And Mr. Ford! He’s a hardworking man, but he also is hard core a lot of the time. You must be quick since he’s always trying to make his assembly line faster. You also need to be healthy as much as you can. He does not take kindly if you are sick or sleepy. Oh, and the level of knowledge you need? None. Anyone can do this, but he could also fire you for no reason.  And he will hire you if you cannot speak English, which is good for you. But, it is better so you can know his directions.

It is not the greatest life, but it is better. Kaho is happy to meet you. Oh! You do not know Kaho! She is this wonderful flower I am seeing now. I do love her dearly. She is ten years older than me, but it does not bother me at all.

I am afraid me pen is going dim. I will hope to hear or see you soon, my dearest brother of mine.

Bless you.


Eli Moon Reed


First Con Fun List (2012)

  • Animal Cracker vs. Gummy Worms fight (for car ride). Maybe Goldfish crackers too.
  • Card Games (hotel)
  • Annoying songs (car)
  • Filming Adventure (car and con)


To buy at the store: Fun Noodle, Markers, Shredded Cheese, Yoo-hoo, and Lunchables…ALL IN OUR COSTUMES!


Games to play at the con:

  • What color is Greg Ayres hair today?
  • How many Soul Reapers and Captains to we see?
  • I spy a ninja! (5 second bowing rights to winner)
  • Who can stay in character longest?
  • Sword (marker) fight.
  • Yu-gi-oh cards (in hotel room)

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