Spring Break is in Bloom!

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di2Weather: Lovely 75, so really pretty/starting to get a little hot. The tress began bursting into bloom! YEAY! =D I love the pink petals and smell of the white apple blossoms! <3

Working on:  It’s spring break, so I am catching up on errands, writing, little, important work items, relaxing, and seeing friends and family.

Currently Listening to: Been Watching a lot of Buzzfeed.  So funny! The try guys and weird couple are my favs! Been jamming to lots of late 90’s and early 00’s music (A*Teens, N*YSNC, Backstreet Boys).  These are my pre-teen years!

Currently Watching: Finished the series finales of my anime “Kobato” and “Glee…” Finally watched for the first time, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”  WOW! So PG-13+ Disney… 0.o

Currently Reading: “Kobato” and “Wish” for my manga. Just got “The Ruby Circle,” the final book in my treasured “The Bloodlines series.”

Wallpaper: A red background with Seto Kaiba, leaning back, propping himself on his elbows, all in black, on a red and black checkerboard floor, cards spread on and around him, with some Yu-gi-oh cards in his hand…Yummy! 😀

Holiday(s): April Fools day

Feeling: Tired…

Icon: Socks had to get fixed today and I haven’t had a Digimon icon yet (Tamers is my favorite by far), so I thought this saying and icon fit! Kitty power! =^_^=

Quote: “The world pushes us without mercy and when some push back, the world points and cries, ‘evil!'”- Icon I found.

Hey, hey, but it ain’t no lie, I’ve lost myself to fantasies that makes you larger than life! 😉  HA! Little music lyric mash-up for you guys! What’s up world?  Ah, March is the start of transition and documentation season in my department at work along with plans for the MAP test! *overdramatic gasp* Moving on…Welcome to my massive March update and 2015 spring break update!  ^_^ Have not got to relax much (other than reading some manga and watching anime and new to me/classic cartoon movies (“Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Fern Gulley”). I had a lecture at a university over my books, my brother’s birthday, Socks getting fixed, errands, and Easter.  I will work on getting some writing in.  So, to transition into our monthly writing world, publishing, Paper Crane, promotions list! =)


#1. On March 31st, I went to Wild Wood University (which is about 90 minutes away from me) to speak to a creative writing class. The professor of the class saw my picture in my college’s alumni magazine I was in back in November (she shares an office with Ms. Mahan’s son, who teaches math there) and invited me to come this semester. We have been conversing back and forth and I chose the 31st, during my spring break, to come up in person, with my mom and Aunt Joni in tow.  They have never heard me speak and this was my first time speaking to college students. The focus was the publishing process, my author journey, and answering their questions.  I was nervous beforehand, but I made a detailed, step-by-step Powerpoint they could use as a resource later along with my notes. I focused on keeping eye contact (something I still need to work on), but I know I paced, talked fast, and giggled, but I think they received some information I wish someone would have shared with me when I was starting out at their age.  I was grateful for the welcome, their insight, the interest, and a new experience. I know I made two gentlemen smile approvingly when I made an “achievement unlocked” reference and there were two otakus there! ^o^ Had a nice little chat with them before I left and one young lady said she would look for my at Cosplacon! =)  I enjoyed the chance and I hope I can do it again with them and other universities/colleges.


#2. In the start of March, TWO of my poems I wrote in high school, both from my collection, “A Sweet, Little Dream,” were recorded for episode ten of the podcast: “Indie’s Reading Block Podcast.” Lucky ten! Give it a listen please! =)

#3. During the WHOLE month of March, my press mate and dear friend, Dan Wright and I, threw together an event that showed our love for Disney, entitled “March Disney Villain Madness.”   We put a lot of hard work into this endeavor and most likely will be having Disney themed nightmares, but it was such a fun experience. And thanks to all the votes, our winner is one lion of a man from my favorite Disney film…SCAR!!! WOOT! =D Him and Ursula really barred claws and tentacles to allow the crown to belong to my team, #TeamPCBMorgan! ^_^ Because of this, Dan had to do the punishment of reading lines from “New Beginnings” in funny, non-Disney villain voices. and it was a blast. But, I helped Amanda Moonstone at the end of the video.  😉  Also, we did a promotion that for every 15 voices we got, one of us would have to do a Disney villain voice. Dan has released a few and I was apart of one of them. We will do a final LARGE, funny video with a handful of Disney baddies soon. I’ll post the link once we have it ready. I <3 you all so much and thanks to all who were apart of the event! =D


Here are all the links below to recap (the newest are on the top):

DisneyVillains--Match1 11045013_10155287163395331_3055857563052185934_n Marchdisney3 MarchDisney4


    YA book bundle giveaway

    #4. On April 13th to 17th, you can get a chance to get some amazing, FREE e-books by some incredible small press/indie Young Adult works. Both Dan and I got accepted into this epic giveaway! 😀  Spirit Vision is in book #4. Each bundle has six books in it! Enter for a chance to win a copy of Spirit Vision, Amanda Moonstone, and other GREAT books! ^_^

    #5. I’m still working on Spirit Vision 3 pre-edits and I HOPE to work on Spirit Vision 4 super soon (writing) along with a special short story to be revealed soon… So, I will be working on writing in a day or so. 🙂


    #6. Since Christmas, I have been having a lot of fun “Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire,” the remark to my favorite main series game in my beloved Pokemon. ^_^ Like I did last year with “Pokémon X” and the anime cons I attend. I always spend a lot of time and detail on my reviews, so to all Pokemon and video game fans, please check out My Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Review.

    #7. Don’t forget to check our amazing co-creators of our writing club at FMS, my February and March Aspiring Author Spotlights: March Aspiring Author- Kate Dillon and February Aspiring Author-Millie Tice 

    #8. It’s time to duel in my latest top ten! This is the first of two top tens in honor of Anime St. Louis 2015 (that I have to miss) and the greatness that is Mr. Eric Stuart.

    #9. The “To be a nerdy Otaku…” page has been updated with more awesomeness!

    #10. I received a poem written about and dedicated to Stary and Umbra! ^_^ Thank you L.L.  You can check it out on my “Fan Base” page!

    #11. Fellow author at the press, Holly Barbo, has a new book out entitled “Sunstone,” labeled as a steampunk work. How cool is that?! If you want to get “Sunstone” in e-book form, it can be yours on Smashwords.

    #12. Rewind and Reminder: check out the February MASSIVE update: Book Talk for “New Beginnings” at my school, Snow, Valentine’s, chocolate making, and the start of March Disney Villain Madness! WOOT!

    FUN NOTE: Soon, I hope to have a page with Poke Crew profiles and links to our Pokemon events gallery (on my Facebook) with information on our upcoming events. ^_^ The support for this local event to spread the love of Pokémon is incredible! Hard to imagine it has been over a year since I started it! >.<

    My normal life:


    Well, we were supposed to have our HUGE Pokémon event with everyone involved (Nathan, our ghost trainer, was even going to be able to attend, getting a flight from California), but we got MAJOR ice that day! Fabio and Gavin (our ‘rival buddies” had to sleep over due to Regi-Ice invading and over half our crew were stuck at their houses. So, in February, we made it a double battle practice since it was our one year event anniversary. We had seven people show up and seven of the Poke Crew, which was decent considering. It was a good time and everyone really liked the double battle idea. So, March 21st, we had a re-do and got as many people as we could to attend. It was great fun and our double battles were a hit, despite us being in the back room and it being crowded. All the pictures can be found on my author facebook. Afterwards, we went to Applebees and then my place to play Pokémon, with Socks, Cards Against Humanity, and Super Smash brothers and I got to show off my otaku office and cosplays to the Annihilator, who fangirled in such a kawaii way! ^_^ It was a great time, especially when Fabio was dancing and swinging his chain in the parking lot of the store as we were leaving! xD He’s got some great shuffling moves. April 25th is our next one (normal battles).

    mpoke9On Friday, March 31st, I volunteered to lip-sync to a song chosen for me by my school’s talent show club: The Pokémon theme song. I knew this song well, but I get so nervous before major events happen. Luckily, my friend Tabby AKA Miss Eevee, came to be my back-up dancer as I held the mic (a fake pink sparkly one since I cannot fake sing; I sing, due to all my choir training) in my left hand and in my right, a plush Pokeball. I had on the outfit that is above that I wore for our March Pokémon card event.  We practiced our minute and five seconds dance a few times in my classroom, the intercom scaring Tabby to death! >.<  She was not used to hearing it. She danced behind me with Pikachu, like a troll and it was so much fun. She wore her Mew hat too, flying behind me at the end as I tried to throw the Pokeball at Pikachu. I was told that my moves were very in time with the song (DUH! I am a nerd; this song is in our blood) and that many kiddos were singing with us. It was so cool! ^_^ I was nervous, but I’m glad I did it. I was informed later that I was caught by the camera dancing and singing in the corner to one of science teachers’ lip-syncing to my 6th grade jam: “Bye, bye, bye.”  I knew all the dance moves and was told to go up with him next time!

    The reason we did this? Two of our students have cancer, so we decided to do something fun to where the students would vote for their favorite with any spare change they had and the teacher who earned the most money was the champion.  But, it was for our students with cancer, one I work with in math.  Bless their souls for a speedy recovery! We also had a hat day to raise money for the families and several young men shaved their heads so one of the boys, who will be returning in 2-3 weeks to school, would not feel alone. Everyone signed his head too on his team when he visited. I was SO deeply moved by this and proud of these fine role models.

    We had a chili cook-off and feast during lunch on Friday. Then, straight after school, I went to my good ole’ summer work, Mineral Area College, to teach a 40 minute (3 groups, each 40 minutes) STEM inspired workshop over electricity with an electric playground we have with a grant. Science is something I can catch on to or I struggle with and electric devices were hard for me. >.<  Thank Psyduck that Evan-chu came over and he taught me how to use it, a good experiment for kids, and what section means in science, but, he had to explain it to my in Pokémon references. ^_^ So, I changed to my College for Kids shirt and had a Pikachu hat and plush, called all the students “junior professors,” and used Pokémon or life terms to connect everything, reviewing many times, and making them chuckle. I even made a mistake at the end and when their space gun sound did not come out, I made them get out their blueprints and see what was missing. 🙂 It worked well and although it was a crazy three and a half hours, it was a fun way to connect to kids in a new way and get a little bit of money. However, I got super sick the next day! It was horrible. 🙁

    On the 28th, the day I was sick, Tabby and I had a girl’s day since her lovely Steampunk wedding is now less than 2 weeks away! >.< We got some food (sushi too, but I was not hungry hardly), window shopped, got massages at our favorite place (which they tell me my back is super stressed…GRRR!), where I got a YUMMY iced coffee, and just had fun talking. The second I got home though at 6:00, I crashed on the couch, leather jacket, shoes, and all, and shook like mad from cold chills I have all day. My headache was one of the worst three I have EVER had (and one made me go to the E.R.), I could not breath, I had a fever; it scared Derrick. I had a rough evening and night, but by Sunday, I was fine, pacing myself, for Palm Sunday and playing with some of the darling new little ones we have now. 🙂

    Monday and Wednesday, I worked and did errands. Tuesday was my trip to Wild Wood University and fun day with my Aunt Joni and mom (see above).


    Thursday was Miles’ birthday.  My little bro-bro is 22! So hard to imagine. We went to eat and geeked out with mom about Disney, anime, and such, went to an antique store, got some dessert at Steak n’ Shake, and came home to open gifts, playing with my mom’s doggie Georgie (man! He likes to nip!).  Miles got some neat things for his basement room, the coolest being a handmade, wooden mini dresser that is to put disk cases in and it has a wizard hand-painted on the front AND a 2 foot tall Power Ranger figure. He can sit, so we sat him on top of the fridge downstairs as the Guardian of the Fridge. 🙂 We finished the evening by showing mom the first episode of season 2 of R.W.B.Y. (Miles JUST told me the creator died! 🙁 Bless his heart!) while we ate dessert. I got him an anime he likes on DVD: “Carnival Phantaism.” I also got grandma an Easter basket of birthday goods since her birthday is on Easter Sunday this year. She got her favorite snacks, a card, and a “suggestive” novel that she likes…*blushes* She’s always reading those things! My dog Gabby’s birthday is on the 4th too! Happy Birthday April Aries!

    miles14Socks has been sleeping in my arms for a few weeks now and is loving to be loved on in the mornings! ^_^ Still a little explorer, getting in the blinds now. -_-;; Her eating has stabilized a bit. Hard to think we have hard her 4 months and she is about 10 months old! She’s getting longer, but is still small. She got fixed on the 3rd. The vets told us she was so adorable and small. She had only gained 2 ounces in 3 months (although she eats like a horse),. but she is much longer! She was so sleepy and out of it when we came home, growling at us and not eating until the next morning. She slept in my spot of the bed when we got her home and could hardly open her eyes, having an accident on the bed. But, she ate the next morning and slowly was moving around. The vet said she did well, and was lively at the office. 🙂


    Lastly, my friend Julie made this poster for me for Mr. Eric Stuart to sign since he will be at Anime St. Louis this year and  I am in Tabby and Brown’s wedding on the same day. Julie is so talented! I can’t wait for Mr. Stuart to sign it and I hope he likes the gift I made. Thanks to my buddy Zelda for going to get the poster signed for me! ^_^



    Sadly, due to either work, time crunches, or lack of motivation, I haven’t read much other than manga. 🙁  I am so ashamed of myself for this, especially since I have so many books now. SO! I thought I would list and semi-review some of the key things I have been watching so far this month ^_^:

    • Glee (final episodes)- Well! My beloved Glee ended and I prolonged watching for the final two episodes for two weeks, not wanting it to end. I finally did watch them, and…the songs were boring and the ending lackluster.  It felt like they threw everything together half-hazard. They knew it was ending and they only had 13 episodes to do it. The season started off so well, introducing amazing new kids and tying loose ends for our original crew (I wish the season 4 kids would have been included in the ending tribute. I knew they were not as loved, but they still were New Direction members and had talent! 🙁  Boo on that!).  But, they needed a full 22-24 episodes like all the other seasons. If that was the case, the final episode would have made a lot more sense because they would have had those plots developing! I just didn’t like who Rachel ended up with. I know she can never have Finn (may Cory rest in peace), but still, the choice was so left field!  >.< Still, I treasured this show; it taught me all my modern music. Now I’ll be out of the loop again!
    • King of the Nerds season 3 finale– My two favs were knocked out in the first two rounds, so I was just curious on who would win. The games were so amazing in this season and the crew decent (although, the lack of cool prizes was sticky and the ‘secret six’ alliance bull).  I loved the Greek and Otaku challenges! ^_^ I am glad we finally have a king, but I still wish our other gentlemen would have won; he was the most diverse in all things nerd, but had the poise of a king in my mind. I still love this show and look forward to season 4. Sadly, I have thought of submitting a video, but the academic challenges would kick my rear to Kyoto. Thoughts? ^_- Also, prayer to Bobby! 🙁
    • Once Upon a Time season 4.5 arch– So far, liking the twists and turns this is taking with the Queens of Darkness and Regina giving it her all! Stay strong Emma! The author thing is sort of making my head spin, but I really am liking this season and its reveals very much so far, more than the Frozen and Peter Pan sagas!
    • Sailor Moon Crystal- The “R” season is seeming rushed, but the manga is like that too. I am enjoying their graphics evening out and think they appear stunning! Moonies unite!
    • The Garden of Words- This is a 45 minute movie I got myself with some Christmas money and I am SO glad I did! It’s beautiful at every angle: graphics are breathtaking, story is the perfect length, development, intensity, the characters are spot-on, fusing real life with the anime I love.  This story has such a heart and I have not become so desperate for a forbidden, stranger couple to get together so fast (22 minutes) in AGES! It is short, but the length was perfect and I watched it a second time right after I saw it the first time! A rarity! I HIGHLY recommend this to any fan of anime, cinema, heartfelt films, or those who have been bullied and need to see the possibilities in the rain. =D
    • Colorful- This is another anime film I got for Christmas, but this one is over 2 hours. Miles (my little brother) and I watched it and…were confused. The story involves a boy who committed suicide and another person is given the chance to go to Earth to live as the other boy who killed himself, live with his family, and figure out how they both died. It’s got a nice cast, but you are pondering this greater power mystery that is piled with normal life situations on top and it gets muddled.  Then, at the end, you hit yourself on the head because the answer is so obvious…or you bite your lip, feeling betrayed that they made you watch 110 minutes to figure out something so basic. It’s a roller coaster ride with many starts and stops.  It’s a good film, but did not deliver like I wanted it to.
    • Kobato- I also got this collection for half price for this whole anime, receiving the final manga volume as a gift this Christmas. This is a dear series by my beloved CLAMP about a girl who must heal broken hearts and collect them in a bottle within a year so she can achieve her dream to go to the place where she wants to go.  Kobato is such a sweet, naïve girl and her clumsy moments and love of children (she works at a kindergarten) reminds me so much of me. The anime is so heart-warming, the pacing excellent, and the development well. The graphics are lovely. I just finished the manga and, this is one of the rare incidences with CLAMP where I liked the anime better than the manga.  The manga was slow and seemed like it had too much story for only 6 volumes.  My only complaint with the anime is they did not go into Igoyori-san’s backstory. It’s hinted, but not revealed and I <3 this part in the manga! Everyone else’s backstory is revealed or semi in the anime. Still, this anime melted my heart and I <3 it so much! =D
    • Is this a zombie? season 2- WOW! This season is all over the place, funny, but until an episode ago, hardly any story, and it came out of no where! Still, it works in this format, which is rare to me because I like story, being an author.  😉 For sure 16+ material, but it is great for rolling on the floor laughing for minutes at a time!
    • The Giver movie- I adore the book The Giver and although the movie was different than I thought setting wise and Jonas was at least four years older, they were spot-on in any aspects and those they added on (Jonas’ relationship, tormenting, the Giver’s daughter…) was executed so well and fit the world flawlessly. This is an amazing film! <3
    • Cinderella (live action) and Frozen Fever short- I saw the Cinderella live-action film for Disney and it was really good. The dress was stunning, the heart making the story fresh and familiar at the same time, and I LOVED how the Prince had a NAME, a personality, and how they encountered each other before the ball. I still like the 1997 Disney TV movie with Braddy and Whitney Huston better because of the songs and humor, but this still deserves a 8 out of 10 and I see a wave of live-action films paving our world thanks to this first one. Surely a wonderful film to teach children to be “have courageous and be kind.”  Now, Frozen Fever…is basically just a song! The first minute and last minute was funny, but the singing and all they tried to jam in an eight minute short made my brain spin and the song was not that great to be honest. So, yeah, disappointing… “Tangled Ever After” is WAY better!

    Well folks, be a happy beaver, sing at a lounge, and catch your hat before a rabbi flies away with it! See ya next time!

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