Top Ten Favorite Vampire book series (Top Ten #27)

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immortal#1. Vampire Academy

#2. Bloodlines

#3. Twilight

small_1789376#4. House of Night

#5. The Blood Coven

#6. The Night World

#7. Vampire Diaries

29576533ji0#8. Vampire Kisses

#9. Jessica’s Dark Side

#. Millennium Snow, Vampire Cheerleaders, Fallen Vampire, Bloody Kiss, Dracula Everlasting

*I don’t really have 10 series yet I like for vampires (although I do have other individual books OR ones where vampires are briefly mentioned. SO!!! I will list my vampires mangas here):

*I also love the animes: Karin (Chibi Vampire), Vampire Knight, AND Rosario x Vampire. ;)=



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