March Disney Villain Madness Round #2- Jafar

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190365ts7t0ep39fWho is the greatest Disney villain of all time? That’s what me and my press mate at Paper Crane Books, Dan Wright’s, have set out to find out!

But…I know you’ll vote for MY team! #TeamPBCMorgan! I mean! I had CRUELLA DE VIl in round #1!

It’s a battle of the wizards today! Round #2 is being thrown down today, from March 3rd to 4th! Make sure to watch my video (and Dan’s too…if you want…;)-) for our contenders and vote for your favorite at the link below!

Round 1- March 1st

Round 2- March 3rd

Round 3- March 5th

Round 4- March 7th

Round 5- March 9th

Round 6- March 11th

Round 7- March 13th

Round 8- March 15th

Of course, there is a penalty for the loser, so be sure to check in to see who has to do the penalty! Be sure to share the links when they are posted and invite as many people to this challenge as you can. If you ever wanted to see your favorite Disney characters beat each other down, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll also be posting to Youtube and you can see my challenge in video form here!

DISCLAIMER: Not affliated with Disney in anyway. Done just for fun and not profit.

Bring on the March Disney Villain Madness!

My Round #2- Jafar Video


villian2Original film: Aladdin

Bio: Jafar is the royal vizier (advisor) to the Sultan, however, his goal is to take over the kingdom.  First, he uses measures such as hypnotizing the Sultan with his snack staff or trying to marry Princess Jasmine.  He does know about the lamp in the Cave of Wonders and genie the whole time, using others to retrieve it for him to get ultimate power beyond the kingdom.

Wrestling Moves:

Snake Staff- He can hypnotize the opponents to do anything, such as lose the match or pull down their pants and dance the funky chicken.

Iago– Iago, his pet bird with a bad attitude in the first film, can fly around and molt feathers on the challenger or stuff hard crackers in their mouth, mocking them. He has talons too.

Royal Implement- Jafar has super pointed hats! He could ram into some, head first, and impel them like a spear!

Ultimate Cosmetic Power- If Jafar gets Genie or becomes one himself, then all bets are off! Power, magic beyond imagine in his fingertips…as long as Iago keeps the lamp away from the opponents! He crushed the palace in his genie form and was even stronger than our Genie in the second film! What a final SMACK-DOWN!

Fun facts and why he is such a baddie:

  • Funny fact! The official Disney website confirms on it that Jafar is a, paraphrasing, “psychopath with a cool air.” Wow! He truly is power hungry.
  • He is based on the royal vizier (advisor) from the movie The Thief of Bagdad, a 1940’s film that Aladdin uses many elements from, including Jafar’s name, character action, and other elements in Disney’s movie.
  • His name comes from a real grand vizier, Jafar ibn Yahya, who was executed for sleeping with the the sister of Harun the Righteous, many of their stories made fantastical, but loosely true in the Arabian Nights Tales.
  • He can hypnosis people with his staff! In Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, the staff is Jafar’s lover, his mentor, that he turned INTO the staff so he can keep her powers to himself in order to find this powerful spell that requires three genies and two wizards. Scary!
  • He’s not afraid to use to sacrifice others for his case with no remorse and is okay with marrying a teenage girl to get his goal attained. Granted, I suppose most middle age men would find Princess Jasmine lovely, but it still creeps me out! When she kissed him…Gag!
  • His laugh is pretty deranged! His beard too is so…twisted.
  • He has his own sequel named after him in the Aladdin line: Jafar Returns! A pretty serious threat!
  • Captain Hook, Jafar, and Maleficent are the only three villains in a special where they plan to kidnap Mickey Mouse!
  • He is chosen by Maleficent in the Kingdom Hearts game to try to steal the seven princesses of light!
  • There was a song, “Humiliate the Boy,” his true villain song, that was cut out for being too sadist and cruel. Listening to it on Youtube…I can see why! L
  • Deleted scenes from the film hint that Jafar was bullied and poor like Aladdin when he was young, but he did not handle it as well. The cartoon origins of his staff and magic is unclear.
  • Jafar’s has a twin sister, who tried to resurrect him in Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge in which she is the main antagonist. She loved her brother and was actually born with her powers. He teams up with Hades in a Hercules; the animated series episode, where he is resurrected. She bears many similarities to Maleficent. In the 2015 Disney Channel Original Movie, Decedents, Jafar will have a son attend the school.


Round #2 Poll

(check out Dan’s blog post and video for his villain)


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