September Aspiring Author Spotlight- Samantha Washburn (AAS 2014 #9)

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Have you have met a person that had so much raw, grand energy that they literally had a spring in their step, a glint in their eyes, a smile tugging their lips at all times?  Sam is that girl!  She is so spunky, not one bit scared to be who she is and do it with drive and a smile.  I really admired the pride she had in her love for anime and manga and it made me, although I was her sempai by three years, want to be happy I loved them too.  She always gives me a warm hug and it amazes me how we always find we have more and more interest the same.  If you need a warm smile, Sam is there.  If you need a pal not afraid to cosplay with you for no reason, Sam is there and in a fab costume.  ^_^ When you want to gush and geek on your favorite new trendy, nerdy show, Sam is there.  She is never judgmental and gives you this bounce, this energy, this light, that makes you want to show your greatness too.  Sam, thank you for being such a kind person, a lovely woman, and my Otaku pal through and through.  I look forward to many more discussions on anime, rice balls, Once Upon a Time, and trips to Anime Cons! ^_____^

It is my great honor to present the works and interview of the beautiful Samantha Washburn!

  • Aspiring Authors Spotlight Questions
  • When you wake up in the morning, how do you see life?

I take that day as it may be my last, I try to do new things, Stay positive and be happy that I have a house, I have a job, and have a family, and some people can’t say they have most of what I have.

  •  How did writing find its way into your life?

Before I had a computer I would write down as many idea I could, but I wrote more when I got my first computer, from there I kept writing. Starting my freshman year of high school I got into poetry. When I listen to music or watch a movie I can fell the sadness, or happiness the character or lyrics mean. So, from there I start to think of a scenario and go with it. Sometimes I get cool stories or a nice poem. Most of my stories I write are from my dreams I have or some random thought I get from just thinking. My poems are from everyday life, like when it rains, someone’s death, or haunted creepy things. My phone saves me a lot, I will be sitting somewhere and think of a great poem and I will save it in my phone, and type it up later. Most poems come natural to me, random at times. That is why I always keep a journal with me.

  • What does writing do for you?

Writing helps me forget what is happening in the world today, I get so deep into my writing I am playing it in my mind, I can see what each character is doing, what they are saying and what they are wearing. I let a few of my friends read my poems and stories, and when it touches them, I always make them a copy and say, “This is for you, hope it helps.” And they are thrilled and it makes me happy that my writing brings them joy. Each of my poems can relate to someone in this world and that what I like about it. Someone can read them and say I can relate to it. Some emotions that I have written about I have not felt but I have seen and seen what it did to that person. I get so excited each time I start a stories, short stories, or poem because like reading a book, I just can’t wait to find out what happens.

  • What sort of genre or type of writing do you do?

My stories that I write about are normally love stories with a twist, all of them are non-fiction. I would like to, one day do a fiction book. I do not see that happening here anytime soon. I have done a few stories about vampires, werewolf’s, ghost, witches. Also, I have written a few short stories about fake haunted houses. My poems that I write are all different types of genre, love, depression, suicide, scary, humor, death, break ups, friends, mothers, fathers, holidays and many others. I would say I stick with one type of genre because I like variety and it helps me think harder when I think of a new genre to write about.

  • Do events in your life or people you know affect your writing?

I would have to say yes, one of my best friends and I will send each other poems almost every day about how we are feeling that day, or just a random poem we thought of. Most of my stories always has one parent or none at all, I was raised by my father, but I still had contact with my mother and saw her every month for a week, but I can see in my stories the father is missing or the mother will be. The stories will have both parents but eventually one will end up leaving, dying off, or moving away. Also there is a group on Facebook “Artistically inclined Populace,” there’s not that many people on the group, but my friends and I use that to write poems and every one comments on them. I love everyone’s feedback, it helps me grow and become a better writer. I am also an artist and sometime when I make a painting and it speaks to me, I will write short stories about it or a poem.

  • What are you currently work on or what was the last thing you wrote?

I am currently working on organizing my poem binder, I retype all my poems and I have them all organized into a binger, and I am working in retyping all my stories and organizing them all well. In the process I have written a few poems about the haunted house I will be working at this year during October. Also I just finished a few poems on death because my best friends, friend’s mother died. The poem was about angels. I am currently working on a story, I have not written anything yet, I am still in the process of how I will start it, but I will say it involves the government, vampires, and asylums.

  • Can you tell us a little about it and its inspiration?

The stories I am currently working on is about the government, vampires, and asylums. Also, there is going to be some sort of a romance, between a few of the characters. I have not written anything yet, except a few ideas I have. Also, I have doing a lot of research on asylums. I’m still in the works; don’t want to spill out to much right now.

  • What are your goals for the future?

My future goals is to publish at least one book or at least a book of poems. My work means so much to me, and it means a lot to my friends, so I figure if they love it, the world has to. I hope. I just would love to graduate college, get my degree in veterinarian school or be able to work in a zoo or sanitary. If can help animals and keep writing that would be the best future ever.

  • What are your interests or hobbies?

I love to sit down and just read a book, maybe two. I listen to all types of music. My hobbies is swimming, going camping in the woods, walking. I love acting in this haunted house I work for, anything to do with horror is my life. I love to do many things and up to try many different things. I am an artist, so I love to draw, paint, build and create things. When I write or build thing, it takes me away from the world and I get sucked into my work.

  • If you could be a superhero, what are your powers and how would you use them to help the world?

When people ask me this question, my answer is always the same. I would want mind reading, because I would love to know what some people think, I know it’s weird but some people I seriously wonder what they think. Most people in this world want honesty but they also fear it. I want honesty, give me feedback, if it hurts me it dose and then I can move on or grow from it. When people lie about things, I could uncover the truth about what happened or know how they feel about something. I’ve always wanted mindreading.

  • What advice would you give people who want to write?

I would say, grab a pencil or a computer and start. I mean don’t try to write a book overnight, it will take some time. So start out small and work your way up. Just write whatever is on your mind and have someone read it after your done and let them give you there feedback and ask for help. There is no shame into asking for help. If you want to write then have faith in your work. It took me a while to have faith in my work, I always doubted myself and never thought my work was good enough.

  • If you could be remembered for one thing or thought, what would it be?

Just a few days ago, I answered this question to my grandma. I told her in my life, if no one knew who I was or has forgotten me, all I want to do is produced an art piece or publish a book so I will be remembered by someone in this world. My work means so much to some of my friends and if I can share it and help the world that would be the best thing someone can remember me by.

Example of work:

Single Life

Death has departed,

The last breathe escaped the lips,

Angles sing tonight,

 As they gather around,

Excepting a new angle in their journey,

 A guardian angel,

Here to watch you, to protect,

Watching over family or friends,

To hold you when you’re lost,

 A hug to sooth the soul,

To help push us to the right path,

Always in your heart,

Always around, just feel,

Just believe,

You have a guardian angel over you,

They are your loved ones,

Who has passed,

now watching you.

Erase the memory, Erase you

 How do I erase you from my mind,

How do I shut down these emotions,

The burden lingers, never leaving,

Tare this broken soul out, give me a new

Give me a fresh start, tare me apart

Tell me to forget, tell me it’s not true,

it was all a lie, it was nothing at all,

Forget what life was, forget the past,

 Bring forward this new life,

A life with me, not with you,

 I burn the guilt, I burn the thoughts,

 I erase all memory’s I had,

Time to start making a new memory

Only one

 I want to have the last dance,

 i want to have the first kiss

Can we just have our moments, Can we just goof

 I want to lie under the stars and watch the world go by

 Can we cuddle in each other’s arms every night

I want us to be friends, want us to be more

With each day, each night, brings something new

Every moment is an adventure that is waiting to bloom

 I want butterflies every time I see you

 I want to lose my breathe when you enter a room

 I want to steel kisses from you, watch you smile

Hand in hand, heart to heart, life to life

It’s a never ending show, never ending episode

The Retribution

As the screams are herd down below,
the scent of blood in the air,
howling at the moon
hungry zombies beat at the door,

Vampire licking their lips, can taste the blood
Many creepy crawlers are waiting for your dying skin,
just one walk through, just one jump
just one scream will give us the energy

To come to live, and live for 31 days

To scare you to death, because we are bored and lonely
All we want is your company
We live on your screams and the dead,
hope to see you his year

At our lovely home

We will be waiting


About the Author:

Samantha is currently enrolled at Mineral Area College; she is studying to become a licensed Vet. She is an artist, who believes in her work. She enjoys lay back and reading a great book and coming up with her own stories to share. She loves nature and gets most of her inspiration of walking and listening to music. She hopes in the next few years a few of her dreams will come true.

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