Top Ten Jim Henson characters (Top Ten #25)

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WOOT! Made it to a quarter of a century’s worth of top tens! ^_^ Since the seventh sequel to the first Muppet Movie was released last week, I wanted to celebrate this.

#1. Ralph the Dog (this was my nickname in preschool by my principal.  Not sure why, but I liked being called it).

#2. Kermit the Frog

#3. Foozie the Bear

#4. Beaker

#5. Miss Piggy

#6. Super Grover

#7. Big Bird

#8. Snuffy

#9. Scooter

#10. Elmo

Close runner ups: Fraggle Rock crew, Bret and Eerie, Cookie Monster, 80’s Robot, Waltersmall_3873979

Epic-Super-Grover-Shirt-link  The_Muppets_Being_Green_Since_Before_It_Was_Cool-T-link

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