Top Ten Fictional Weapons/Abilities I’d Want (Top Ten #23)

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kh32#1. Psychic powers/mutant abilities (Sabrina from Pokémon, Professor X, Jean Gray from X-Men, Shadow Cat from X-Men)

#2. Magic Wand (Sakura’s from Cardcaptor Sakura or any of Sailor Moon’s, although SuperS is my favorite)

#3. Sword (The sword card from Cardcaptor Sakura) OR a Keyblade (I did a top ten JUST on these things!)

sm4#4. Bow and arrow (Kim, the Pink Ranger’s, from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or Kagome’s from InuYasha)

#5. My voice/singing/magical harp (like Mercury’s from Sailor Moon)

#6. Pluto’s time staff  OR Venus’ beaded belt/chain/whip (both from Sailor Moon)

pkme17#7. Anything from the R.W.B.Y. webseries by Rooster Teeth

#8. To control the elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Light, Darkness, like Avatar: Last Airbender)

#9. MegaZords from Power Rangers (I like Mighty Morphin’s power guns too)

swordstar#10. Not sure if this counts since they are more partners, but…Pokémon? 0.o

* And, of course, I would have the skills of a ninja no matter my weapon! 😉


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