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penguinWeather: HOT, but super spring timey!

Working on: Updating my website, thinking of the million and one things I have to do

Currently Listening to: Anime St. Louis 2014 videos (The Pokémon Game Show right now)

Currently Watching: About to watch Whose Line is it Anyway with Derrick.  I think Big Bang Theory was the last thing I watched last night…

Currently Playing: Finishing up little things in my Paradise in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. About to put it away though.

Currently Reading: Ruby Red

Thoughts and feelings: In a pretty good mood actually although my back is sore.

Holiday(s): World Penguin day! Spread the <3 to these waddling darlings!

Wallpaper: Sailor V and Artemis from Sailor Moon since I cosplayed as her and had a BLAST with it! ^.^

Icon: For penguin day and it’s a great song! ^_^

Hello everyone!  HAPPY ONE YEAR AGO TODAY THAT I LAUNCHED MY AUTHOR WEBSITE!!! =D Bring on the cake and boys in dancing tutus! HOT DOG! What a year! Thanks for all the support during my journey of a beginning author everyone.  I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there.

I hope you are enjoying this nice weather and World Penguin day! ^_^ WOOT for these adorable little guys!  I brought in my plush puppet penguin my mother-in-law got for me, named Peepers Jr (My hubby has the original Peepers from his childhood) and it was a huge hit on the bus with the kids! ^-^  They were shaking him hand, hugging him, giving him kisses…It was adorable!  I’ll have to remember to bring P.J (ha!) with me more often!  Kuma (my LARGE plush dog Derrick got my for Valentine’s day.  More information on the Bear Dog post) came with my today to the middle school.  We were having a fundraiser: wear your Pjs and bring in stuffed animals, pillows, and such and all the money to wear/bring the items helped a little girl who lost her father last week.  It was a great, fun way to support our community.  I wore my COLORFUL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PJ bottoms and my purple “Totally Rad” shirt with all our of their smiling faces on it.  🙂  It was a great way to bring up my energy!  I had a nasty, draining headache yesterday and I’ve been fighting a possible bladder infection (still waiting for the results), so, yeah, yesterday was rough, but I decided to have a good day today!  ^____^ In TMNT jammies with a giant, soft Bear Dog and a penguin puppet on your hand, how could you NOT have a good day?  😉

I apologize for the lack of updates guys: my grandma has been in and out of the hospital. She had a bladder infection and it got to bad, she got dehydrated and was incoherent.  She was there for five days and then came back home, but after two days, she got bad again.  She sounded so, so weak when I talked to her on the phone. They put her in isolation Monday to make sure she wouldn’t spread what she had, which made her mad. Tuesday, I saw her, everyone telling me she looked a lot better.  I hope that’s a good sign. She’s been in the hospital four times this school year and it’s scaring me.  Miles got super sick right after the con and then my dad got it for over a week and my dad is Mr. Strong Will! He was so weak when I saw him and I had to go to the store for him twice for he couldn’t leave the house! 0.o  It broke my heart.  I really hope this wave of sickness passes soon and never returns.

Not much to report.  The good stuff is all on the Anime St. Louis 2014 review blog post.  Please, please, PLEASE click the link to view and enjoy. Lots of photos as well. 🙂  Since my last update, my life has been a whirlwind, all the days of blur:  extra bus shifts at 6:00 in the morning, studying for my teaching test (less than a month away and hardly any time to study…I’m really scared), test season starting at school, TONS of observations for me where I have to go to other buildings, starting my College for Kids promoting and work,  promoting my first ever blog tour and fan art contest (both AMAZING), preparing for the con, Rag Time music practice (it is next Friday), church items, TRYING to walk, checking on my sick family, and, of coarse, writing on Spirit Vision 2 furiously every weekend! It’s been nuts, so much so I’m surprised I can stand at time.  >.<

Since the last update, I have had two more Pokémon book signing and training classes.  One I sold all the book copies I brought, another none.  But, the owners are so much fun and supportive.  I have had more takers, my most recent one being all ladies.  How fantastic!!! =)  My friends have been amazing, teaching and having fun with them. We are getting adults interested now and had one try to sell his whole LARGE ICE CHEST stuffed with well-organized Pokémon cards!  I am getting my summer dates situated, possible simple, not official competitions being set up starting in June.  I hope everyone who comes had a good time and brings more peeps, for Pokémon and books.  I wore my Many Faces of Pikachu shirt with my Espeon hat the second time and the last time, near Easter, I wore my Rocketeer shirt (I refuse to say Grunt for am SO much better), my sparkly white hat with my new R rocket button, red bracelets, a Pokeball on my hip, and I even had a rose and on the side of my hat! I had so much fun and I had to admit, I looked pretty gosh darn cute! ;)-  I can’t wait for the next class.

On the book and website front, I am doing my final edits for my First Poetry and Short Stories Collection, “A Sweet, Little Dream.”  It comes out May 13th and I cannot WAIT to share it with you guys! Keep that date in your phones, calendars, and hearts! 🙂  Spirit Vision 2 is coming slowly, but getting there.  I got to see a sketch of the concept for Suzy’s idea for the Spirit Vision 2 cover! Really excited for that!  For the website, I added two weeks ago, a Top Ten RIGHT before the con to apologize for my absence.  And for once, it’s not Pokémon related! Shocker right?! ;o Please check it out!  I also have received tons of reviews from students, reviewers, and on my medias/stores where Spirit Vision is sold.  I added them all on my Reviews page.  I also added the Guest Posts I wrote for my blog tour on my Guest Posts page in case you missed them.  My blog tour interviews are up on their respected page as well! Please read them and I hope you like them.  In a few weeks, I really look forward to adding all the entries for my Fan Art Contest to my Fan Base page. I’ve been asked to donate two books to two different charity events in May, both giving food to needy families.  One is for kids and another for families.  They are advertising it as a huge honor and I am happy I was asked to help others with my work! 🙂

The final two and very important items:

Read my review for Anime St. Louis 2014! This is my huge, yearly treat for myself and I love to share my experiences, the pictures, and videos (which I am still loading SLOWLY since Youtube is slow, but in two weeks, they should all be up). Otaku power! ^_^

And, below is my April Aspiring Author Spotlight Author, a wonderful local lady, Casey.  Please read her interview with me, sample of her work, and check out her awesome blog!

Film a LARP battle, smile at the computer, and eat pizza! Party on dudes!  =D

Love always,

Morgan S. Comnick

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