Top Ten Yu-Gi-Oh Characters (Top Ten #31)

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*In honor of Anime St. Louis, which I do not get to attend this year (but for a good reason), I posted this top ten! Eric Straut, the voice of Seto Kiaba from Yu-gi-oh along with Brock and James from Pokémon, will be at this year’s con! I feel bad I miss him.  🙁  An amazing friend is going to get his autograph for me though, but to celebrate this great man and one of his many talents, here is a top ten to honor April 10th-12th! I’ll be with you ASTL in spirit! See you otakus in June for Cosplacon, 2015! <3

Top Ten favorite Yu-Gi-oh Characters:

  1. Seto Kiaba
  2. Joey Wheeler
  3. Yami / Pharaoh
  4. Yugi Motto
  5. Dark Magican Girl
  6. Mai Valentine
  7. Maximillian Pegasus
  8. Grandpa Motto
  9. Tristan OR Mokoba
  10. Cecelia Pegasus

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