March Disney Villain Madness- round #7- DUO: King Candy/Turbo AND Syndrome

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87121udfapvv6gaIT’S TIME TO DUEL! DOUBLE BATTLE!!!

Round #7 and our FIRST TAG-TEAM MATCH of two is being thrown down today, from March 13th to March 14th! Make sure to watch my video (and Dan’s too…if you want…;)-) for our contenders and vote for your favorite at the link AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE (this post will be longer than usual because I have two villains to discuss instead of one)!

But…I know you’ll vote for MY team! #TeamPBCMorgan! Cruella De Ville, Jafar, Scar, Yzma, Captain Hook, Wicked Step-mother, and King Candy/Turbo and Syndrome! This match is going to get sour and freeze you up Dan!

Round 1- March 1st

Round 2- March 3rd

Round 3- March 5th

Round 4- March 7th

Round 5- March 9th

Round 6- March 11th

Round 7- March 13th

Round 8- March 15th

Of course, there is a penalty for the loser, so be sure to check in to see who has to do the penalty! Be sure to share the links when they are posted and invite as many people to this challenge as you can. If you ever wanted to see your favorite Disney characters beat each other down, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll also be posting to Youtube and you can see my challenge in video form here!

DISCLAIMER: Not affliated with Disney in anyway. Done just for fun and not profit.

Bring on the March Disney Villain Madness!

My  King Candy/Turbo AND Syndrome Duo Video

(I DEEPLY apologize that the video is so long! I just love Disney so much and wanted to explain everything! xD HA!)


villian7.1Original Film: Wreck-It Ralph (2013)

Occupation: King Candy is the ruler of the arcade, Sugar Rush, in the film Wreck-it Ralph, a candy racing game. He is an excellent racer, but there is a reason for that…His true identity is Turbo, an older racing game from the early 80’s. When a newer game came out in the arcade, Turbo got jealous that the kids did not adore him anymore and he snuck into the game that was stealing his thunder, confusing the kids to thinking it was broken and since Turbo was not in his game, both his game and the new one were unplugged and placed into storage.

Wrestling Move Set:

Have some candy?!- Who wants some sugar sweet evil?! It may taste sweet now, but the pain of dark holes in your mouth, the bills you’ll receive later will leave you feeling worse than a filling! Plus, he could roll out some gumballs, stuff mega gumballs down your throat, make you sticky with syrup, and more, savoring your comical end, the most twisted version of Candy Land ever!

The Racing King- As Turbo, he is programmed to be a pro racer, which is why he invades Sugar Rush. With his skills of moving at odd angles, a need for fast and furious speed, and a will to win, this racer will have you dancing to escape; a run-over by his vehicle may leave a crunch.

Sour Programming- King Candy has the smarts to reprogram a whole, modern technology game nation into thinking he is their king and messing up the life of their true, pint ruler. With brainwashing this effective, any technology will be drowned in a dark chocolate doom.

Bittersweet Sting Special- King Candy, fusing with the Cy-bug, is horrible! It’s a virus that about destroys Sugar Rush! It can turn into a wheel, has super-human strength, flies, and has claws. It’s super massive in size and about destroys Ralph. Plus…It’s terrifying!

Fun Facts/Why he’s such a baddie?:

  • Because of his selfishness, he sealed the fate of TWO arcade game worlds! And he was unharmed! Grrr!
  • Him invading Sugar Rush to be the “king,” literally, again of arcades and loved is mean, but to REPROGRAM the memories of everyone in this game AND making Vaniellpe a glitch, something that isolates her from others and could harm her, keeping her glued to a world where no one wants her although she is their ruler…It’s messed up!
  • King Candy is good at tricking people and having others following him with “sugar coating” it. His sour drop minion, Ralph to destroy cart Vaniellpe’s to protect her when she is always setting guards after her for being near the track and convincing his subjects she’s unjust.
  • King Candy is based in looks, his lisp, and even his voice actor, are all based on the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Granted, The Mad Hatter, is not evil but he surely is…unstable at times in his rings and movements. King Candy being so heavily inspired by that is…wow!
  • For me personally, King Candy’s reveal of being actually Turbo threw me and my husband, who is really good at figuring out secrets in shows, books, and games! To floor me like that is Yzma brilliant worthy…Please tell me I’m the only one. But I did guess Hans was evil before the rest of my family when we watched the movie in theaters! WOOT!
  • It gives out candy a lot, making him an enemy to doctors, but a hero to dentists!


villian7.3Original Film: The Incredibles (Pixas- 2004)

Backstory: Syndrome, originally Buddy Pine, was a young kid who idolized Mr. Incredible as a kid and wanted to be his sidekick. Mr. Incredible tells him no and kicks him out of his car. Buddy tags along on a mission, making rocket boots and messing things up badly for Mr. Incredible to the point that he yells at Buddy. Furious that his hero betrayed him, he spends his life seeking revenge. He uses his super genius for the next 15 years to invent a weapon powerful enough to kill all the “super,” his former hero, Mr. Incredible, in mind and his drive. Heavy stuff!

Wrestling Move Set:

Go-Go Gadget Freezing Gauntlets- Using part of his ‘costume,” Syndrome can use them to freeze any person in their place until he chooses to fling them out of his field or release them wherever he wants. This can take out the toughest foes with ease; can’t tussel if you can’t move!

Aero Boots- With his first invention ever, he can fly (as long as staying in the perimeter of the ring of coarse). This combined with his freezing gauntlets makes for a lethal combo, protecting himself with quicker movements and stopping the movements of his foes! Then King Candy can run over the competition!

Here Comes the Ka-Boom- A master at crafting bombs, missiles, and electric, super-strength prisons that trap even his former idol, this match will be a blast!

Mechanical Monsters- Syndrome created numerous heavy hitter machines, all able to terminate super heroes with an array of fantastic powers!  This combined with his genius intellect and heartlessness to harm others makes for a special to blend will with Cy-Bug King Candy, a buzz of metal and pain for our foes!

Fun Facts/Why he’s such a baddie?:

  • After superheroes are seen as dangerous and have to go into hiding, Buddy spends 15 years designing a perfect revenge weapon to destroy Mr. Incredible, using other superheroes as “test subjects.” All are terminated. This is horrible! Plus, Mr. Incredible has to hide behind a deceased super hero in order to not get captured by Syndrome’s drones.
  • He’s the first Pixar villain to be a serial killer.
  • He has odd and at times cruel humor. (EX- You married Elasta Girl? Oh…and got biss…sy!”)
  • He’s also not afraid to kill children and he kidnaps baby Jack to raise him to be evil!
  • He makes this ploy to endanger a city just so he can STOP it and make himself look good, to be a new form of hero. It’s not for the love of helping others any more, but praise, to prove he is the only super left.
  • Syndrome is a name for medical signs or symptoms that are used to identify a disease. Is Buddy admitting his obsession has turned him so much that is it like he has a syndrome? Deep!
  • There is a part in either the bloopers or bonus features of the DVD my brother and I watched growing up where Syndrome is GROSSLY licking Mirage on the lips or face and it’s SO NASTY! My brother and I were horrified with how…adult it felt! BLAH! The look in his eyes too while he does it shows his evilness!
  • He already has the outfit to be a wrestler! He’s ready to go! BATTLE READY!


Round Seven Poll- VOTE NOW!

(Check out Dan’s blog post and video over his tag team for round #7)

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