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Chuck and I go to the same church and I consider him a member of my family. He truly is one of the most creative, dedicated, loving gentlemen I have ever met.  He sees light in every person and talents.  I have been so honored to sing with him, his passion and advice improving my skills to harmonize and sing louder.  His hardy laugh always brings a smile to my face and his hugs are so tightly that you feel warm and fuzzy inside. His tender, non-judgmental heart is so darling and I am blessed how I can talk to him about anything, from concerns in the world, creative traits, “Glee” and “Project Runway,” and, of coarse, faith; I respect and care for him so much and so proud he is never afraid to be himself and offer a hand to all.  Everyone truly loves Chuck and when I heard last year he wrote a book, a Christmas story with a play on Elvis, I KNEW I had to get him on Aspiring Author Spotlight…and that is why I have been saving him until the end of the year, the season of love and hope, something this precious story and precious author have.  You can purchase this short story on Smashwords and his author name is Charles Scott Carron.  🙂

  • When you wake up in the morning how do you view life?

I believe that there is still plenty of good in the world. I feel blessed in my life to have wonderful family and friends and a wonderful professional career that I enjoy immensely.

  • How did writing find its’ way into your life?

I began by writing songs and lyrics as a young teenager. It was suggested to me by a fellow author that I should turn a Christmas song I had written into a full length feature film. I had no idea how to even start the process. I was told that first thing I needed to do was write a story, so I spent my spare time writing my first book “Elfiss Pretzely Saves Christmas” which was based on my song “Santa’s Coming Tonight”.

  • What does writing do for you?

Writing is a release for me. I can release my imagination to create a story whether it be by books or music. I can tell a story that hopefully can touch someone’s life in a positive way.

  • What sort of genre or type of writing do you do?

I believe my style of writing would be considered fantasy based. I like to blend fantasy with reality and I also like to teach lessons that may be helpful in someone’s life.

  • Do events in your life or people you know affect your writing?

Absolutely! Many of my songs are about some events in my own life but some are about things happening to friends and family. I like to use certain personality traits of certain people to create characters in my books.

  • What are you currently working on or what was the last thing you wrote?

I am currently working on my second and third books which are a two short novel series. I want both of them to be complete before I publish them. The first book is about a girl having to deal with a bully in grade school as well as trying to spend more time with her workaholic father. The second is dealing with life and love as a grownup. I’m excited to be close to finishing them.

  • Can you tell us a little about it and its’ inspiration?

They are called “Adventures Of Lucy And The Bottle” and “The Journey”. The first book takes place in St. Louis where our nine-year old hero Lucy is registered in public school after having been homeschooled in San Francisco. She is immediately bullied and terrorized by a little girl in her class. She doesn’t know how to handle the situation but finds a magical message in a bottle that encourages her to be brave. She begins dreaming about encounters with a friendly dragon named Endira. Through her exciting adventures, Lucy learns to have courage in many different aspects of her life. In the second book Lucy is a grownup dealing with life and love issues after learning what she learned as a child.

  • What are your goals for the future?

I hope to continue writing books and music and maybe someday make a movie out of them.

  • What are your interests and hobbies?

Actually writing books and music are two of my hobbies. I currently work as a hairdresser which is also a creative outlet for me.I love to garden and work with my koi pond as well.

  • If you could be a superhero, what are your powers and how would you use them to help the world?

As a kid I always wanted to be Spiderman but there is already one of those so I would have to be the Peacemaker, stopping feuds and fights all over the world to make everyone get along.

  • What advice would you give people who want to write?

Do what is in you. If you love what you do, you will try to do your best at it. Life is too short to regret not having done something you think you might love.

  • If you could be remembered for one thing or thought, what would it be?

Love what you do, do what you love and you’ll be happy.


(Sample of work from “Adventures Of Lucy And The Bottle”)

The teacher walked over and opened the door smiling.

“You must be Lucy.” The teacher said.

Lucy smiled back and nodded.

“I’m Ms. Wagner. Come on in.” Ms. Wagner lightly took Lucy by the shoulder and led her into her classroom. “Thank you Mrs. Jenson.” Ms. Wagner said smiling as she looked back over her shoulder. Mrs. Jenson smiled and closed the door, returning to the office from where they came.

Ms. Wagner led Lucy to the front of the class and just as she was about to introduce her to the few students already seated when the door flew open and a flood of students filled the classroom. Ms. Wagner waited for all of them to take their seats.

“Class, this is Lucy Henderson. She moved here from California and will be joining us.” Ms. Wagner announced.

Whispers filled the classroom as every eye was on Lucy. Lucy smiled and looked around at all of the faces in the room. “Would any of them become friends?” She thought to herself as she scanned the crowd.

A large collective “Hi!” filled the air as most of the students were smiling at her. Ms. Wagner led Lucy down an aisle to an empty seat waiting for her.

“How will this do?” asked Ms. Wagner.

“Very well, thank you.” Replied Lucy as she took her seat, sliding her backpack under the desk in front of her feet then she pulled her coat off over her shoulders, sliding her arms from the sleeves, then placed it on the back of her chair. Two girls behind her giggled at her reply and mocked her.

Ms. Wagner glared at the two girls while they uncomfortably shifted in their seats and then smiled at Lucy again. Ms. Wagner turned and walked back up the aisle then around her desk to the chalkboard.

Lucy heard the girls behind her giggle again making her squirm in her chair. She didn’t want to be there at that moment. She wanted to go home.



Charles Scott Carron was raised in the small Missouri town of Ste. Genevieve where tradition is great but opportunity is small. He has worked as a hairdresser, owning a series of salons and employed by others while still holding on to his dreams of writing music and books to help others.  If you need a creative, kind soul, Chuck is your man.. He began writing music lyrics and recording at the age of twelve however had never had the knowledge of how to get it “out there” for others to see and hear. Thanks to modern technology and the help of friends the opportunity has risen for that time to come. With many different interests, mostly within the arts realm, Charles has been given the chance to help others by pouring himself into his works and showing that dreams really can come true with perseverance and determination. He hopes to get reader’s thinking about their own dreams and how they can make their dreams reality. Maybe, like the characters in his books, it’ll take a little work. But with friends and family helping to push it along, your dreams can come true too.

Add-on’s by Morgan: When not letting his styling abilities flourish or writing cherry stories, you will hear Chuck’s angelic voice singing an array of tunes, decorating, cooking tasty dishes, traveling  , or loving his furry baby, Lucy Bell.  If you need a creative, kind soul, Chuck is your man.


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