Top Ten (Bottom Ten?) Pokemon that don’t FEEL like Pokemon to me (Top Ten #53)

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Okay! Before we start: I do dislike MOST of these Pokémon, but not all! Like, I actually really like #3. These are just the Pokémon when I look at their design, they just don’t feel like Pokémon or they belong in the Pokémon world OR they reminded me too much of another series for me to disregard it. In any case, please do not be offended; this is my opinion.  So, here are my top ten Pokémon that do not feel like Pokémon to me.

  1. Spirittomb
  2. Bronzong
  3. Shuckle
  4. Shellos/Gastrodon
  5. Elgyem/Beheyem
  6. Burmy/Mothim
  7. Skorupi/Drapion
  8. Binacle/Barbaracle OR Anoirth/Armaldo
  9. Solosis/Duosion/Reuniclus
  10. Politoed OR Kecleon


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