Top 15 Cardcaptor Sakura outfits (Sakura’s) (Top Ten #55):

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To celebrate Max-Con this weekend, I wanted to do a top list that showed off my love for anime and costumes and this was it! 😀 Here are my top 15 favorite battle costumes of the heroine from my favorite anime and manga by CLAMP, Cardcaptor Sakura.  Enjoy! ^_^

I pictures are in order below from the list.  I would spend HOURS in middle school re-drawing these outfits to perfection and making my own designs, aspired by Tomoyo.  🙂  I even cosplayed (closet) as the first one, the blue court jester! No one knew who I was, but I had a good time doing it nonetheless. Thanks for all the memories! <3

Top 15 Cardcaptor Sakura outfits (Sakura’s):

  1. Blue Court Jester (Episode 3, for the watery card)
  2. Movie 2 Pink Battle Costume
  3. Season 2 Opening Outfit- Yellow Winged Crown
  4. The Movie 2 Blue Star Outfit (opening film)
  5. The Return Star Costume (Episodes 68 and 69 for the final Sakura Cards transformation)
  6. Gray Star Costume (Season 3, episode 50)
  7. The Prince Costume (Season 2, episode 42, for the Sleeping Beauty play and Light and Dark cards)
  8. The Pink and Blue star costume (Season 3, episode 59)
  9. Chapters 42-46 in the mange Pink Star Dream outfit (for final Sakura card transformations)
  10. Blue Leotard with Red Cape (episode 2, for the shadow card)
  11. The Winged costume (episode 31, for the create and big card)
  12. The Cool Outfit (season 3, episode 58)
  13. Pink sakura yukata (episode 18, for the glow card)
  14. The Song Costume (Episode 23, for the Song card)
  15. Yellow Fairy with wings (episode 12, for the time card)





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