Happy 2014!!!

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5d335f735f66e33774f41bf063499e5eWeather: Nice for winter

Working on: Updating my website

Currently Listening to: “Pokémon University” by Random Encounter

Currently Watching: The whole part 1 of “R.W.B.Y.” that my brother loves

Currently Playing: I JUST beat the Elite Four and Champion of Pokémon X and had over 25 hours of game play! I may play a tad longer to see the after story…

Currently Reading: I finished Poison Princess by Kresley Cole today and will start All I need by Susane Colasanti, who I love!

Thoughts and feelings: Tired and out of it, but I am happy to being doing some updates for you guys. ^^

Holiday(s)- New Year’s Day…Didn’t see that coming, huh?! 😉

Icon: My adorable little Simba as a baby cub! ^.^  What a way to start the new year!

Hello one and all!  Welcome to 2014!  Although, I am sad to tell 2013 good-bye.  I discovered the Fine Brothers this year, got a new position at my work, started kickboxing, celebrated my second wedding anniversary with my hubby, I officially turned a quarter of a century old, went to my 3rd and 4th anime cons, and of coarse, my first book came out!  A lot has happened and I am grateful for all the good and bad, all the learning I’ve done. Still, I welcome 2014 with open arms! BEAR HUG!!! 😀

The last time I updated, my book just came out.  Things have been pretty insane, a dance of fast paced learning, confusion, glee, and stress.  I’ll give you guys some updates that I know or can share:

I showed you the banner Sheenah made for me in my last post, correct?  Well, she made me another one for Stary and Umbra and I adore it JUST AS MUCH! Here it is below:SpiritVision--site copy

I got an announcement on the 17th that morning at my school about my book. My friend, the library goddess, interrupted our principal and told the school “On this day, something is born…” My poor boss thought one of the teachers was pregnant and was scared that it was our lovely, but wacky science teacher who is retiring!  Then Mrs. Hensley went on to say “No, on this day, an author was born…” My boss guessed if it was our vice principal, and Mrs. Hensley said, “No! He can’t even read yet. How can he write?”  I was so afraid I was going to get in trouble, but at the end, they told the school the information about my book. ^.^ My home room kids kept gawking and grinning at me the whole time as I was burning red.  Everyone has been really supportive or telling me to quit school and go to New York!  Sorry! Not that easy to get rid of! 😉

My mother’s birthday was that day.  We had lots of snacks and watched Rudolph like tradition.  ^_^

Two days later, on the 19th, I got news at lunch that my book cracked the top 100 on Amazon in a Kindle category!!! 😀 I was STUNNED!  Only two days later guys!  The category is (and it’s a long name, so hold on to your hippos…): “Kindle Young Adult Fiction- Religious and Spiritualty.”  Thanks to all you readers for making it possible. It’s on that list today too! ^_^  Here’s the photo my publisher took for me to prove it on the 19th:12-19-2012, Spirit Vision cracked top 100I was on one of my local radio stations as well and my newspaper. My whole family at Christmas was showing me I was in the paper, lol!  I’ll let you know of others in the future.  Check them out here:

Farmington Newspaper Article

KDKZ Channel 18 Interview #1

KDKZ Channel 18 Interview #2

I got two reviews from facebook fans already! I was given permission to share them. They are in my new Reviews section under my Blogs as well:

“I just read the first chapter of your book! It is really good. I couldn’t stop reading and had to see what was on the next page! ( keep in mind I don’t like to read lol ) You did a great job describing everything, I could picture it all in my head! Great, great job!!!!”- sent by A.W.

“I am reading Spirit Vision & love it!!…Your detailed description on every page is amazing!! Who knew that shy Morgan had such an imagination and writing talent out of this world!”- sent by N.S.

I’ve autographed several copies of my book as well with my fancy autograph pens my mom got me.  It’s strange signing my best friends’ or family members’ books and they act so excited about it! *sighs* Something to get used to, I suppose! OH! I do my official business cards now too! Yeay!

Oh my Moses!  I’m on Youtube and my book is on a Barnes and Noble ad on Youtube! 0.o  RIGHT THIS SECOND! How nuts?!

I am not sure on my total book sales so far and will not find out for another month, but I am just grateful people are buying it! ^_^

At Paper Crane Books, we are getting things set up for our beloved readers for the new year.  Our plans for projects are all set and although I cannot reveal mine quite yet, I can tell you that you guys will hear more from me as an author in 2014! =)  Michelle and Holly have books coming out real soon, titles on Paper Crane’s site.

Our “Midwinter’s Eve Giveaway Hop” ended today and I just have to say, I think it was a huge hit! I read so many lovely comments on the press’ site and I THINK we had our most entries ever…677!!! 0.o You guys rock and whoever won, I hope you enjoy your prize pack!  ^-^

On to website updates! My amazing publisher Sheenah has added some pages that I requested.  So, let me tell you what I did.

The book page is now more organized now that my hyperlinks work and all the links do work now! I was told some were messed up.  I also have a link to the video of me reading to my students forever on the page. ^.^

The About the Author page also has my author introduction video link forever on the page so it’s easier to get to.

I added some of my new animes and mangas I got for the holidays on my To Be a Nerdy Otaku page! If you do not know where this page is, hover over the About the Author page at the top and it is a drop box page.

My blogs will now be organized.  If you hover over the Blog page, you will see Interviews and Reviews drop down.  If you click them, the plan is for them to filter the blog entries so you can find what you are looking for.  If you want Interviews, you would click the drop box that says that. If you want a top ten, you would still click the Blog. Or, you can search in the search box for what you want since all my blogs have tags.

Lots of cool stuff for the Contact page! If you hover over it, you can now click on the Links page or the Fan Base page. 

The Links page has tons of links to authors I know or admire along with other friends who do amazing things and local businesses for my hometown area.  You’ll find lots of cool stuff and incredible people on this page! You can even become a link with me! Rules are on the bottom of the page.

The Fan Base page is where you can send my fan art, fanfiction, or any other fan item based on Spirit Vision or myself and I will forever put it on that page for the world to enjoy. Rules and how to do this are on the page.  I already have one piece of fan art on there! Yeay!!! 😀

AND! On all the pages, but the Home page (this one), Sheenah has added on the right upper corner of the side bar a “Latest Book” section that has easy links that directly take you to where you can buy it if you don’t want to surf through the site! It adds some lovely color too! I think the site looks grand! Three cheers for Sheenah!  🙂

I also added a new top ten in my blog section for the new year! 😀

Okay, time to talk about my break!  The last day of school, the 20th, was cray-cray, to quote the young ones!  I dressed up as an elf for fun and because I was trying to get this student to behave better and come to school (it worked for the week; long story).  We always have an staff ugly sweater contest and since I wore my only one last year, I did not want to wear it again.  I was eating our breakfast when our vice principal told me to stand somewhere and smile.  I did and I jokingly asked if he was going to post that on facebook.  He said, “No.  I’ve entered you in the contest.”  I couldn’t talk and told him I was not wearing a sweater! He chuckled and said, “We just call it that, but it really is an ugly holiday outfit contest!”  So, I wore my jingle bells, candy cane stockings, and smile on my face all day and guess what… I won second place out of 10 or 11 entries!  I got 2nd last year too! Ha, ha! 😮  The day was long and nuts and I was glad to come home, but I had to admit, being an elf was fun! Just for you guys, here is the picture and no, this will not be an author cover photo EVER! ^_- Just call me Jingles the Elf!

Just call me Jingles the Elf!

I had a nice Christmas.  I saw tons of my dearest and best friends, some I only get to see twice a year, ate too much junk food, played games, baked, received and gave many gifts, and had a beautiful Christmas Eve service.  I sang “Do you hear what I hear?” as a solo and two other songs in groups.  I’ll tell you the what I got and some milestones!


Got to at the new Japanese restaurant in town with Derrick and our two good pals (we have a Twister, gifts, and food Christmas party every year).  It was pricey, but good.  Took a while for us to get our food and it was super noisy!  My sushi, although tasty (especially after I placed them in the fridge for a day! Yummy!) were falling apart super bad.  They have only been opened for 6 days, so we will give them time, but if I had to rate my meal, like Smosh, I’d give a 3 out of 5.

My dad did a Grumpy cat expression in a photo, like DEAD ON! I died laughing! xD

When Miles and I watched our Christmas VHS, we noticed something new in the Alpha’s Magical Christmas one; a snowman in a snow globe winks!  o.0

My mother apparently thinks a fly swatter has a purpose I do not intend to use it for…-_-;;

Being in the newspaper means you HAVE to write biographies on your family members, apparently.

My bff wants a motorcycle when she already has a Mustang convertible.

Derrick got to babysit for the first time and realized it was hard work.

My friend with the last name bird can make awesome bird noises that make babies stop fussing…Who knew?

When your massage day is moved back, get gangster hats with your friends; makes it all worth it.

My grandma is trying to put us in a food coma…

Now, on to what I got! I will not bore you with list, but I will give you some numbers and names:

20 articles of clothing

8 bathroom accessories

5 pieces of jewelry (2 necklaces and 3 bracelets)


10 sticks of my ‘anti-drug…’- flavored chap stick!!!

5 Japanese bento box items

2 gift cards and some money

11 CDs (7 English singers, 4 Oriental singers)

1 video game (the new Pokémon Dungeon)

1 Board Game (Power Rangers Monopoly)

I got some cute school supplies, key chains, and random things too, such as a Funko pink power ranger and She-ra! ^^

*On to animes, DVD’s, mangas, and books!


Miracle Girls 8-9 (need 7)

Ulimate Venus volume 5)- final volume)

Astro Boy graphic novel

Pop Wonderland- Little Red Riding Hood

Mad Love Chase volumes 1-5

Sweet Rein volume 1


The Firey Heart (Bloodlines book 4)

All I need

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

True- Elixir book 3

The Favored Queen

The Unfaithful Queen

Ruby Red

Sapphire Blue

House of Hades

Take me There

Revealed (House of Night book 11)

Echo (Soul Seekers book 2)


Pokémon season 1 parts 2 and 3 (I NOW HAVE MY WHOLE CHILDHOOD)

Grave of the Fireflies DVD

La Corda de’ oro complete series

Moeye Ken TV DVD 3

Girl’s High school anime complete series

La Portrait de Petite Cossette complete anime OVA set

*Miles has several animes I will be borrowing as well because they look awesome! ;)-

Movies and DVDs:

The Host DVD

Will and Grace season 8 (final season)

The Muppets (2011) movie

Underdog live action movie

Wreck It Ralph DVD

Rise of the Guardians on DVD

Everyone was so kind to me and I want to thank all my loved ones for making this holiday grand. ^_^  I do want to show what Sheenah, my publisher, made for me! She’s too sweet to me.  Let’s see if you get the reference and why I love it so! ^_- (and yes, I sent her Christmas gifts as well).


For New Years Eve, Miles came over after we cleaned his room from Christmas and found out my grandma broke her arm! She got to come home a few hours later, but I am worried about her.  🙁  Positive thoughts for you grandma! Miles and I played a quick version of our Power Ranger monopoly, where he got ALL THE ONES I WANTED! >.< The Juice Bar, The Command Center, and The Woods of Mystic Force along with the final transportation when I had the other 3! GAH! >.<  We both wanted the S.P.D. Academy, but no one landed on it! I won only by $55!  We also watched two of his new anime movies: Wolf Children and Children who Chase Lost Voices.  They were both very different than I thought.  Wolf Children had more of a story and dealt with more human issues than I imagined, but it was good. I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.  Now, Children who Chase Lost voices sounds and looks stunning, but wow! The plot was all over the place, the development was far out of the story’s league! It had so many chances for greatness, but they had too many elements and most were dropped, never explained.  The creatures were weird and there was a lot more cursing and blood than in Wolf Children (this shocks me because Children who Chase Lost Voices was shown to children at the Japanese festival this fall, so I assumed it’d be G or PG).  I will give it 2 out of 5 stars, one for its graphics and one for the voice actors, which were good.  I really wanted to like it more, but…*sighs*  We also watched all of Rooster Teeth’s super popular R.W.B.Y. series, which was charming!  ^^  We played Smash Brothers on the Wii and our old school Pokémon stadiums for the Nintendo 64 too!  Sad most kids under the age of 12 have never heard of that…My heart hurts every time! :'(

I have 4 more days of my break and I have lots of company work to do, but I’ll try to enjoy myself too. ^^ I WILL try to do a Pokémon X review real soon too for a blog!

I think I’m finished! *pants* Explore all the pages updates, look at my new top ten, and run around your yard with a ribbon so people will think you have an invisible kite! Perhaps you do! 😉  Let’s make 2014 fantastic folks!

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