Disney Couples: Reshuffled Match #2- Tiana and Aladdin

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aladdin tiana_icon-6165Which new Disney couples will get your heart a twitter and have the awwww’s flowing out of you like the river of love? That’s what my fellow author/channel mate Dan Wright and I are trying to find out. Which newly crafted Disney couple has the greatest fate of true love destiny? You help us decide!

But, I KNOW you chose in Match #1 #MPPMorgan! I had the nature couple on my side!

Dan really got blessed by the gods of randomness by getting Ariel and Eric TOGETHER again, but I think my Southern beauty and heroic thief can knock out their love like a hurricane! Match #2 is being thrown down today, from March 3rd to 4th! Make sure to watch my video (and Dan’s too…if you want…;)-) for our contenders and vote for your favorite at the link below!

Match 1- March 1st

Match 2- March 3rd

Match 3- March 5th

Match 4- March 7th

Match 5- March 9th

Match 6- March 11th

Match 7- March 13th

Match 8- March 15th

Of course, there is a penalty for the loser, so be sure to check in to see who has to do the penalty and what it entails! Be sure to share the links when they are posted and invite as many people to this challenge as you can. Below are the reason why this couple is ready to go head-to-toe with Dan’s!

The poll and my video for my pairing are below and on my social medias. My team’s name is Team #MPPMorgan for our new channel (Dan and I’s: Moon Panda Power). Please check out our channel (all the videos will be on there).

Now, introducing our second new paring: Tiana (2009, Princess and the Frog) and Aladdin (1992, Aladdin):

“A dazzling place with you is almost there.”

  • Tiana means highest beauty.
  • Society has trouble accepting her and her dreams, making her an outcast.
  • She is kind to animals and is a wonderful friend.
  • Empathies with others and knows what it is like to lose a parent.
  • Familiar with magic (although not by choice or good).
  • From a poor family and struggles, works hard, to make it out in the world.
  • Determined to achieve her dream and rarely lets anything get in her way.
  • Aladdin means nobility of faith.
  • Society has trouble accepting him (being a homeless street rat); an outcast.
  • Is kind to animals and is a wonderful friend.
  • Makes mistakes, but when shown the right path, he will be the diamond in the rough.
  • Has a destiny from ancient lands, proving how great he is.
  • Focused on his goals (such as not touching any treasure), to keep his promise.
  • Determined to achieve his dream (living in the palace).
  • Familiar with magic (although not by choice. Usually good, but does have consciences)
  • From a poor family (lose of both parents) and struggles in the world.
  • Empathies with others (such as the hungry orphan children).
  • Aladdin would love the food Tiana cooks!
  • They are both awkward, but can be snarky humorous at times.
  • Both have hyper friends they go with the flow with and have been exposed to children.
  • Both are handy with a sharp instrument (Tiana a kitchen knife and Aladdin a sword and a dagger).
  • Aladdin is good with all sorts of random, high stress, and dangerous situations. Tiana, while resourceful and can adapt on her feet, takes longer to react to things, whereas Aladdin springs into heroic action time and time again; they would make a good pair.
  • Both used to escaping the clutches of those who are trying to capture them.

DISCLAIMER: Not affliated with Disney in anyway. Done just for fun and not profit.

Match #2- poll- VOTE NOW!

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