March Disney Villain Madness round #5- Captain Hook

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303965rcir70stfnSorry Dan; mother does not know best and this battle will be a match of blades and hooks!

Welcome to round #5 in Dan Wright and I’s “March Disney Villain Madness!” You can vote for round #5 from March 9th and 10th!

But…I know you’ll vote for MY team! #TeamPBCMorgan! Cruella De Ville, Jafar, Scar, Yzma, and Captain Hook! Set the sails to our victory matties!

Round 1- March 1st

Round 2- March 3rd

Round 3- March 5th

Round 4- March 7th

Round 5- March 9th

Round 6- March 11th

Round 7- March 13th

Round 8- March 15th

Of course, there is a penalty for the loser, so be sure to check in to see who has to do the penalty! Be sure to share the links when they are posted and invite as many people to this challenge as you can. If you ever wanted to see your favorite Disney characters beat each other down, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll also be posting to Youtube and you can see my challenge in video form here!

DISCLAIMER: Not affliated with Disney in anyway. Done just for fun and not profit.

Bring on the March Disney Villain Madness!

My Round Five Captain Hook Video

Captain Hook:

villian5Original Film: Peter Pan

Occupation: Captain of the pirate ship, “The Jolly Roger,” in Neverland.

Wrestling Move Set:

The Shiny Hook- This trademark move is in his name! Not only can this hook leave a dent, but it’s shiny, sparkling silver material can distract even the most dedicated foes…if the poke hole from it doesn’t get you first.

Swashbuckling Form– A master with his sword as a pirate captain, this form evaluating mentor will slash and dice the opponent!

Cannons Ablaze- Using the “Jolly Roger” the arena will get smoky and full of debris, soaring even above the choppy seas!

Fun Facts/Why he’s such a baddie?

  • Captain Hook is a pirate caption of his ship, the Jolly Roger in Neverland. In all versions of Hook, Disney and otherwise, he is known to be ruthless and violent, blood-thirsty, but he’s still a gentlemen. He almost has this cool air about him, like how’s he able to smoke two cigars at once.
  • Although his hatred for Peter Pan is due to his hand being chopped off and fed to a croc by him for a “childish prank,” Hook has a built in weapon on his hand and a very loyal crew, although he did shot one of his crew members for singing.
  • Hook tends to be a child kidnapper, which is always horrible! And fairies! He’s a human Difblom! >.<
  • His true name is never revealed in the original work. Mysteries are dark!
  • His final words are “Bad Form!” when Peter throws him off the ship to the crock. Too weird!
  • In Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy, where as a cabin boy only known as James, he befriends the fairy Zarina only to eventually betray her (he can speak fairy). Plus, LOKI voices the young James! 0.o EVIL! And in Jake and the Neverland pirates, apparently, his mama was a famous, fierce pirate captain and he was brutally grown up to be like her.
  • Captain Hook has been mentioned by Disney fan sites as being one of the top six funniest Disney villains and we know how affective a good laugh can make someone submit.
  • Captain Hook, Jafar, and Maleficent are the only three villains in a special where they plan to kidnap Mickey Mouse!
  • He is chosen by Maleficent in the Kingdom Hearts game to try to steal the seven princesses of light!
  • His wicked mustache is sick!

Round Five Poll

(Dan’s round five blog post and video)

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