Top Ten Teams/Clubs I wish was apart of (Top Ten #33)

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I may not be sporty, but I have team spirit! WOOT! =D Poms-poms and a ready attitude are all ready for this March madness month! Here is what teams or clubs I would celebrate with:

  1. Power Rangers
  2. Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon)
  3. Elite Four (Pokemon)
  4. Teen Titans
  5. X-men
  6. Team Avatar (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  7. Team Cullen (Twilight)
  8. Keyblade Masters Guild (Kingdom Hearts)
  9. A Secret Agent Organization (like work with Kim Possible! AH MAN! TOO COOL!)
  10. Ouran High School Host Club…as their helper! 😉

This is what I don’t want my team member to be like (although I like Tuxedo Mask, LOL!)



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